Reports: Giampaolo closer and closer to getting sacked, Milan consider Pioli, Spalletti and Garcia as replacements

Marco Giampaolo during Genoa-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on October 5, 2019. (Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)

Marco Giampaolo’s hours at Milan seem to be numbered as the management have grown tired over the lack of results, lackluster play and overall management.

Milan managed to get the win over Genoa at Stadio Luigi Ferraris last night as after an awful first-half performance, coach Marco Giampaolo made two substitutions, bringing on Lucas Paquetá and Rafael Leão in the places of the disappointing Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Krzysztof Piątek.

Paquetá and Leão changed the game for the Rossoneri and inspired them for a comeback, as Theo Hernández (51′), Franck Kessié (57′ pk) overturned Lasse Schöne’s goal (41′). Milan had a one-man advantage from the 56′ minute, when Davide Davide Biraschi got a red card to the 79′ minute, when Davide Calabria was sent off.

The Diavolo eventually got the win, after Pepe Reina saved a last-minute Schöne penalty, but overall it was once again a very ugly and unconvincing Milan side. The Rossoneri directors did not hide their dissatisfaction during the game: Paolo Maldini did not return to the stands after the first half, while Zvonimir Boban left the pitch 15 minutes before the final whistle of referee Maurizio Mariani.

Marco Giampaolo and Aurelio Andreazzoli before Genoa-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on October 5, 2019. (

The season under Giampaolo has so far been one prolonged nightmare for the Milan fans, as they find their team in 13th place with 9 points after 7 rounds of football. The squad has never managed to play convincing football and the promises of Giampaolo’s ‘beautiful Calcio’ have been unfulfilled.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that and Sky Italia (Gianluca Di Marzio and Peppe Di Stefano) are reporting that Milan are seriously considering to sack Giampaolo in the next few days, despite last night’s win. Antonio Vitiello of MN claims that the former Sampdoria coach is getting closer to being sacked. It’s not just a question of results, but of the difficulty of carrying out his idea of the game after three months of work, the fact that Giampaolo’s choices were always questionable and confusing, and that he never gave the impression of being able to turn things around.

Luciano Spalletti and Stefano Pioli (R) before Inter-Roma at Stadio San Siro on February 26, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images ) reports that the candidates to replace Giampaolo are Luciano Spalletti, Rudi Garcia and Stefano Pioli. Di Marzio adds that there has also been contact with Marcelino but it’s unlikely an agreement will be pursued with the Spanish coach. Di Stefano claims that Pioli and Spalletti are in pole position to become the new Milan coach, while there has been no contact with Gennaro Gattuso.

Since Allegri left Milan in 2014, Milan have had seven different coaches. Number 8 looks set to soon arrive, as Giampaolo – as things currently stand – is not expected to be at Milan for much longer.

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Take back Allegri or look for a better coach


I think Allegri is learning English to take over at Man United or Spurs. If so, Milan should get an interim coach and then sign Pochettino for next season. I don’t think Allegri is coming back to Milan even he’s my ultimate favorite choice.

El pharaoh

Wenger mourinho or allegri. Enough of Medicare coaches. Big name manager.

Martin Bernhard

No offense El pharaoh but why do you and other people still believe we can get mourinho when he has said not once but numerous times over the years that he will never join any of internazionales italian competitors like milan,juve or napoli purely out of respect for what they did together ? Allegri seems to be looking for a 10 mil a year wage so he seems highly unlikely as well

When that is said hirring pioli doesnt seem like an upgrade so hopefully atleast he wont join us if giampaolo is sacked


I’m not a huge fan of Spalletti or Pioli. Marcelino Garcia Toral is my favorite choice or Rudi Garcia but it seems it’s more likely a choice between Spalletti and Pioli. I don’t know about this one. They are better than Giampaolo though but Spalletti seem to have a better league table finish having qualified Roma and Inter for the UCL.


