Giampaolo: “We cannot give up on Piątek, the team believes in my ideas, a win can wipe out all the negative pressure”

Marco Giampaolo during a press conference at Milanello. (

Marco Giampaolo believes his Milan ‘are lacking only in the last 20 meters’, says that even though Krzysztof Piątek can sit on the bench every now and then but Milan will keep insisting on him, and states Lucas Biglia’s experience could be helpful against Genoa tomorrow.

Giampaolo will hope his nightmare start to his Milan career ends tomorrow as the Rossoneri face Genoa at a familiar place for the former Sampdoria coach, Marco, Stadio Luigi Ferraris (20:45 CEST kickoff).

After 4 defeats in 6 games, Giampaolo faced the press once again on Friday to answer the questions of the journalists – some of which have linked him with an early exit.

“Reina spoke to the press this week about responsibility, soul and the need for maturity to avoid repeating a performance like the one against Fiorentina? These concepts are the soul for anyone who wants to play at high-level competition like Milan does, you need determination, hunger, a sense of sacrifice and a sense of belonging. These are words that are often used – sometimes abused – but it is important to read beyond the words. Reina has international experience, he knows what he’s talking about and he’s a leader in our dressing room. He’s listened to by his teammates, when he talks he always does so because he has a point to make.

“Genoa reminds me of very positive results? The Derbies in Genova were a different story, a different reality. In the end I won them, but I was lucky [smiles]…

The squad during training at Milanello. (

“What happened between the Torino and Fiorentina games considering we saw the best Milan of the season against Torino and the worst against Fiorentina? It’s not easy, just two days had passed between the two games. Perhaps the need to win, the tension around the game, the pressure, perhaps we hadn’t recovered enough energy following the game… there are many reasons. But it’s not easy to determine exactly what happened and we didn’t have much time to waste: we focused on reorganizing the team, getting ready for the next game and making sure we don’t suffer the same result again. I believe balance is the key to everything. We need balance in how we play.

“How has the team lived this week? Leaving the technical aspect aside, defeats always damage morale. If you think the players don’t suffer because of defeats then you’re wrong. It’s important to build up the players mentally. We need to analyze the things that went wrong, the mistakes we made. It’s important to talk to players individually and as a group and to enact the strategies that can allow us to avoid making the same mistakes again. We’ve done all of that this week. As for what we said to each other, that stays between us.

Franck Kessié and Ricardo Rodríguez during training at Milanello. (

“If I feel the pressure of this game which can cost me my job? It’s important not to think of ‘I’ but of ‘Us’, I feel the responsibility to do well: not for myself, but for the team, for Milan, for the club and for our fans. We need to do well, each individual’s own interest doesn’t matter, and all that matters is the club.

“If the team was overrated in the summer considering this week my friend and mentor Giovanni Galeone said that he doesn’t believe Milan can finish in the Top 7? Any consideration on the team at the moment can be misleading. How we picked up just 6 points in 6 games, just 2 wins in 6 games makes everyone more pessimistic, it makes everything look darker. But even here we need balance, I’m very careful in making any statements; a lot of people make their statements, they say what they think. But people who are used to being at football clubs and coaching players and are used to working with players on a regular basis, know that these things need to be taken and considered carefully. I know the team has great margin for improvement, especially in the way we do things and the mental approach we have. We have a battle to win, we need to do things in the right way which is something we’ve been working on for a few months but we still need to do more.

Pepe Reina during training at Milanello. (

“Reina talked about hunger, desire and heart in his interview, so why have these components been lacking from the team? I don’t think he said that they were lacking, he said he and the players, his teammates, need to focus on these things, especially in these moments. When you’re in difficulty, the first thing a human does is to raise their attention, every ball could be the last, and nothing is taken for granted. In every situation we need to set up perfectly.

