Romagnoli: “It was a good match and we need to build on it, I was a little flat in my movement on Dybala’s goal”

Alessio Romagnoli during Juventus-Milan on November 10, 2019 at Allianz Stadium. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

Alessio Romagnoli was disappointed after yet another defeat, the seventh of the season, the 9th at Allianz Stadium.

Milan played well against Juventus but ultimately lost. It’s the same old story fans have seen many times over the year and the Bianconeri kept them 100% win rate at home against the Rossoneri.

Paulo Dybala scored in the 77′ minute, taking advantage of the 1 meter of space Alessio Romagnoli allowed him. This goal turned out to be the winner as the Diavolo struggled greatly to score even though they created chances (Wojciech Szczęsny was a standout performer for Juve).

“We’re disappointed, I think we played very well. It’s a pity because we had a number of chances but we didn’t make the most of them, while Juve did. We’re on the right path but we need to keep working hard in training and transferring that work to the match,” captain Romagnoli told MilanTV.

“We were well-positioned on the field, and played with a lot of intensity and when not in possession did well to close all passing lines which stopped Juve from creating much. It was a good match and we need to build on it. A three-man defense? We do what the coach asks us to, if he think we can play with three in defense then we’ll do our best. But it’s a question for him. The next games? We’re disappointed because we played a great match but we need to build on it and push on.”

Alessio Romagnoli and Gonzalo Higuaín during Juventus-Milan on November 10, 2019 at Allianz Stadium. (

Speaking to Sky, Alessio said: “It’s disappointing. We were aware that we could put in a good performance, and we did, but naturally the result leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. We need the strength to face every game as if it was a final and that is perhaps what we lacked at the start of the season, as we took on the so-called easier teams with the wrong attitude. We must change course completely.

“The standings? It’s still early to analyze the table. The important thing is to roll our sleeves up and hope to reap the rewards of our hard work. Dybala’s goal? When you concede a goal, there has been an error somewhere. I think Juve got to the edge of our penalty area a bit too easily, then I moved towards Dybala when he got the ball, but I was perhaps a little flat in my movement.

“Juve? It’s Juventus, they’re strong and we know that they can score from any chance and are one of the best teams in the world, so naturally having champions like this who can come off the bench is helpful.”

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10 months ago

“so naturally having champions like this who can come off the bench is helpful.” this is what I’m interested in.
And that’s our problem.

10 months ago

One moment, and finally 1 point is wasted.
Didn’t your coach teach you to stay focused for 90 minutes?
And come on, it’s not your first time facing Dybala. Still can’t anticipate his movements?
Until when will you study?
Grow up my captain …. !!!

10 months ago
Reply to  Puang_Machink

Dybala dribled him again with the same style and shot wayward.This guy is full of wrong timing and position.I will keep on saying this till most fans realise it. If this mistake was done by mussachio, it will remind most fans here of how he keeps on making mistakes.pls.mates, try and study romagnoli well

10 months ago
Reply to  Hwyley

Yep … I imagine that they are just getting ready for Ronaldo and Higuain.
When dybala finally played, they were like,
Oh relax…. it’s only dybala.
So I ask, have they never seen the dybala ability to break down our goal?
What a pity…