I agree with u nick, Marcelino its interesting choice…He took Valencia twice in row to UCL and even beat Barca in Final Copa del Rey last season…He’s favorite formation is 4-4-2 but sometimes he use 4-2-3-1
Spalletti say no to Milan, Pioli or Rudi its mediocre coach like giampaolo…and i think Milan cannot afford to hired Wenger with his big salary same case with Jose


Milan management need to take charge of the situation NOW not tomorrow !
If the manager needs to go then make the decision
They need to choose a manager who has won trophies and titles and knows how to deliver champions league qualification or the club will sink further into the black hole


Well said Rivera! It’s about time! The management would be foolish to bet on someone who has no CL experience. In that case Pioli should not even be imagined let alone considered. So hiring someone like him must be out of the equation. Allegri won’t come. he taking English leasons because he is only interested in the Premier League. SpalettH is or Gattuso. For now, I would say hire Spaletti to take us to the CL and hire Gattuso to win us the CL. I know Rino would make a great coach someday. was the best Milan coach since Seedorf.… Read more »


“hire Gattuso to win us the CL”
somebody sniffed cheap glue one too many times.
tell me, why and how does rino deserve to win ucl, with this “milan” team no less, ahead of real coaches like klopp, zidane, pep, pocchetino, etc?


@Milan10 Yes. Why not? Have you seen Gattuso’s statistic against the big teams? Have you not seen how Milan raises their level of play against like of Juventus and Napoli who we won in Coppa Italia after Milan lead them 2-0 in Serie A? I know my insinuation sounds too clever for an average fan like you. Gattuso was becoming ruthless by each game beating everyone in the top side apart from Juve? He beat Inter, Napoli, Atatlanta, Roma, Sampdoria, Lazio. This give me confident that Rino has ball and fire to win the champions league. I believe he will… Read more »


Facts check: Spaletti’s Inter beat Gattuso to actually start the downward turn of results that led to no CL last season.


At least they are considering coaches who play with wingers for start, Garcia and Spalletti are decent coaches and if we couldnt afford some one of at least Alegri, Sarri callibar then some one on Spalletti level would have been an obvious choise, so why all the wasted time with a midtablle coach in the first place.
ps. Pioli is also midtablle coach he playes attacking football and uses 4-3-3 which is great but his results are not better than Giampaolo, so it will be time wasting again.


Not the baldy please…


Which baldy? There are two on the list


Spaletti is the epitome of the baldys.
He is a decent coach with decent results. But wherever he goes, destruction follows. Especially in the dressing room and the club atmosphere. Like in Zenit, Roma, shinter etc.
Plus on a more selfish reason… I just don’t like him lol.


What we need now is morinho or Wenger….that’s the bitter Truth


Haha you’re right bro but I would say he complained about Icardi’s attitude and people that he was the cause of the problems in the dressing room but after he left and conte was hired he still sold icardi so I don’t think spalletti was the problem. If we fire Giampaolo and can’t get Wenger, Mourinho or Allegri, I say we go for Spalletti. He’s the best option among these folks. Lol. In other news tho, what do y’all think about Leao so far? I was really happy when we got him and his performances has me xtremely happy.


Milan must change the coach


Yeah i’m kinda done with Gianpaolo. Didn’t even see the last game.

Now, if they are planning to sack Gian, ok sure, but please replace him with a real experienced coach. Enough of this gambling BS. And big no to PIOLI! Or Spaghetti. I’m not even sure about Marcelino either.

Replace him with a classy coach like Wenger, etc or just carry on with Gianpaolo until we get a champion level replacement. We’re f**ked this season anyways so why not let Gianpaolo keep f**king us more. It’s exciting. Zzzzz


bring back tassoti… he knew very well Milan…


we never game him the chance he wanted. it’s sad that we hired Inzaghi, Seedorf, Rino & fu*** brocchi before him

Martin Bernhard

Both of you are wrong, tassotti was offered the role on a couple of ocassions and was infact interim coach a few times but said he didnt want that role on a permanent basis


We need a real coach, and to be honest the most realistic is Spaletti. Inter’s play, even tough, was not at the current level, it still was well balanced and planned through. I really like the idea of the Christmas Tree 4-3-2-1 formation. In winter we need to finally get the root of all our problems, Kessie, Chalha and Suso. And we need to get De Paul/James Rodriguez, Correra and Tonali. The midfield trio would be Paqueta-Tonali-De Paul, the attackers would then be Rebic-Correra with Piatek at the top.


Spalletti already rejected us. Inter is paying him 4.5 millions a year for the remainder of his contract and he prefers to just sit around doing nothing collecting those paychecks.

Unless we offer him an absurd wage like 8 or 9 million a year but that wouldn’t be a wise investment.
Marcelino might be worth a shot. There’s also Ranieri.


