Boban: “I would not want to forget the defeat in Bergamo, must not hide behind Ibrahimović’s broad shoulders”

Paolo Maldini, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Zvonimir Boban at Casa Milan on January 2, 2020. (

Zvonimir Boban spoke briefly during Zlatan Ibrahimović’s presentation today, and said Milan should not forget the 5-0.

Milan finished 2019 in a catastrophic fashion, losing 5-0 to Atalanta way from home. 2020, however, started with the arrival of Ibrahimović, who was today presented to the press at Casa Milan.

Ibra sat next to Paolo Maldini, Zvonimir Boban and Frederic Massara, answering questions for over 30 minutes. At the end of the press, Boban concluded with the following statements:

“Good day to all and a good New Year to all,” he began.We are very, very proud to be able to welcome a unique character and player like Zlatan back. We are very optimistic about the effect he’ll have on the club, seeing the almost-crazy reception Zlatan has received since he arrived. With that said though, we need to get the results. I would not want to forget Bergamo, that horrendous and unacceptable defeat; we must not hide behind Zlatan’s very broad shoulders.

“We must all be confident and we must all work hard to change the course of the season. Zlatan will certainly be of great help to all of us, we are delighted to have him with us.”

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1 year ago

boban, if u dont want us to forget atalanta match then stop fooling around and do well this winter mercato so milan can get stronger. please sign todibo asap and dont let caldara, piatek and paqueta leave. kessie can leave if good offer (>35m) arrives but then u have to buy quality dm as his replacement. also, get laxalt back if ur gonna offload ric rod because god knows milan dont need calabria/borivaldo as lb ever again. lastly, if paqueta does leave then i hope milan can swap him with draxler as he’s exactly the kind of winger milan need.… Read more »