Bonaventura: “I knew inside me that I’d return to playing well, I think all the teams would like to have Ibrahimović”

Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (

Giacomo Bonaventura has discussed several topics in an interview with Sky.

Milan got their first win in over a month last week when they defeated Parma 1-0 and on Sunday evening they have an even harder match, against Miha’s Bologna.

Jack Bonaventura is expected to once again play from the start as he seems to have conquered a place in the starting XI of Stefano Pioli following his positive performances in the last weeks.

On returning to playing well: “I was happy to have done good performances, it was emotional, and I knew inside me that I would return to play good performances. I felt good and I knew that my time would come.”

Giacomo Bonaventura, Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara during training at Milanello. (

On being on the bench: “Being outside and seeing others play is a bit annoying, but health comes first. I thought I’d make up for it. Probably at the beginning I didn’t have the muscular strength to withstand certain workloads yet, now I’ve adapted and I’m happy with my condition.

On his return and on Pioli: “I don’t think that I’ve changed the situation, but since the coach arrived he’s changed it a bit. Tactically we are more aggressive, shorter and more compact, this also benefits the qualities of each of us, even players who had not done their best have raised the level with Pioli and are expressing themselves a little better, and also the individuals are advantaged.”

On his role: “I try my best both as a midfielder and as winger, the important thing is that the team has an organization so that the individual can do well.”

Giacomo Bonaventura before Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on November 23, 2019. (

On the standings: “It does not reflect the potential of this team, the performance has risen and this can lead us to improve.”

On Bologna-Milan: “It’s a very important match, we must give continuity to the results. Against Parma it was not easy to win but we succeeded, if we don’t win against Bologna then we won’t find continuity.”

On Mihajlović: “There’s an extraordinary relationship with him. He had created something beautiful here, he’s a real man with a big heart, a good man who knew how to bring out a lot of determination and a lot of character in the time of need, and he’s doing it also now.”

Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (

On the possibility of being called-up for EURO 2020: “My objective now is to do well with Milan, if from now on I’ll be one of the best players in Italy then I’ll be called-up also for the national team.”

On the difficulties linked with the low average age of the Milan squad: “Certainly when a player is 20 years old and he has to deal with an important stadium and a shirt that weights a bit, it’s normal that he may encounter some difficulties. Then, in Serie A when you make mistake you pay and lose points and there is not always time to make young players grow. To win and reach the top positions you need ready players, but they can also be very young, it depends on the maturity of each player.”

On the possible arrival of Ibrahimović at Milan: “Ibra is a great player, a Champion. Maybe we’ll have him on the team, I think all the teams would like him. Having said that, I don’t know what will happen. Champions are welcome in all teams so we’ll see what happens…”

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