Theo Hernández: “Pioli is a good coach with clear concepts, we have to work hard and give our soul to win games”

Theo Hernández during training at Milanello. (

Theo Hernández believes Milan can do great things with Stefano Pioli, and says the Rossoneri can finish in the Top 4.

Milan start their new path with their new coach on Sunday as they take on Lecce at Stadio San Siro (20:45 CEST kickoff).

While Ricardo Rodriguez was with his national team over the last couple of weeks, Theo Hernández was working with Stefano Pioli and working under his eyes. And he will hope that this will give him the advantage and earn him another a 4th consecutive start.

“The change of coach? I think it’s better for a coach to start from the beginning instead of taking over during the season, and I’m sorry that Giampaolo has left, but these are things that happen in football,” the left-back, who scored against Genoa before the break, told Sky Italia. “Now there’s a new coach who is very good and I’m sure we’ll do great things with him, we must do our best.

“My personal objectives? I work every day to play as a starter. In the last few games I did it and I hope I can play all of the games. I’m here to work hard, to play and to make history at Milan. I’m a young guy, I have to learn a lot but I can do great things.

Theo Hernández during training at Milanello. (

“Pioli? He’s a great coach like everyone else who’s been here. I didn’t know him, he’s a coach who likes to play good football. I think we can do great things with him because he’s a very good coach with clear concepts. I think we can really do great things with him.

“The first thing Pioli told the group? The first thing he said to us was that we have to work hard. We can’t let the Milan fans be angry with us, which is normal for how we’re doing. We have to keep working hard to get them back on our side and get them to support us.

Theo Hernández during training at Milanello. (

“If fourth place is a possible objective? Yes, I think we have a great squad to be there. It’s true that the last few games were not easy, but we have a great team that can fight and stay on top. We just have to work hard and give our soul to win the games.

“If the game against Lecce can be the turning point? Yes, these are games in which we have to leave our hearts on the field because wins bring morale, you gain confidence and you can see it on the pitch. Defeats, on the other hand, bring you down and it’s not good for the team.

“We have to win against Lecce to face the next game in the best way.”

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11 months ago

The team needs to play fast.
Biglia, Hakan and Suso aren’t helping that. Especially Biglia and even more so, Hakan, looks so lethargic. It looks like he just completed a marathon before the match, and then right away started in the XI, all spent and tired.
By the time they release the ball, the opposition is solidly in their defensive positions and all passing lanes are covered.

11 months ago

Theo the future 🙂