Keep dreaming bro. I like ur spirit


Marcelino Garcia Toral would be the ideal candidate for the job but will not mind Rudi Garcia. Giampaolo has been a disaster and it would be great if he is relieved of his duty. New coach should be given as many games as possible.


This guy is an Inter spy. He praised Suso once again even though Suso was horrible.
He needs to go away and Maldini needs to go away too because he keeps defending this idiot since he doesn’t wanna admit his mistakes.
The jury is out on Boban, all reports indicate that he’s angry about the current situation but he probably can’t do much to stop Maldini from ruining this team.

Suso, Calabria, Hakan, RR, Castillejo, Borini, Biglia etc. all need to go away. I don’t want to see them playing for Milan ever again.


Oh and this team is not really built with wingers in mind. This team was actually built for 4-3-1-2. He never tried Paqueta or Rebic in there and all of this time this fraud Giampaolo has played 4-3-3 which he falsely claims is a “4-3-1-2” when it’s obvious he’s playing 4-3-3 since Suso is always hanging out in the right and Leao or whoever is partnering Piatek is playing on the left wing. He’s obsessed with that worthless Suso. This is what we should play 4-3-1-2 Donna Conti-Musacchio/Duarte-Romagnoli-Theo Kessie/Krunic-Bennacer-Paqueta/Bonaventura Paqueta/Rebic/Bonaventura Piatek-Leao It sucks that we won’t sack Giampaolo though and… Read more »


To be honest 4321 can work. But he dont play the right players.

The best players dont play. and bennacer was the best afcon player when he was playing attacking not deffensive. Totally agree on chanalogulu, susso, also piatek is very bad.
Offers nothing in attack beside poching. The best needs to play, get this horrible coach out.


So it seems that not that giampaolo is a horrible coach(certainly not good) but that the players haven’t gotten behind him. They look like they don’t want to follow his plan or believe in what he can do and that is the reason behind why they consider sacking him. J think after 7 games is way too early to sack a coach who just took over a team but if these players for who knows why aren’t going to play their heart out for him then there’s no other choice. Even gattuso with his limited tactics got the players to… Read more »


They are reckless in their play, collecting reds every game without any remorse and from seeing them play without any effort, it is obvious the team doesn’t follow him.

Saying things like Paqueta is too Brazilian and Leao tactically undisciplined so they need more time, then he throws them in in desperate while Hakan, Suso and Piatek are his regulars, indicates he has no plan whatsoever. He specifically asked for Bennacer and then leaves him on the bench from start and rely on Biglia due to him being more tactically mature. Another proof he is clueless.

Leave at once!


we dont need this averrage coach like pioli spalletti r.garcia just we need wenger allegri etc


We should consider Toral as a coach, he is proven in Europe with team as our is, and can bring new dimension in our game, developed few youngster in Vilareal and Valencia, with this mentioned coaches we just runing in cirkles, with Spaleti we play with Borini and Biglia, Pioli never get his team into champions, and Garciaproved at Marseile that he can not be ” saviour”

Abdul Aziz

By looking at the alternatives if true then spalletti is our best option I believe boban was right to ask for his head.The new coach will have 2weeks to train with players get to know more about our situation. No more mediocre coaches I believe will get a good one even laurent blanc is better than the crab pioli or even raneiri.


Tactically speaking he isn’t as bad as the performance of the team shows, some of you guys are right, the team just hate him and are “tactically undisciplined” he had it coming though, always using the team as a scapegoat. What bothers me is the fact that our whole team doesn’t act like men, but more like spoiled kids. They should respect the hierarchy and do what they are being paid for. I just hope they learned their lesson, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Or you would end paying 3 salaries if it weren’t for Gattuso. Nice for… Read more »


les midtables logic: lets bring back the same exact coach who lost to juve AND inter home and away AND failed to qf for ucl TWICE in 2 seasons


spalletti qf for ucl with inter AND roma. i remember explaining his point per game ratio, which is higher than even the spanish pep rino the mad dog himself, back then during rino’s reign. he’s the next best thing if milan cant get highest level coach like allegri. its no brainer really. however, pocchetino is having losing streak now. i think milan mgmt need to monitor him closely and, should tottenham fire him, snap him up asap for next season. also, for gods sake, please get some world class playmaker like ozil or modric. erikssen or olmo might be hard… Read more »