“If I perceive to have the entire squad behind me considering Romagnoli said the team would follow Giampaolo to the end? The players must give their lives for the shirt, for the club, not for me. From the first day I arrived, I found great enthusiasm and willingness to work from all our players. I believe the team believes in my ideas and in what we’re doing, defeats can always set back the path you are on, we need to have the strength to continue on the path we started, we need to roll up our sleeves and be very careful, pay attention to even the smallest of detail.

Alessio Romagnoli during training at Milanello. (

“If I’m still confident the team will play in a natural way or if the number of individual mistakes have hindered my confidence? I can look at the stats, like the fact that we behind only Napoli in terms of possession in the league, we are also first in playing in our opponents’ half. What we are lacking is details and the clinical edge in the last 20 meters, we need to convert all the work we do into goals. But the data shows that we have the ability to play that style of football, what we are missing is the last step, the last step needed to reap the rewards of this style of play. I am confident, I’m confident in the team because I do believe it has value, but I am also aware that a single result can change everything. A win can wipe out all the negative pressure we’ve brought along, all the negative luggage. It all comes out to how the team is mentally.

“What is the reason Milan are at the current situation? Well, it’s a situation no one expected. But it’s what we’re in, we need to know how to get out of it. Clearly, we must have done something wrong. We’re still not playing like I want? We’re lacking only in the last 20 meters, because apart from that the team is doing very well. But the final third needs to be sorted out.

Krzysztof Piątek during training at Milanello. (

“If Piątek will be starting or on the bench tomorrow? We cannot give up on our most prolific striker, just because he’s in a bit of slump at the moment. If Piątek doesn’t score the goals then who will score…? Me…? He might sit out for a game like he did against Brescia, but we still need to rely on his qualities. He might miss a few games over the course of the season, but you can’t think of not using your top scorer absolutely. He needs to keep on working, dig in and accept his responsibilities. The important players must always be in the front line.

“Why have we not seen much improvement in the final third considering it’s a problem that’s been known since the friendly against Cesena? I agree and that is what we need to work on. If the team controls possession more than every other team and is able to do it high up the field, then it means you have to attack the goal better. We need to improve on the final third, we need to find new solutions. It is a logical consequence of what we wish to produce. Why are we not seeing any results…? Well, it’s something that we’re working on every day, and we all continue to do so.

Ante Rebić and Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (

“If I’m not tired of all the negative press and what has happened to the ‘maestro’ that Sarri and Sacchi talked about? After all the negative press I’ve received, which I haven’t read but I do know about because all the messages of solidarity I’ve received, I’m used to suffering… there is no point in answering these claims, all that matters is working hard. That is what I’ve always done and will continue to do. It is through our hard work that we will disprove those who doubt about us. I know the only path we can take is working as a team. We need to express ourselves in our behavior, in the way we approach games, that is when people will perceive it, when people will realize. So I will continue to do what I’ve always done, and for good or bad I’ll continue to do what’s brought me to being the Milan coach.

“If I considered a ‘ritiro’ this season? Sometimes it can be helpful while other times it’s counterproductive. I’m quite against it.

Samu Castillejo and Suso during training at Milanello. (

“How would I say to the fans after their protest in the game against Fiorentina? Their protests were right, I can’t blame them for being upset, and the team is not playing as it should. We need to accept responsibility, we need to have the mental clarity to play well. Every match requires passion, aggressiveness, but also you need to make the right choices, you need to be comfortable with the ball… Clearly, you raise the level of attention, especially following a home defeat. That is a normal consequence when you need to have the mental clarity, the right personality, the right character to play football, you can’t overcome such a slump without playing football.

“If the experience of Biglia could help tomorrow? Yes, it could.”

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Giampaolo has a system that he prefers to play but don’t have the right players to play it. Instead of playing the team to their strengths he wants to the players to adapt to his strength. He will not get the best out of this team with this approach. Here’s why: Paquetá and Calhanoglu are better suited for the trequartista role than Suso. Why not use the Brazilian as a trequartista since he is very tricky with taking on players and use Suso as a 2nd striker? No, instead Giampaolo shamed Paquetá for being too Brazilian and continues to force… Read more »


hakan has no place in this team we saw that over the last 2 seasons, and its season 3 and people still thinks he has something to offer this team.


