Milan agree deal to sign Sevilla’s Kjær on loan with option to buy, the 30-year-old center-back will replace Caldara

Simon Kjær during a press conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 14, 2019. (Photo by NIELS CHRISTIAN VILMANN/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images)

Simon Kjær will reinforce the defense as he will arrive on loan with option.

Milan are without Leo Duarte due to an injury for an extended period of time, and they have also agreed to send Mattia Caldara back to Atalanta on loan with option to buy for €15 million.

Therefore, the Rossoneri are in need of getting a new defender and they have found their man: Simon Kjær, who is owned by Sevilla but spent the first half of the season on loan at Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta, will join Pioli’s side.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio and to, an agreement has been reached today between the parties: Kjær will join the Rossoneri on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season. The figure is unknown but should be relatively low considering his Sevilla contract ends in 2021.

The 30-year-old previously played for Palermo and Roma. He played six times in this season for Atalanta and he will try to compete with Mateo Musacchio for a starting spot at Milan.

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Worst management so far. You threw away Zapata, Bakayoko, kucka, Cutrone (going to fiorentina) , Silva, Abate. Now u are bringing in a 30yr old Atalanta reserve defense and gifting atalanta a 25yr old we bought for 40m just for 15m. I give up!


Not to mention replacing him with someone who couldn’t even play regularly in Serie A..


Exactly !


Don’t worry. They will not stop here! I’m sure more of these super transfers will come. Perhaps they’ll bring Essien or Muntari back?

Martin Bernhard

As a dane and a milan fan i’ll say the unpopular thing here as i actually believe that kjær will do fine with us and add both onfield and to the locker room due to his vast experience and for that matter to his qualities as a defender. He is a leader for denmark, is the captain for a team that hasnt lost a 90 minutes game for two if not nearly 3 years. Kjær in that team is of extreme importance and im pretty confident that our defenders can learn a thing or two from him. Besides of that… Read more »


Look like tha money vil be spent on Petagna and similar players

Martin Bernhard

I never wanted Petagna to leave in the first place BUT i’ll believe it when i see it but certainly not on the grounds on selling piatek. I doubt though that he will join us as the reason he left us was that he couldnt get the fieldtime he craved and allmost decided to end his career according to himself. If these reports about him joining us are correct then i see several huge problems in the media reports as milan is apparently offereng 3 mil for a loan with option to buy at 12 and spal values the player… Read more »


Milan better try Kessie on cb instead of waisting.
He would be an more footballing/passing defender like Sergio Ramos.

Martin Bernhard

Not so sure i agree upon that statement and id argue that with kjærs experience at that spot in the formation id argue that kessie has no chance in doing it better than he allready can and the loan deal is propably is fairly cost free to begin with. I think with ibra upfront kessie could actually add some further strength and pressure on opponents which might again open up spaces for the team. If the right offer arrives for him he will propably be sold though.

Baresis Dream

Martin, I agree about Kjaer. He’s a decent addition and an upgrade on Musa imo.

Martin Bernhard

Yeah he might not be the worldclass player we can all agree upon joining us but yeah i also believe he will be an upgrade on mussachio so i wouldnt be too worried by him in our backline.


Higuain, Piatek, Zlatan, Petagna… It doesn’t matter who they use as a sole striker when the service is zero. The name of the striker is irrelevant as long as Calha & Suso are beside him. But I guess NOW we finally have hope for benching at least one of them…

But yeah, Petagna isn’t the answer we’re looking for (unless he arrives on free transfer but Milan only do them the other way around). I didn’t want him gone when he was sold but I’d still prefer they bought back Cutrone and not Petagna.

Martin Bernhard

Yeah i agree both calhanoglu and suso should both be skipped out of the club as they play two very important roles in the team but simply isnt up to the job. They are inconsistent while also slowing down our game. Besides of that suso is a liability when the opposition counter attacking us. Personally i wouldnt mind Petagna brought back and not even for 15-20 mil just not on the basis of piatek leaving. He isnt a bad attacker as a player really need to have some class and positional understanding to score 16 goals in serie a for… Read more »


interesting, please are we going forward or way backward? cause I don’t understand this norm of going for players other teams don’t want and we give out our important players for peanuts


It is obvious now. The plan is to sell any player except Donna , Roma , Theo , Bennacer , and Leao. Everyone else is on sale. Why ? Because it is not about this season anymore , it’s about next season , with Arnault as a president , and Allegri as a coach. I think they already gave up on this season. Or maybe set UEL as a goal. Some reports even say that these transfer moves are not Pioli’s ideas , but Allegri’s. Otherwise , Eliotte know very well that the more they fuck up the club ,… Read more »


Yea seems like they are cleaning house before they sell. Due to the fact that we won’t qualify for Europe, our summer mercato will likely consist of young talents with potential or free agents, as we can no longer attract world class players in their prime unfortunately. These are the players i would go for: RB – Atal from Nice (teammates with bennacer for allegri and highly rated) – 25 mil CB – Thiago Silva (loved playing in Milan, free agent this summer, offer him 2 year deal, use Ibra to leverage the deal), Andrea cistana (talented italian defender from… Read more »


T.Silva wants +10M€/y and Milan can’t afford him. End of story. Don’t waste time dreaming of his return. Not going to happen.