Everyone knows how much I was critical about Rino but with these names coming up, I rather see him back or even keeping Giampaolo should be considered When I asked for Rino being replaced I also asked for a big coach. None of the names are consider successful coaches. There are some coaches in the market who at least showed talents. Marcelino for example. Tuchel could be saked soon. Even someone like Tassotti with 20 years of coaching experience are better options. The situation we have right now is the direct mistake of Maldini. Choosing someone with no experience in… Read more »


Cuz they’re only good with mid table teams and not a big club like Milan


What’s your definition of big club? We didn’t win anything in 10 years. It’s been years since we have been in UCL. We don’t have an owner. We have no team philosophy. We have no Fans (Milan Fans are mostly old). You are delusional


Good. I’m glad that that scrappy win is not influencing people’s judgement that we are actually getting worse with more time to Giampaolo ,sadly though. I have liked him but he seem arrogant with constantly sitting good players out. Besides he’s gotten himself onto all of this with his unnecessary experiments earlier on with the likes of Borini in midfield. Wasting all our time on stuffs that obviously wouldn’t last believing there’s enough time to do rubbish like that and that we will consider it too early to replace him at this stage. He’s kidding.


I think Marcelino Toral is a modern type who can do a job with our set of players


Why Marcelino, he is another mystery that could turn out as another Giampaolo.

His stats ain’t nothing special either – 318 LaLiga games, winning 135, drawing 86 and losing 97


Well you should also consider that he’s not been coaching Atl Madrid or something, so winning rate is not expected to be so high. Valencia have been average in recent years and he’s gotten them to the champions League with a domestic league Cup trophy and I think he’s done very well with Villareal in Europa too. But to be honest I’m cheering for him more for his idea of football and team management, knowing the results he’s archived are good for the teams he’s been coaching. I wouldn’t mind Spalletti either as maybe more ideal for the surrounding


Agreed. Valencia was in the relegation zone when Marcelino took over and he took them out of relegation to finish 4th place. He also won the Copa del Rey against Barcelona. His record with Villarreal is pretty good. However, Spalletti is the most likely candidate to take over. Rumors are that we are in advance talks with Spalletti and Inter are working out a deal to free him from his contract with them. Spalletti might not be on the level of say Allegri or Mourinho but he has a better record than Pochettino. He has always finished in the top… Read more »


Weren’t we all convinced same about Giampaolo? Advised by the great Sacchi, heir to Sarri and a rising star of Italian football? We were all sold to this idea of attractive football played with our beloved formation and young prospects. He made Quag the capocannoniere, so he’ll do magic with Piatek right? Of course we need to consider also the weak character of this team with no leader, which urgently need experienced additions in Jan


@Ted…Yes, I was convinced Giampaolo was a good fit because Sacchi recommended Allegri and Sarri to Milan and look at their results and coaching careers? So it was only logical for me to believe the same vision regarding Giampaolo based on Sacchi’s recommendation. In all fairness to Giampaolo, our management didn’t get him the players he wanted like Dennis Praet, Correa and Sensi. However, he struggled to get the best out of players like Bennancer, Leao, Paquetá, Duarte and Rebic, instead he trusted in underperforming players like Suso, Calhanoglu, Biglia and Castellijo even when it was pretty obvious that they… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Spaletti is a good option, just look at his work in Inter and Rome. He can be an upgarde. On Pioli I’m not so sure.


Wenger or spaletti no allegri please and please milan management don’t do another mistake Giampaolo is far better than allegri


“Giampaolo is far better than allegri” when people said smoking weed is great, they meant rolling marijuana joint not wild weed in ur unattended garden mate


🙂 I really like to have some of his weed


First of all, physical preparation is a disaster, with yesterdays derbi tempo our primadonas would choke after 40 minutes. I was their fitness coach, they could play two games in a row.

