Spalletti to Milan is blocked until the coach finds an agreement with Inter over a severance package, Pioli and a foreign coach are the alternatives

Luciano Spalletti during Inter-Empoli at Stadio San Siro on May 26, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Luciano Spalletti has already said ‘yes’ to Milan, but he wants a big severance package from the Nerazzurri and so Milan could pick another coach.

It is very clear at this point that Milan have decided to sack Marco Giampaolo, as after 7 rounds of Serie A, the Diavolo find themselves in 13th place and with not even one convincing game this season.

It became known over the day that Elliott, through Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban, have chosen former Inter coach Luciano Spalletti to replace Giampaolo.

Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky reported on Monday that Spalletti had accepted the offer of Milan and said ‘yes’ to the Rossoneri. In fact, Spalletti is said to not be at all worried by the standings and by the squad – on the contrary, he is intrigued and fired-up and thinks he can turn things around.

Marco Giampaolo during Hellas Verona-Milan at Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi on September 15, 2019. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

However, there is one very big problem with Spalletti. The coach is still under contract with Inter, as he was fired in the summer and replaced by Antonio Conte with two years left on his agreement. Spalletti, as reported by Sky, La Gazzetta dello Sport and others, is currently sitting at home with a deal worth around €4.5m-€5m per season, which is roughly €20m gross over the next two years.

Luciano has no intent of letting this money go and he is seeking a severance package from Inter before he can sign with Milan, from which he is asking for a two-year deal (with an option for a third year) worth €4m per season. Negotiations between Spalletti and Inter, who are led by Beppe Marotta, are ongoing but at the moment the gaps are very big between the parties and no agreement is on the horizon. Nicolò Schira reports that Spalletti wants Inter to pay everything he and his staff are owed until June 2020, while Suning are willing to pay all the salaries until December 31.

Stefano Pioli during Atalanta-Fiorentina at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on March 3, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

ANSA are going as far as saying that Spalletti is no longer willing to accept Milan’s offer due to the contractual problems with Inter. The news-agency claims that at this point Milan are oriented towards a choice between Stefano Pioli, who left Fiorentina last season and was replaced by Vincenzo Montella, and a foreign coach. Rudi Garcia and Marcelino are the foreign options.

Di Marzio is also claiming that Pioli is the top candidate after Spalletti, who can’t find an agreement with Inter. The 53-year-old has almost no experience with top teams, only having a short period between November 2016 and May 2017 in which he coached Inter and was eventually sacked.

More updates are expected in the next hours. Giampaolo is gone, and his replacement will be Spalletti, Pioli, or a coach who was not born in Italy. Milan will change, for the umpteenth time.

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No manager can transform terrible footballers like Biglia, Kessie, Calhanoglu and Suso


Does not need to, only leave them on the bench


IF you were a real Milan fan you would notice that kessie has improved massively under giampaolo this sEason which Is the only positive so far


I honestly feel we should give the Manager three more matches. His teams historically always start slow when he takes over. Anyway it goes. Let’s hope for the best.


If you want to bring history, his teams historically starts slow and finishes midtable.
Milan cannot afford that.


Eh. Pioli may not be an improvement. Rather have Gattuso back.


Pioli? He won’t change a dime. Why not hire Gattuso who would do a better job. Or why not wait until the international break and see if a better option can arrive. I would advice Milan to chose between Spalleti, Blanc, gattuso who are all within reality. Pioli? seriously, does he even make sense to consider someone like him? If Milan go ahead with Pioli who will definitely be a failure, then I can conclude that Milan is cursed. Seriously. On the other hand Spaletti should let go his contract with inter. It’s just plain greediness.


Why is nothing straight forward with milan, and I hope its writ in the contract that the new manager cannot play biglia, hakan, suso unless loads of injuries pile up lol. We have to get the next appointment right but it’s not ideal time to go looking for coaches a few matches into season, what a mess.

Coach Seedorf

@Mavac, greed? Really? Wait until your heart broken like this by your employers. Giampaolo will get every dime Milan owes him before he leaves except he chooses to be merciful. Welcome Pioli with open arms, what a game changer, lol. You guys had Gattuso and cursed him, now you prefer to have him back. Let’s tell ourselves the truth, Maldini will not have the nerves to call Gattuso and discuss his re-appointment considering how he left. Gattuso poured heart and soul into his work with us, we called him grinta, in the end his work was evaluated as poor and… Read more »


it amazes me how fans are calling Gattuso to return. I was very sad as to how Gattuso left. I don’t know Pioli but i hope he doesn’t fail. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Don’t worry bro they just want to write if spalleti should sign then his contract with inter will be terminated…


even u will never let go of such….his agreement with inter is CL which he achieve and was replaced…if u, will u allow it go? me NO that’s cheat. u should rather call inter greediness


what of wenger or enrique or blank all are better than pioli

Rikimaru Tenchu

Please not Pioli.

Spaletti I like. His Roma team was amazing and fluid. Inter came with bad luck in my opinion.

If the choice are between this tow then spaletti or just leave Giampaolo until we can afford better.

Definitely Not Pioli

soheil balini

what’s wrong with our management ? seriously!


Whoever the coach will be i hope he can get rid of suso, hakan and biglia.
Leao is a must in starting line up!

Nathan Graegin

Why the fuck are we not going for wenger! If you want to increase the value of a club, you have to spend money on good players and a good coach. Wenger or even allegri should be the only options for Milan, not another mid table coach




Lmao we all bashed gattuso when we had him and now we’re begging for him to come back?


Karma is a bitch. Gattuso’s bar was pretty high considering this team is fragile with a inexperienced management, new owner and without depth in the squad. What Gattuso accomplished was no easy task.

Considering our recent years the coach people wanted was impossible, so we sacked him and now we’re fucked.

Its not that Gattuso is a great coach, but he delivered results. We could’ve waited for a coach like Allegri, Ancelotti accepted to come.


He resigned.


Milan made him resign


I actually think that the bench would be good for Suso and Hakan. They need to know that bad football would not be tolerated.

Against Genoa, almost all the attacking play that went through Suso fell flat as soon as the ball touched his feet. He isn’t good at holding unto the ball under pressure.

In the meantime, Hakan was so useless (as he has been all season).
And the fact that they still get playing time is an insult to other players who train daily. Even Borini.

Giampaolo seems to be out of his depth.

Abdul Aziz

Getting spalletti will make him strengthen our weaknesses like the right back and midfielder someone like paredes who he knows him well back in roma he didn’t get a lot of playing time roma had nainggolan pjanic strottman de rossi and eventually sold him because of ffp since his preffered formation is 4-2-3-1.So yeah his our best option and if pioli joins milan it’s over and maldini with boban should either resign or get fired.