Honestly, I don’t think he is good enough but until Milan sell him we are stuck with him.

Personally, I would like to see Suso, Biglia, Calhanonglu, Castellijo, RicRod, Borini, Musacchio and Kessie leave in January or next summer.

Nathan Graegin

Nick I agree. With all those players sold we could get 2 more good wingers and a good atm. It’s a shame we didn’t get sensi. We took to long with him. Him and baka should have been number 1 purchases this summer.


@Nathan… Totally agree. What’s crazy about the Sensi deal is that we offered Sassuolo a 2yr loan deal with an obligation to buy. Sassuolo refused that offer. They wanted a 1yr loan deal with an obligation to buy and that’s what Inter offered Sassuolo and the rest is history. Maldini screwed up the negotiations with Sassuolo. That’s why we missed out on Sensi. He also never supported Gattuso who mentioned that he wanted just 3 quality proven players to improve the squad and they refused. Maldini also selected Giampaolo who has a 39% win percentage. Milan need a shake up… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

@nick I agree. We def chose the wrong players to buy in Jan as well. Cutrone and higuain were getting the goals, however, we lacked speed. 2 wingers and getting sensi should have been the priority. Then in the summer build on that. As for past players, I’d be ok with them joining but not as the main person in their positions. Let them assist a proven experienced person for a few years and then they could take over. Their inexperience has cost us sensi, Correa, Everton, berella, baka, kean etc. we should have kept Leo, he was about to… Read more »

Benson Milan

Nathaniel, it wouldn’t matter for Giampaolo to bring Sensi. This crazy coach would’ve asked Sensi to change his way of play or he’s too Italian that he is not ready yet, or would play him out of position. That way with him, we would see that sensi can’t perform well and a lot in this blog would start saying he can’t play in a big club


Couldn’t have said it better myself!! It’s bizarre!

allu allu

Hakan is in the wrong position. If Milan were to play 4-3-3 fast soccer and quick counterattacks we could also see the other Chalanoglu but it must be remembered that Milan will be playing by controlling and dominating the game so he has no chance of finding the space, especially when playing in a league like Serie A where all teams play defensively. If he played as a defensive midfielder we would see another player. For me the best position wold be: 4-2-1-2-1 One of his strongest points are long-range shot, but how can you shoot from a distance when… Read more »

Big Dog

Giampaolo is almost fired. Here is why? “If I feel the pressure of this game which can cost me my job? It’s important not to think of ‘I’ but of ‘Us’, I feel the responsibility to do well: not for myself, but for the team, for Milan, for the club and for our fans. We need to do well, each individual’s own interest doesn’t matter, and all that matters is the club. Our journalists just confirmed the rumours that is no longer a rumour. Genoa is most likely Giampaolo’s last chance. The management do not only want to have a… Read more »


This talkative have to leave the club before too late


Milan coach is a bastard big good one nothing fool


That last line though “If the experience of Biglia could help tomorrow? Yes, it could.” LMFAO


A win can (against Genoa that is) wipe out the pressure? Really?
Another 1-0 win from penalty would be fun, won’t it?
7-8 wins in a row may ease the pressure though.


Commenting here, just to be sure, was it only me when there was an article about Giampolo bullshit at the press conference, not reading it, but going straight to the comments column …


Looool… i read probably 3-4 line and scrolled to comments everytime he gives and interview… very boring tbh and lot of nonimportant talk


True! I bet many people here do the same..


“…this week my friend and mentor Giovanni Galeone said that he doesn’t believe Milan can finish in the Top 7?”

If I remember correctly, your mentor was one of the first to point out that Suso is NOT a trequartista. But you ignore your mentor.


