Milan and Inter release statement after meeting the Milano Municipality today: “They want us to study a solution to retain the footprint of San Siro”

The stage during the presentation of the New Milano Stadium at Politecnico di Milano on September 26, 2019. (

Paolo Scaroni and Alessandro Antonello met with the Municipality and a joint statement was released afterwards.

Milan and Inter are moving forward with the project of building new stadium in the same area as the current San Siro stadium.

The Rossoneri President Paolo Scaroni and the Nerazzurri CEO Alessandro Antonello had a meeting with the Municipality on Tuesday. The following joint statement was released afterwards (via

“Milan and Inter today met with the representatives of the Municipality to discuss the contents of the declaration of public interest issued by the Municipality of Milano on the project of the new San Siro stadium, and the related multifunction district.

“Alessandro Antonello, Inter CEO said: ‘It was a useful meeting. The indication we have had from the Municipality is that they want us to study a solution to retain the footprint of the Meazza and keep it dedicated to sporting function. The aim is now to assess the feasibility of this idea and understand how it can be made compatible with the existence of another stadium a few hundred metres away. The Clubs once again made themselves available to collaborate with the Municipality.’

Manica/Sportium’s design for the New Milano Stadium. (

“Paolo Scaroni, Chairman of AC Milan said: ‘We have been discussing a lot about the possibility to retain three, two or one tiers [of the Meazza], however we believe that this is quite irrelevant when you consider the space taken by the footprint. The Municipality aims at maintaining a sporting function, while retaining the existing footprint. We will see if this is feasible. Certainly, keeping two stadiums so close is quite unusual. Should this not be feasible from a technical and financial perspective, the Municipality stated it is available to consider other ideas, which also imply a reduction of the existing footprint.’

“In order to ensure a thorough evaluation, the Clubs have mandated a specialist engineering firm to analyses the request and the possible coexistence of two stadiums so close to each other, and the related implications on the project. The analysis will be completed in the coming days.

Populous’ design for the New Milano Stadium. (

“Finally, Antonello added: ‘The Clubs were expecting the mayor to attend the meeting, but the discussion was certainly productive.’

“Scaroni emphasized that ‘Today we talked about the current stadium, its footprint and how compatible it is with the construction of a new stadium next to it. All the other issues have not been dealt with, including square metres and how much the Meazza is worth.’

“Paolo Scaroni also said that ‘next meeting with the Municipality has not been fixed yet, but surely there will be one’.

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