Martin Bernhard

Guys as ive allready stated further up Mourinho has said on numerous occations over the years that he will never join any of inters italian competitors so please forget about this idea because it wont happen. Personally not even sure i would like that to happen either. If giampaolo are to be sacked then i agree with some of the people here on the site that we need a coach with enough experience both to guide us to the promised land but also one that has the experience working with Young players. Milan has the youngest team in the top… Read more »


We’re gonna hire a coach
He’s gonna lose or draw the first game and say that he’s didn’t have much time due to the international break and fans will back him
Then a decline will occur just like giampaolo and he will Be sacked


Why not spalleti?
At least we know there is a COACH in the team
The link we’ve missing in recent years
I hope we can hire him then everyone will forget once he was internazionale fc coach
The guy has the exprience and knowledge to tale us into cl

Coach Seedorf

Just watching this whole drama, really have nothing to say cos it’s pointless. Mourinho is not an option for this team, he can’t work with kids. Spalletti’s finished 4th successively with teams agreed, but he wasn’t working with kids in those teams either, so check your stats well. If we must change coach cos we want ucl this season, wenger is the best choice but will we get him?


now now mate. if anyone should check the stats and FACHTS, its u. no, juve didnt win serie a in their first season after coming back from serie b (they were 7th before grande conte tag along). and no, spalletti aint just finishing 4th for 4 consecutive seasons, his roma was 2nd with 87 pts 4 pts below juve. and allison, rudiger, manolas, el shaarawy, paredes and salah aint old either.

Coach Seedorf

@Milan10, what do you think I wrote? Do you just want to oppose me or what? Did you see me write anywhere that Spaghetti finished 4th for 4 consecutive seasons? I said he finished 4th for successive seasons(2017/2018, 2018/2019 seasons at Inter). Now instead of hiring Spaghetti as interim manager, he was offered a 3years deal. Elliot needs to sell up quickly, they are only after 4th place and business, that’s all. With a 3years deal, Giampaolo can achieve better with this team than Spaghetti will. Whenever i think of Spaghetti, I remember Man Utd hammering As Roma 7-1 in… Read more »


You really make me laugh mate-against that man utd everyone show thry white flag-you judge him based on that result?dont forget with that rome and like taddei and some other lords he was top 4 in the league TBH the spalletti is coming and he is a huge upgrade to our former coaches-just look at how he defeated us in the past 2 years-and with Lord gatusso we were just defending against his inter I hope he comes cuz he is the best option for cl and dont forget we dont have any better coach-3year contract is ok Dont forget… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

@Dariush, Wenger is the best available option, not Spaghetti. Spaghetti lost by 7goals to something in ucl on more than one occasion. He lost terribly to thesame teams that Milan was schooling in Europe back then.
If Pep wins ucl this year, he will likely leave Man City and his next destination is Italy cos he has conquered Spain, Germany and England already. We should be looking out for Pep Guardiola long-term, not Spaghetti. I hope he proves me wrong by contending for the scudetto


regarding winter mercato, if milan really want to continue walking down the les midtables path with 4-3-3 then they seriously need to try to get pulisic from chelsea, if only for a half season loan. i’ve watched him at dortmund and he’s much better than rebic, who has horrid first touch for an attacker


I definitely agree on getting Pulisic in Jan including Everton Soares, Keita Balde and Ozil.

Coach Seedorf

4231 is Spaghetti’s favorite formation. I think we will get the best of of our squad with this formation. This is the formation I used when I coached Milan and got some clean sheets with zaccardo, Bonera and Acerbi in defence lol.


the key is simple… whoever coach milan as long he put trio clowns as starters (hakan, suso and biglia), he never win except win with penalty or red cards…

the big problem in milan not coach but we have garbage players as starters… sorry to said that but its true… they dont deserved use our jersey… as long they still in milan, we must face it,.milan will get bad result….


On other topic:
Leao is really a gem
If he played for other team he would be a starter for sure
And milan would only be drooling to sign him


It is such a sad situation again at Milan, after only 7 rounds in. Elliot is good at facing banking problems, but not running a football club. Since when they brought Gazidis in, it was a strong confirmation of their intentions. Then two unexperienced people were chosen in key positions for a club that was looking to rebuild the brand, which is not easy. Gattuso was good at motivating players, but tactically he had no plans. Just sitting low in the field, absorbing the attacks and hoping to score on counterattacks. I personally feel no regret Gattuso left. Then they… Read more »

Sui generis1

Giampaolo is good but very stubborn with decisions. This has ruined and cost him d job. I’d prefer Laurent Blanc to any options we have except if Allegri’s available. Guys, Allegri for me has better managerial skill than Mourinho!


I think Giampaolo’s problem is his influential leadership not the tactics. He doesn’t have charisma to the players. He is not a mentor of his players. He only know tactics but he can not make his players buy in his tactic and phylosophy.


First Marcelino Toral. Second Spalleti.