Scaroni: “There is only one way to convince the fans – results, the new Stadium? We are convinced that we will get all the necessary authorizations”

Paolo Scaroni during the presentation of Milan Femminile on September 12, 2019. (

Paolo Scaroni has spoken about the new Milan coach and about the situation with the new Stadium project.

Milan are working to achieve success on multiple lanes and while in the sporting area, the club has found struggles and had to sack Marco Giampaolo after just 7 games – appointing Stefano Pioli in his place, in the managerial sides there are also plans and ambitions to improve, with a new stadium being the big project.

“Pioli is an Interista? There was also talk about Spalletti, who isn’t an Interista but was at Inter,” President Scaroni told Sky TG 24 today.

“How to convince the fans? There is only one way – results. I saw Pioli this morning, he’s a serious and prepared guy. I’m confident because have the squad and the results will come. It takes a little patience. Our goal is to return to the Champions League, we haven’t been there for many years…

Paolo Scaroni before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17, 2019. (

The stadium situation? San Siro is a beautiful stadium, we are all fond of it. We had great successes there and our hearts are beating for it, but we have to realize that it is no longer adequate for the times in which we live. In the third ring there are no services. In modern stadiums, the areas dedicated to hospitality are 100,000 square meters, and at San Siro it’s 24,000. Abroad we’re seeing totally different things. There is also an aspect of accessibility and security that is of different times. In modern stadiums, disabled people can enter very easily.

“Possible alternatives in the event of the non- authorization of the project in the San Siro area? We consider it impossible to play at San Siro as it is, it is not suited to the needs of the club. San Siro has had its time. We want to create a new San Siro at San Siro, we are convinced that we will get all the necessary authorizations, all this comes from private money, and there won’t even be a euro of the public. But our shareholders want certain times and non-nebulous situations. The Municipality was informed of everything, we met the mayor 20 times, sent all the documents. We will continue with this total transparency. If we don’t get the authorization then we’ll sit at the table to decide.

Populous’ design for the New Milano Stadium. (

“The dialogue with the citizens? It was a positive dialogue, we met the citizens because we wanted to listen to them, and we received various indications. Some of them are concerning the stadium, others concerning the projects. The new stadium will reduce the discomfort of the fans, not increase it. When you build a new thing, certain things that are a certain annoyances of the old structures that can be avoided. For example, the new stadium will be 36 meters high compared to 60 meters of the current San Siro. The new stadiums are built so that the noise is maximum inside and minimum outside. It will be 60% less noisy than the current stadium, even though it is closer to the neighborhood houses. There will also be new materials to the foundations that will eliminate the vibrations in the houses.

“The projects for the new stadium. I like the Cathedral because it is innovative. Modern stadiums are all very similar, while this is a bit different. It is a very clear emblem of the Milan-Inter alliance to build a stadium together.

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