Caldara returned to group training on Wednesday, Bonera and goalkeeping coach Turci keep their positions at Milan and are a part of Pioli’s staff

Mattia Caldara and Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (

Mattia Caldara is finally back available, while Stefano Pioli’s coaching staff includes Daniele Bonera and Luigi Turci, who worked with Marco Giampaolo.

12 Milan players are on international duty, but Stefano Pioli – on his first training session in charge of Milan – found a player who hadn’t been a part of group training since May – Mattia Caldara.

The 25-year-old center back underwent surgery to repair the damage to his anterior cruciate ligament five months ago. On Wednesday, Caldara finally returned to group training. The intention is to have him back in the squad towards the month’s end or the start of November.

Meanwhile, the club confirmed the staff of Pioli: Giacomo Murelli – Assistant Coach; Emiliano Betti – Goalkeeping Coach; Daniele Bonera – Technical Coach; Davide Lucarelli – Technical Coach; Luca Monguzzi – Fitness Coach; Matteo Osti – Fitness Coach; Roberto Peressutti – Fitness Coach; Gianmarco Pioli – Technical Coach; Luigi Turci – Goalkeeping Coach; Luciano Vulcano – Technical Coach; Andrea Romeo – Team Manager, and Marco Vago – Fitness Coach.

Turci used to work primarily with Giampaolo but was kept due to his excellent relationship with Gigio Donnarumma. Bonera also continues from Giampaolo time, while Gianmarco is Stefano’s son.

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Yet another failed RUBENTUS project. Ans the clown management are going after another RUBENTINI: Demiral. It is one disaster after another with this management. When will they sell the club to someone worthy of managing this historic club??

Don vito

That is the mistake Mr Berlusconi made, he sold the club to the wrong people..he put us in this mess


berluscam took the money and ran to the bank. i dont think he was very selective with the buyer. apparently Li is being investigated in china