Milan have reportedly rejected two offers from Tottenham for Piątek, the striker is also wanted by Aston Villa

Krzysztof Piątek during training at Milanello. (

Krzysztof Piątek is wanted by Mourinho to replace the injured Harry Kane, but there is still no agreement with Milan.

The arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimović and the incredibly disappointing performances of Krzysztof Piątek could spell the end for the adventure of the striker at Milan already after just one year.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, Alessandro Jacobone of NonEvoluto and others both in Italy and England, Piątek has attracted the interest of Tottenham and Aston Villa.

Harry Kane has suffered an injury that rules him out for the next few months and so Spurs are on the market for a striker. According to Di Marzio, Jose Mourinho wants Krzysztof. Two offers have already been made by the Premier League side, but Milan have rejected both of them.

The first ‘no’ came when Tottenham asked to take Piątek on loan as Milan would only sell him on a permanent deal. Spurs then changed their strategy and offered a permanent transfer. However, they wanted to throw Juan Foyth (21, defender) and Victor Wanyama (28, midfielder) into the deal. So at the moment, there is no agreement that has been reached between the parties.

Jacobone meanwhile states that Aston Villa are the only side that has spoken to Piątek’s agents and more updates are expected in the next days. The 24-year-old cost Milan €35m last year.

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Hahaha, classic Levy, for such a big club, he runs it like a thrift shop, always offering well below market value or trying to offload previous bargain basement signings that haven’t worked out, I do like Spurs, good set of fans and I do understand how many good things Levy has done for the club off the pitch, but his insistence to continually under-value players and looking for cheaper options is ruining them on the pitch


They should give us Eriksen or Lo Celso instead.

Natti Camilleri

Can somebody explain please?
So we got Ibra, invested circa 5/10m in hin to spark back the club
Last years revelation, who we all know isnt a 1 season wonder but with our horrible playing style there isn’t much he can do, we are about to sell him
Rick Rodriguez 8m from a Turkish club. Im the first to wave for his departure but not a defender who we spent 18m for and is bearly 25. There arent many more LB who play at international level that go for anything under 20m.
Im heavily confused


Spot on! Milan has lost it all on and off the pitch. Leonardo even offering €20m for Piatek is a heavy slap on the face. We really need to re-strategise. Start from scratch but with a very coach and competent management,Maldini’s in experience is smelling. Im sry but its the truth.

Emmy Apache

Don’t sell Piatek now the goals will come The problem is that our midfielders are so weak to feed him and moreover he’s been played as a lonely striker If Piatek is not good Mourinho will never make effort to get him Inter and other other Italian clubs are buying great players but we are selling ours Maldini and Boban are killing milan with their inexperience. Why did we buy caldera and now selling him to Atlanta for nothing? Maldini told us that caldera is the future of milan defense but now selling him to Atlanta without contributing anything Am… Read more »

Gbenga AJOSE

Everyone is enjoining this clueless management not to sell Piatek but looks like they are hell bent to sell him. Piatek is a lethal striker if he plays with the right people. I bet you if Inzhagi plays in the current MIlan squad he would have had same problem. If we sell him now , what happens if Ibrahimovic pick up injury ??? For now he can be on d reserve tilll we get right players. It is important to analyse how a striker scores his goals. One of his goals last season was voted among the best . Please… Read more »


OK, this is getting even more ridiculous (I thought it wasn’t possible)… “AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis has rejected the idea of a swap deal with Inter which would see the Rossoneri land Matteo Politano, a report claims.” So the CEO is once again interfering other people’s work by vetoing KessiePolitano -loan swap. We have people handling the (horrible) transfers and their job is to buy & sell players. Now the CEO is messing up their working by playing a scout and deciding who should come and who should go? WTF?! He can’t even handle his own post and now… Read more »


he does milan good this time though. kessie is the exact type of players who’ll thrive under conte (im sure he learned it from his mentor lippi); strong, determined fighter. inter mf would be scary with him, like atalanta’s was.


Well… We can’t reach Inter this year anyway so I don’t care if it did make them even stronger. I just want OUR squad to get better ASAP and this is the kind of transfer that would make it happen.


God…i misses galliani right now


you dnt know what you’ve got till its gone!


ok, so i like boban’s spirit taking out all the trash except 6. i also like pioli’s decision to finally pull a milan10 and use 4-4-2, BUT whats with piatek sale hard on though? what if, god forbid, one of leao or ibra get injured or espulso’ed? who’s gonna come on and play? suso? castillejo? the exact reasons why tottenham want piatek are: 1) mou thinks he’s good enough 2) tottenham is shit outta st. why cant milan realize that those 2 points can be attributed to them also? i dont mind starting over again but do it in the… Read more »


Relax, they got it covered. Haven’t you read that they’ll replace Piatek with the mighty savior who is known as Andrea Petagna? I bet Milan will be able to pay more for him than they get for Piatek. The wise men of Milan know that Petagna will be the key to our success.

Yeah right… And cows are flying to Australia to put out the forest fires.


yes i have, but….i mean….HOW? WHY? what kind of squad revolution consist of players like petagna or kjaer? didnt milan refuse kjaer back then? damn


Im afraid of how these guys in charge are going to somehow take us from this terrible situation and make us somehow even worse. Pentga… Really… Petenga… And tottenham or some prem team walks away with piatek…. This is unbelievable


i watched barca – atl madrid last night and correa was so decisive with his diagonal runs, passing and goal (could’ve scored 2 ). i cant believe milan mgmt let 10m separated them from quality players like him, olmo and everton. if anything is certain in life, its that u cant have it both ways; u have to make decisions and take risks. if milan mgmt just want to save money before new owners come along then fine, but dont aim for ucl if u cant even cough up 25m for politano or 50m for correa, or even goddamn 1m… Read more »


What is milans end game here? We are looking to sell caldara piatek Kessie borini suso Rodriguez rebic midway through a campaign. Selling that many players during a season is fatal. But who are the replacements?? The only names I’ve heard are kjaer or Christensen, politano and petagna.

Have we given up anyg hope on trying to get anything out of this year? Selling piatek and caldara are a huge mistake especially for what they’re going for. This management better pull a rabbit out of a hat in the next month cause they’re ruining this team


Making huge mistakes is what the modern AC Milan is all about. There is no room for good transfers or anything else that would make sense.

I bet they’re already thinking about releasing Gigio on a free transfer to Juventus to save 12M€ per year on his wages.


Jan 2020 mercato resume :

Fans : #BigliaOut #SusoOut #HakanOut
Management : #BoriniOut #ReinaOut #RodrigezOut
Fans : good … now the others
Management : #KessieOut #PaquetaOut #CaldaraOut
Fans : okay .. now Suso and Hakan…
Management : #PiatekOut #RomagnoliOut
Fans : wait … what ?
Management : #DONNARRUMMAOUT !!!!
Fans : stop it !


Yep. That’s how it goes…