Biglia again? He wants to be sacked, there’s no other explanation

Big Dog

Agreed! He wants to make it quick and end the night mare. Haha No world class coach wants to coach Milan anymore because Milan are living in the past and the management are partly to blame. They want to start wining by playing fantasy football instead focusing of results from a great coach who can make that happen and do whatever it takes. Conte wanted to coach Milan so badly and do it by his own way. But no, the management opted for a risk that isn’t paying off when they could have used certainty in Conte. The best option… Read more »


According to CorSera the Sheva declined to be an interim, so did Spaletti it appears that Gattuso is really being thought as an alternative. ( I don’t believe it) reports suggests that Gattuso is willing to return if only two in the management leave.

Maldini and Gazidis?


his change is required because a rupture between the former coach and the management is what led to his dismissal in the first place, with the relationship between Gattuso and the management fracturing.”

Yo Nick Calciomercato reports that, so Gattuso wasn’t forced to leave and you’re right.


@Raven…….Those are not reliable sources but i will say this, I do believe that Gattuso had issues with Gazidis and Maldini. For one, I think the main problem was that Gazidis does NOT want to spend money and would rather get a coach that can develop young players like Arsene Wenger did at Arsenal. Unfortunately Giampaolo is not that coach and Arsenal is still having issues. Until Milan is sold to a good buyer I don’t expect much of anything to change. I never like Gazidis and until he is gone I doubt we will return to our glory days.… Read more »


And here’s me thinking things were going to get better once the ball boy left – apparently this is our worst start since 1938.


The ball boy left but his friends are still here!


Like I said, changing coach so early in the season is not wise but Giampaolo got it totally wrong here. The team of course is also badly constructed and there’s no reaction from players to his ideas. Best is to part ways here.

But who to get? Rino won’t come as he had clash of ideas with current management – he wanted experience, they wanted youth.

For the current set of player considering their age, Wenger with his 4231/433 would be perfect. But would he be willing to take over in the season?


@Ted… The only reason I believe it is better to sack Giampaolo now is because it is clearly obvious that the players are not responding well to his ideas. Once you have lost the players it is definitely over. We saw that with Mourinho at Man United. Arsene Wenger is a good option but Milan should strongly consider Marcelino Toral and my favorite Allegri. Personally, I prefer Allegri because if you give him quality players he will definitely win trophies. We saw that at Milan when he was given Ibra, Boateng, Cassano and Robinho. Also Allegri has a very good… Read more »


That is the problem “get him quality players”. They are about getting young prospects. We need at least 2-3 CL experienced players with winning mentality. Look at Godin at Inter, he’s a stellar. At least get one for defense and midfield. Still hoping for Modric and why not Mandzukic who’s out of Jube squad. These two would give us much needed experience and guidance for the younglings


Getting quality players is not as difficult as Milan management is making it seem. We just don’t have good directors who have strong negotiation skills. If we were serious about getting quality young players why on earth did they sell cutrone. Experience players like Keita Balde, Mandzukic, Pulisic, Willian, James, Bakayoko, Isco, Rakitic, Umtiti, Cavani, Modric, Icardi, etc. are players that we can get on loan or new contract since they are or will be free agents. Personally I believe we need the right balance of youth and experience players. Therefore, we must invest in young players like Chiesa, Zaniolo,… Read more »


Fuck fancy football all we want it’s to win matches…. Bring back our Mr grit (Gattuso) send Mr Romantic away .


NO! HELL NO. Gattuso is NOT the answer. We need to bring back Massimiliano Allegri. I want to win Serie A and the CL in the next 2-3 seasons. I don’t want to settle for 4th place.

I want trophies damn it. I’m sick and tired of Milan not winning anything. I want us to break Real Madrid CL record and get to 20 scudetto before Inter.

If Milan current owners and management don’t have these goals in mind then they need to sell the club to an ambitious owner and get rid of the current management.


If you buy me the players I want, I can be the coach for only one million euros, no need to pay 10 for Conte and similar. So, all this talk of coaches is just a lot of BS.


Media outlets including Di Marzio and Di Stefano report there are currently telephone calls on relation Boban/Maldini – Singers taking place. Reports suggest that the Singers along with Boban are not convinced by last night display. Decision will be made in the next days regarding Giampaolo’s future.