Galliani: “Ibrahimović has charisma and determination that he will always be decisive, he will bring pure air and will be determinant on and off the pitch”

Adriano Galliani during Milan-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on October 28, 2017. (

Adriano Galliani has spoken about the return of Zlatan Ibrahimović to Milan, revealing some stories about his arrival in 2010 and exit in 2012.

Milan announced yesterday that Ibrahimović has signed a contract with the Rossoneri, tying him to the club until the end of the season, with an option to renew for another full campaign.

This will therefore be Ibra’s second period at Milan, as he wore the Red and Black jersey from 2010 and 2012, helping the club win their 18th Scudetto.

The person who bought Zlatan back then (and then sold him to PSG two years later), Adriano Galliani, gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport to discuss the 38-year-old’s return:

Here we go again: he comes Zlatan again. Does he still look like the player you brought to Milan in August 2010?
“Zlatan has such moral strength, charisma and determination that he will always be decisive. In 31 years of Rossonera history I’ve never seen a player hang another player on the wall because he wasn’t trying hard enough… I’ve seen plenty of quarrels, of course, but never someone hanging on the wall, in the literal sense of the word. That’s the way Ibra is and he’ll do it again if he sees a teammate not training hard enough. On the contrary, this time he will feel this responsibility even more: Zlatan will bring pure air.”

Will he also be a player of 56 goals in 85 games like in the first two seasons?
“Technically he can make a difference. He has a devastating physicality, in 15 days he’ll be at his best condition. He will be determinant on and off the pitch.”

Zlatan Ibrahimović during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on April 25, 2012. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Did you really want to take him with you to Monza?
“Very much so… I called him to offer him a great journey together. He laughed. Then he understood that I was not joking and became serious: ‘Ehm, boss…’ He declined the invitation and chose Milan, so that’s OK. He has chosen a solution that makes me happy in the same way.”

You had convinced him when he was a star in the middle of his career. Together, you got off a private jet on August 29, 2010, after a very long negotiation. Do you remember?
“I was leaving for Barcelona were Zlatan and Raiola were, but not Sandro Rosell, the club’s President. He had been in Ibiza on holiday but thanks to your great friendship I’d convinced him to return. As a superstition, the ritual was the same as in 2008 when I returned to Milan with Ronaldinho: departure from the Pisa airport, same hotel, same restaurant, Botafumeiro, which still has on the wall a photo of Dinho and me. I remember the villa on the hill of Ibra where I went for the last details. It was a great deal: €24m payable in 3 years; the year before that, Barça had bought him for more than double that.”

A deal to celebrate. What happened?
“Dinner at the restaurant. When I went to pay, neither of my two credit cards were working. I was trying again and again, but nothing. Ibra had to pay, giving me a look. But I reassured him: stay calm, the money is there. Then he laughed like a madman.”

Ariedo Braida, Silvio Berlusconi, Adriano Galliani, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Mino Raiola during Milan-Lecce at Stadio San Siro on August 29, 2010. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)

It was a success story that ended after two years. Who chose to separate?
“Of course not Ibra. He absolutely did not want to leave. He was sold for budgetary reasons. He’s always decided his own fate, except on that occasion. Together we won the Scudetto in the first year, the last of Milan before the Juventus record, and the Supercoppa in 2011. The following year we came in second, it was the year of Muntari’s ghost goal in Milan-Juve in February. But before that, in the January market, it was all about the sale of Pato to PSG and the arrival of Tevez from Manchester City. A dream, the Ibra-Tevez duo… it all blew up and who knows what could have been. I think we would’ve continued to win, at that time we were still ahead of Juve. It changed history, Milan came in second. We arrived at the same of 2012, the summer of the farewell of the senators.”

Zlatan went to Paris Saint-Germain, what did he say?
“He was silent for some time. But some time later he did an interview in which he spoke very well of me and of our relationship. He said that after winning the Scudetto, I went into the dressing to take the Scudetto out of an Inter jersey and give it to them: ‘Now this is ours!’ Zlatan was impressed, it’s one of the many things that bind us together.”

Yesterday Ibra officially returned. Your message?
“Just a greeting: welcome back warrior!”

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Baresis Dream

5-0 against Atalanta and they expect us to get excited about a 40 year old? F’ck this mgmt, f’ck this team … bunch of schoolgirls now lead by a senior citizen.

Nathan Graegin

I agree with you. I like zlatan and he will be better than piatek. But we could have gone for timo Werner whos buyout is only 30 mil! He’s a fast, skillful goal machine. We will still have zero speed up top bc suso and hakan will still start and leao still isn’t a goal scorer and rebic doesn’t even get a chance to play


I’m with you Baresis Dream. But he comes cheap so meh.


