Bonera: “Milan need patience, Giampaolo did not have the time he needed, I would like to be a first team coach”

Daniele Bonera and Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (

Daniele Bonera has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport about his return to Milan and the moment of the Diavolo.

Milan sacked Marco Giampaolo and replaced him with Stefano Pioli. Only two members of Giampaolo’s staff are still working under Pioli and one of them is former Rossoneri defender Bonera.

Daniele retired from football at the end of the last season and has started pursuing a career as a coach. Bonera spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Alessandra Bocci to discuss several things:

Bonera, after years at Villarreal what convinced you to return to Milan?
“Milan. With the bond I’ve had with the club, it was difficult to refuse. The Milanisti still have the same passion, the same passion that drives a large fan base to follow us despite the not brilliant results.”

That’s right. There’s talk of many individual errors in defense. As a former defender, you have the qualifications to talk about it…
“We need to improve further, raise the level of attention also in the end. It’s a young team, obviously it takes time. In a few months two coaches have arrived, with different working methods and two ways of thinking on a defensive level.”

In what way?
“With Giampaolo we focused more on the ball, while with Pioli we are practical and we also work on the positioning of the players. But the work of any coach must be acknowledged. Giampaolo didn’t have the time he needed, but in a club like Milan time is never long. Pioli’s work is difficult to evaluate after just a month.”

Marco Giampaolo and Daniele Bonera during training at Milanello. (

Do you see confused, unhappy players, as the gossip says?
“We are not talking about a prison. At Milan we’re doing well, even if the results are not positive at the moment. I see guys who work hard. Many are really young, at the age of 20 it takes time to adapt to other worlds.”

Are you worried about the situation in the standings?
“If worrying means being thinking first then I think it is right. We must use the time to grow, but I have never seen one of the boys back down when he’s struggling.

You played with Ibrahimović, what kind is he?
“A Champion.”

A current Milan player who surprised you?
“I say a name that everyone agrees on: Pepe Reina. An example for how he works and how he stands, every day.”

Speaking of goalkeepers, what advice would you give to Donnarumma?
As a fan and someone in love with Milan, I’d advise him to stay with us. But he has staff and family to counsel him.”

Theo Hernández, Suso and Daniele Bonera during training at Milanello. (

You won with Ancelotti’s Milan, who returns with Napoli, and with Allegri’s. Are the two tacticians similar?
“Perhaps it’s because of the way the team is run. Being a coach means trying to play well, managing the players, motivating them. So many facets, that’s why I’m interested in this job.”

Does [Udinese interim coach Luca] Gotti surprise you that he doesn’t want to be a head coach?
“I don’t know him personally, he has his reasons. I’d like to be a first team coach. Of course, it is one thing to stay behind the scenes, the front is different and I will have to organize my luggage. But I want to try, then we must see if I’ll be able.”

Bonera, what would this Milan need?
“Patience, which is a rare commodity in football. But we are trying to do better every day.”

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“Talking about my experience at Milan as a failure would not be correct, it wouldn’t be right for me, not even for Bertolacci, Conti and dozens of other young people from San Siro in recent years.” “Has Mauri failed or has Milan’s project?” De Sciglio, El 92, Locatelli, where smart enough to see that the likes of Bacca, Kaká, Montolivo, Balotelli , De Jong where fooled by managment. We also showed no trust in the likes of Acerbi, Cristante Petagna Cutrone and Caldara. Milan Transfer policy has been nuts for the last 6 years. First free high salary former great… Read more »


And what have the above mentioned el92 de sciglio and locatelli have achieved


More than Biglia, RicRod, Conti, Samu, Kessie have since joining Milan


Biglia was appointed just in case Monty got an injury, a Smart move considering the injury probé Monty and Biglia was closer to Montolivos performance, a quick fix. RR? Solid AF, thought as CB as we had a 3 man defense planned ay the moment. He improved the LB department at the moment of his Arrival. Conti and Kessie where amazing with Atalanta, Kessie improved our midfield, Conti was unlucky to have two ACL injuries, can’t blame anyone for that. Samu was hired as back up for Suso, and he also came by the deal we had with Bacca. The… Read more »


You are right bro. Overrated players.


De Sciglio has a second place in CL. El 92 has a lot of CL experience and Locatelli is too young and in a couple of years Will ve at Napoli or Roma.


Some good points but Modric wont come to Milan if he leaves Madrid, Muller is finished at the top level (tho his winners mentality would be welcome) and i’d rather invest more time etc into Piatek than sign Giroud but yeh the signings have been ridiculous, scattergun and with no sign of a plan. I’d like to see more of Bennacer as well. First of they need to pick the correct manager and stick with them. Giamapolo was baffling – I saw Milan pre-season and their positioning/intensity/organisation was first class but the once the season started I don’t know wtf… Read more »


i many players we let leave before giving them trust.
there needs to be a clear button.where there will be made time avaible.
3 pressure.that something can grow.
for this there needs to be a buyer now..
becouse elliot means pressure for us.
god bless.
some one will buy milan
and we can re-force our roots
and bring them to

Baresis Dream

The problem isn’t the players we sold, it’s those that we’re brought in. None of the players you mention belong in the starting lineup of a top team. But the problem is that’s also true for most of the players who were brought in their place


With players like Locatelli we need to be smart and LOAN them, not sell them, even if its for a couple of years, and somewhere like Sassuolo is the perfect environment to learn. As has been said he’ll no doubt be at Roma or somewhere else in a few years and we’ll be looking at him wondering why he didn’t work for us. Frustrating and no long-term strategy. Its all very well spending money but they have to mix this up with sensible signings for the future.