Borini is reportedly very close to joining Genoa, Watford have contacted Milan for Ricardo Rodríguez

Fabio Borini during training at Milanello. (

Fabio Borini and Ricardo Rodríguez are prime candidates to leave Milan.

The summer of 2017, managed by the incompetent duo of Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli brought to Milan a fair share of flops. From the 11 players who were bought, 3 have already left and in the coming days, at least 2 more are likely to say goodbye to Milan.

Fabio Borini’s agent has already confirmed that the player will seek a new club in January, and it seems that the search of Fabio is almost done.

As reported by Sky Italia and by Nicolò Schira of La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 28-year-old is very close to joining Genoa and their new coach Davide Nicola. Borini has found no space under Stefano Pioli and he will try to revive his career with Genoa, who are currently in 20th place in Serie A.

Another player who will ‘almost certainly leave’ according to’s Antonio Vitiello is Ricardo Rodríguez. The left-back is second choice behind the excellent Theo Hernandez and with the EURO’s coming up this summer he needs playing time. Gianluca Di Marzio claims Watford have contacted Milan for the Swiss. Fenerbahçe are also interested while his agent tries to push him to Napoli.

Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban have a lot of work in January. They did the first step by bringing Zlatan Ibrahimović but it’s clear that many need to leave while reinforcements must arrive.

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It will be a happy day when we get rid of him. And no longer the pervasive ‘oh but he does his best’ disease rules over Milan. I’d try my best, but it doesn’t mean I should have a regular game for AC Milan. Accepting mediocrity is a slippery slope.


if milan sel ric rod then theyre gonna have to find replacement. if they can call laxalt back then its fine but if they cant then it’ll hard to find ric rod’s replacement hence its very stupid idea to sell him now.
regarding borivaldo, well, morontella and fatsobelix can go fornicate themselves with a tow truck for bringing him to milan


Selling borini will be wrong ,having a utility player like him in a team makes it ok,borini is not as bad as he is being painted ,the whole squad is …


borivaldo earns more than some milan’s starting line up. register that in ur head. borivaldo is horrible utility player. so horrible that milan have to play hakan out of position as lw because borivaldo, a natural lw, is so horrible playing in his natural position. also, if it wasnt for his committing stupid foul (playing as rb like supposedly good utility player) near milan pen box that resulted in a goal vs parma last season, milan would’ve gotten 2 more points and qualified for ucl this season. register that in ur head as well. if there’s any deatbeat pushover in… Read more »


Good, followed by suso