Official: Milan sack Giampaolo, Pioli is the new coach of the Rossoneri

Marco Giampaolo during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

Marco Giampaolo was officially fired yesterday with Stefano Pioli becoming the new coach of the Diavolo.

Giampaolo was the choice of Paolo Maldini, Boban and Frederic Massara for the coach position in the summer.

However, after three months in which the Rossoneri achieved bad results and played some of their worst football in recent memory, the club decided it was time to change and replace him.

“Milan announces it has relieved Marco Giampaolo from his position as coach of the First Team. The Club is grateful to Marco for the work carried out and wishes him all the best to come in his professional career,” a statement on the Diavolo’s website read on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, it became official that Stefano Pioli, the former Inter and Fiorentina coach, is the one replacing Giampaolo: “Milan announces the appointment with immediate effect of Stefano Pioli as the new coach of the First Team.

“Born in October 1965 in Parma, Stefano Pioli began his career as a coach in 1999. His first coaching experience in Serie A was at Parma in 2006. He then went on to coach several other Serie A Clubs: Chievo Verona, Palermo, Bologna, Lazio and Inter, before moving to Fiorentina in 2017. Stefano Pioli now joins Milan on a two-year agreement. The Club wishes Stefano and his coaching staff all the best in their work.”

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Edward Berdichevsky

Shambles, total shambles.




Welcome pioli i wish you the best


From one clown to another. Has been the story of our club for the past several years…


This is a bucket-of-vomit kind of a trainwreck but the truth is i aint even mad at the mgmt at this point, just disappointed. Its like asking retarded person (no offense) to get u spoon but then he gives u pack of beer instead. U just cant be mad at the situation. Here it is, if what separated milan and spalletti was only a petty 2,5 – 5 m spalletti thought inter owed him then common sense would’ve dictated that milan ‘help’ inter by giving that greedy bastard his 5 m outta elliott pocket. I mean, there are many cases… Read more »


Milan 10 + Maldini was looking hervin lozano Everton soares stevano sensi but Elliot refused to close the deals because they was complaining about their prices


correctamundo mate. maldini and boban targetted serious players like correa, theo, sensi, torreira, ceballos etc not jokers like kalinimovic and borivaldo. its not their fault elliott and ffp messed their masterplan up


I truly believe that the squad complained about Giampaolo and his personality didn’t help. He is not a man manager and he lacks the interpersonal skills needed to get the best out the players.

His tactics were confusing and playing Musacchio, Calhanoglu, Castellijo, Biglia, Kessie and Suso all the time cost us games and ultimately Giampaolo’s job. These players needs to be sold.

Donnarumma, Paquetá, Rebic, Bennacer, Duarte, Hernandez, Romagnoli, Piatek and Leao needs to start every game.


What would you know? You were so confident that a great coach would join because all the rumors you heard. Then you were positive about 4312 and Giampaolo being so much better than grinta. Hypocrite


Not a great upgrade but he is an upgrade.
I hope he surprises us. Welcome Pioli

Martin Bernhard

Right now i can only hear the circus tune Entrance of the Gladiators playing in my ear by this approach of the management of our beloved club but frankly its been playing loudly for over a decade so we propably shouldnt be too surprised by now. When that is said Pioli is here now and hopefully he will surprise us all and succeed so lets give him and the players the best working conditions but when or if this choice prove most of us right in our assumptions of imminent failure its not only the coach and management that should… Read more »


Calendar is not on Pioli’s favour. It will be a huge challenge. Anyway, he is a milanista now, hope he succeeds.

Martin Bernhard

yeah and so should all but still not a promising choice but at this point we can only hope for the best i guess.


Former Juventus and Fiorentina egghead somehow beats the pack of top managers clamoring for the role of AC Milan coach… I’m lost for words… Somebody should throw a blanket over my head…


Yo Dejan Giampaolo was a master tactician that would at least give 9 more points? Or you>shamefully forgot your hype and your trash talk last season?


Assistant Coach: Giacomo Murelli
Goalkeeping Coach: Emiliano Betti
Technical Coach: Daniele Bonera
Technical Coach: Davide Lucarelli
Fitness Coach: Luca Monguzzi
Fitness Coach: Matteo Osti
Fitness Coach: Roberto Peressutti
Technical Coach: Gianmarco Pioli
Goalkeeping Coach: Luigi Turci
Technical Coach: Luciano Vulcano
Team Manager: Andrea Romeo
Fitness Coach: Marco Vago

he’s interista & lord Bonera as technical coach.. we’re doomed


I wish our new coach the best. He obviously knows people don’t like him so it will motivate him to prove himself.
Forza Milan!


And he looks like someone who has guts. Thick skinned. I will support him and I wish him the very best.



It wasn’t because I have a crystal ball, its just common sense. You don’t switch a strategy that is currently working for a more attractive one.