Biglia’s agent, Montepaone: “Lucas is in great shape, Pioli knows him perfectly, he wants to do his best at Milan”

Lucas Biglia during training at Milanello. (

Lucas Biglia’s agent has stated that working with Stefano Pioli again is an ‘advantage’ for his client, who doesn’t care about any transfer offers.

Milan bought the African Cup of Nations Player of the Tournament, Ismaël Bennacer, in the summer, but Lucas Biglia still played an important part in the first seven games of the season.

Marco Giampaolo is now gone and has been replaced by former Fiorentina and Inter coach Stefano Pioli. However, the Italian press expects Pioli to continue counting on Biglia, considering the two have history as they worked at Lazio together from 2014 to 2016.

“How is Lucas doing? He’s doing well. He worked hard to recover from a series of injuries that last year didn’t give him a break,” Biglia’s agent, Enzo Montepaone, told “For what he’s doing, I would say that he’s really in great shape both physically and mentally, almost like in the times of Lazio.

“What didn’t work with Giampaolo? I’m sorry for the coach. He worked very hard and well. Giampaolo had understood how to best make Lucas and his teammates perform and it’s a shame that he couldn’t reap the rewards of his work, which unfortunately wasn’t valued.

Stefano Pioli Lucas Biglia during a press conference ahead of the Juventus-Lazio Supercoppa Italiana in Shanghai on August 7, 2015. (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

“If fate wanted Biglia and Pioli to meet again? Let’s say that it’s a huge advantage. Pioli knows him perfectly, it’s all time earned. Lucas is really in great shape, so he can give a lot to the new coach and to Milan. Those who know football, know perfectly well that the role of the regista is fundamental, especially if, like in Pioli’s game, he is made as an element on which to base the entire maneuver of the team. I’ll give you a comparison to understand: it’s like with Argentina: does Messi need to score…? Give the ball to Lucas and he’ll surely get it to Messi. There could be no better choice for Biglia.

“If I talked with the club considering there was talk about Biglia leaving in the summer and the fact that his contract expires in June 2020? I talked to the club in the summer and they told me clearly that they believe in Biglia, the facts prove it. The mercato rumours are always there but Lucas has only Milan in his head.

“If we talked about a renewal and if there are offers for which I’ll look in January? I follow what Biglia says. He chooses with his heart. He wants to do his best with this shirt. He told me that he’s super focused and that he has an objective of playing a great season with the Rossoneri and that he’s not interested in other offers. At the end of the season, we’ll see what to do, there’s no hurry.”

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Oh please…


Biglia should be sold ASAP


One of the WORST signings for Milan. I truly hope Biglia leaves as soon as January. This guy look and play like a retired player.

No energy, no life in the midfield. If Pioli start him then I hope he will leave with Biglia too.

I don’t get what any coach see in this player. Way past his best and he needs to retire. Period. Both Biglia and Calhanoglu are slow and predictable AF.


It seem like Biglia as cast a spell on Milan coaches, but I wish the management will sell come January


I’m beginning to feel that way as well. Hopefully Pioli will realize that he needs to trust the young players and not rely on underperforming players like Biglia and Calhanoglu.


What coaches see in this player is that there is no better alternative than him at the moment in the team. Bennacer failed big time in the chances that he was given lets be realistic, two games he was close to a red card and made two penaltys, didn’t really offered much more in attack and left the deffence exposed. He will get better in time he is only 21 but the thing is that the situation that Milan is in you cant give chances over and over to players until they finnaly work out, so Biglia is a more… Read more »


“Bennacer failed big time in the chances that he was given lets be realistic, two games he was close to a red card and made two penaltys, “. So you are writing him off because of two chances only??? well, Calabria has had a lot of chances all season long and has 2 redcards in 7 games, should we write him off too? smh. you’re quite a fan. lol


There is literatly an explanation above on everything you are reffering to, but afcourse you read only what suits you, there is no need for me to copy paste the same things that are already written above.


Biglia should be sold or be used as a back up. As well as Hakan. We should have bought Bakayoko. I haven’t seen much of his “experience” lately.
Pioli just saw how bad team selections made a coach lose his job. Hopefully, he’ll learn


Tonali is better than bennacer and biglia


Give the ball to Lucas and he’ll surely get it to Messi. There could be no better choice for Biglia.

Biglia started un the first WC18 and was his final game with Argentina. Yup they see us as morons