We can easily afford Silva. But Gazidis’ shitty flawed policy of buying promising young players in a bid to satisfy an FFP programme (that Manchester City, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain ignore at will) will be our biggest downfall. Austerity never worked, we’ve got to grow our club to success with Elliot’s resources.


The funny thing is that Petagna & Lingard would be a huuuuuuuuge upgrade to current 4-3-3 with Suso & Calha as wingers. How about that?! 😀 That really says a lot about the current Milan.

Baresis Dream

Yeah, I think at this point it’s best to cut our losses, lick our wounds, and gather resources for next season. I have no issues with the transfer list but I would keep Paquetta and Piatek. I think they can be useful, regardless of what are our exact future plans.

Alegri as general manager would be great.


They actually pulled it off. Something that seem like a bad joke just a day ago became reality.

Savage trolls these guys Boban and Maldini are! Pure savages!


This is the worst management I have ever seen in football…Maldini should go and get another job and stop deceiving himself in sport…what is this, Kjaer that couldn’t even make a starting 11in serie a for a club way below Milan economic standard, a 30 year old that could barely finish off in a year or 2…well I don’t blame those idiots, this is what happens when you have clueless mediocre running your team


“- temporary transfer of the registration rights of the player Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain for a consideration of € 18 million to be paid in 2018/2019 financial year. The agreement also provides A.C. Milan S.p.A. the option right, to be exercised at the end of 2018/2019 football season, for the definitive acquisition of the player at a price of € 36 million to be paid in two financial years; “- definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Leonardo Bonucci for a consideration of € 35 million payable in two financial years. Juventus and the player have signed a 5-year… Read more »


One correction though: Milan didn’t send Gattuso away. He decided to leave because the management said no to his requests for players with more experience. He knew the team was doomed without any experienced players and was 100% right.

But yeah, the blame goes to management for not listening to him.

Baresis Dream

And there was this issue with Maldini nobody is talking about …


@Anom, you’re so naive is cringy


Gianluigi Donnarumma 20 €215,000 2021
Lucas Biglia 33 €130,000 2020
Alessio Romagnoli 24 €130,000 2022
Pepe Reina 37 €110,000 2021
Suso 25 €110,000 2022
Ante Rebić 25 €110,000 2021
Fabio Borini 28 €100,000 2021
Hakan Çalhanoğlu 25 €100,000 2021
Mattia Caldara 25 €80,000 2023
Franck Kessié 22 €80,000 2022
Ricardo Rodríguez 27 €70,000 2021
Giacomo Bonaventura 30 €70,000 2020
Mateo Musacchio 29 €70,000 2021
please get rid junk players with high salary

source :


Seriously, once again what’s Maldini and bobans end game here? Where are we going with this?

This is looking pathetic. How in the world is this deal or swap a good move for us? We better start signing some superstars to for me to even think this is the right direction we’re goijng in


i dont know this management doesnt know about bussiness or they played some dirty money with this transfer…

Nathan Graegin

With how bad and uncreative our team is, I see Madrid went and signed another Brazilian that actually dribbles forward with speed lol where the hell are our scouts?


is serginho still our scout??

Nathan Graegin

Man idk. Milan’s staff has changed soo much I can’t remember


Our managers dont get players wich scouts sugest


People are idiots. Milan is no longer a top team to attractct the best talents. The best players in Milan ofc want to play in CL.

You guys are living in the past. The only way forward is to have some seniors in the squad not giving up on the players we have since there are no bwtter alternatives. Milan must sell for higher price or we to bankrupt.

Baresis Dream

Pioli said Caldara’s exit was due to physical and technical reasons, the important word here is physical. I would be very surprised if the poor kid can manage playing regularly in any seria a team.

Honestly despite the age differences, and the huge price Milan initially paid, I think Milan got the better end of the stick with the Kjaer-Caldara swap. Kjaer is no slouch, has plenty of experience, and has one quality that most of our squad is missing- balls … and a sense of self-pride


caldara passed a medical at atalanta. so here goes your theory

Ahmed Masrieh

If you think about it ever since Berlusconi left and sold the team the new managements failed to persuit players that have passion for football as a game and glory not just for money, and ever since the new management failed to assign managers that can light the spark of passion into the players, like when conti decided to manage inter instead I knew right away that this season will be a disaster, regarding suso and calahnuglo, suso were looking to respark his career and calahan was that super promising playermaker who did amazing job at Wolfsburg, suso did kind… Read more »