STFU kojak. if it wasnt for u, ibra would’ve stayed. u and allegri also foolishly let pirlo go and bought matri van basten instead of obvious choice tevez. dont let ge get started on that unprofessional brat barbara who dated his worker pato, she was the one who prevented and vetoed his sale. had pato been sold to psg for 40m, there wouldnt have been need to sell both ibra AND ts33. horrible decision after another by horrible mgmt


Pirlo states in his book that he didn’t want to train anymore, he was unmotivated at Milan. Matri was the beginning of all this mess IMO


doesnt mean milan should let him go to juve of all teams FOR FREE though. offering him, the youngest of the senators, just 1-2 years contract extension is so disrespectul. i would have offered him at least 3 years so milan could have bargaining power in mercato. swap him with xabi or mascherano, sell him to other club abroad, anything but juve goddammit. galli also offered storari to juve after buffon got injured playing vs milan, r u kidding me?

“I’ve never seen a player hang another player on the wall because he wasn’t trying hard enough… I’ve seen plenty of quarrels, of course, but never someone hanging on the wall, in the literal sense of the word.”

This will be funny. Ibra is going to hang half the starters on the wall. It’ll be a shock for them. I hope it happens


I have no pleasant words for Galliani. Majority of Milan success was because of Braida NOT Galliani. In my opinion Galliani is the main reason why Milan declined so bad during Berlusconi final years at Milan.

He sold top players and signed pure garbage players like Mesbah, Taiwo, Constants, Birsa, Matri, old Essien and a old and fat Christian Vierri.


Jesus Christ, this guy still going on about Muntari’s “ghost goal”? I agree with Milan10 and not the soothsayer Raven as usual. Galliani screwed up big time by not selling Pato – or I seem to remember there was the offer to swap him with Tevez or am I misremembering things? Pirlo wanted to stay but the idiot Allegri had him on the bench and when he did play him, played him out of position, so no wonder he wasn’t motivated. Gifting Pirlo to Juventus was as big of a turning point as selling T33 and Ibra. Totally clueless management…


tell ‘em mate.
to be honest i dont remember any swap deal but i do remember that milan was on the verge of signing tevez but in the end they bought matri from juve with tevez money. and to add insult to injury, juve used that money they got from matri to buy tevez. in other words, milan helped juve twice with those tranfers. galli needs to be sued for malpractice


Yep, pretty sure we could’ve swapped Pato with Tevez who was on fire back then while Pato was half crocked and more interested in Bab’s baps than football. Allegri had his Matri goggles strapped on tight but Galliani was ultimately to blame. Just because a kid wants to eat sh** doesn’t mean you let him.


correctamundo mate. and dont even get me started on galli’s mr x BS. i’ve had enough mr x-related nightmares from playing too much resident evil 2 already thank u very much


Yo dejan I least I was right about Giampaolo, Higuain and that Gattuso’s departure would be bad for us. So yeah… Soothayer? adecuate But I that’s only logic and rational thinking. Not being fanatic over an idea


i read on web, sevilla interest suso… pleaaseeeee make this happen ASAP…


Borussia Dortmund sign Man Utd target Haaland in cut-price €20m deal!!!!


dortmund is one of the masters of youth project. rosicky, goetze, dembele, auba, and now haaland. their scouts are fantastic, just like their youth academy. milan need to learn from them on how to lure and nurture young talents. p.s. classic #9 immobile failed at dortmund playing as lone st in 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 set ups but he’s been incredible playing in 2 st system at lazio. moral of the story: use ur players according to their strength. just because one is good classic #9 doesnt mean he can be lewandowski/auba, playing as lone st in 4-3-3 system. i seriously dont get… Read more »


20M for Salzburg
10M for his dad
15M for Raiola
6M slary for the first 2 years , then 8M for the other 3 years.
Do you think Milan can pull this ? And without forgeting that it’s a gamble , a player that had only 6 good months can’t be considered a superstar. And our Piatek is an example.


So many great cheap young players we can sign that will help us right away but we won’t even try lol. Mwepu(cdm) from Salzburg, Bruno Guimaraes(cm, cam, cdm) from atletico paranense Brazil, Todibo of course and a left winger, Everton would be nice


what milanisti must understand is that everton wont come for <50m, especially considering his complicated ownership. even madrid and barca have had hard time trying to buy brazilian stars like robinho, neymar and vinicius because buying them is like buying 2 players because they need to pay 2 parties, not just the clubs those players play for


Well Everton is only one player out of my list and i left him for last because i am sure there are other left wingers on the market