Giampaolo: “The team played on Sunday like they never trained together, perhaps we felt too much pressure to win, if I thought about resigning? No”

Marco Giampaolo during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

Marco Giampaolo said he was not expecting such a poor display against Fiorentina, and stated ‘I take responsibility, of course, but I go forward because I believe in my ideas’.

Four defeats in six games. That is the record of Marco Giampaolo at the start of the 2019/20 Serie A season.

Last night at Stadio San Siro, the Diavolo took on Fiorentina of Vincenzo Montella in hope to put the bad start behind them. But hopes and reality are two very different things and the Viola ran through a pitiful and shameful Milan side for 90 minutes.

After 13′ minutes, Hakan Çalhanoğlu gave away possession for no reason and the move ended with Ismaël Bennacer committing a foul in the box and giving Fiorentina a penalty which was scored by Erick Pulgar. In the 55′ minute, Mateo Musacchio was sent off after a bad foul on Franck Ribéry and 10 minutes later Gaetano Castrovilli scored Fiorentina’s second goal.

In the 70′ minute, Fiorentina got another penalty (again after a Bennacer foul in the box), but Federico Chiesa’s shot was saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma. In the 78′ minute, however, Fiorentina made it 3-0 with a wonderful Ribéry goal. Rafael Leão, who was the only positive note in a very, very gloomy evening, scored in the 80′ minute with a great effort to make it 3-1 at the end.

Milan received whistles all throughout the game and after the 3-0, the entire Curva Sud vacated their seats in protest of the ugly and bad Rossoneri they were watching.

Rafael Leão at the end of Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

“Three days ago the team in Turin had played a game full of personality and I had caught a glimpse of the things I want the team to do,” Giampaolo told Sky Italia. “On Sunday, the game was played badly, on an individual level, with no organization or sense of collective responsibility.

“Then there are strong young players who interpret things in a very individual way but that can only get you so far. The difference is the ability to be a team because otherwise it comes down to disorganization in the game. When things aren’t going well, you must have the strength to cling to your identity as a team. If we try to resolve things individually, we risk drowning in difficulties and that is what happened on Sunday.

Ismaël Bennacer and Franck Ribéry at the end of Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

“The protest of the fans? The fans are accustomed to something different, they have every right to protest. They are loyal and support Milan. We must go beyond these thigs. The management? I talked to them. I take responsibility, of course, but I go forward because I believe in my ideas.

“Individuals? It is not a question of individual players, on Sunday the team seemed to have found itself for the first time at San Siro without having done a training session together. This bothers me. You can lose but with order and doing things well. This was the thing that disappointed me about every single player.

Mateo Musacchio being shown a red card during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

“The errors committed? Up until three days ago, I liked the performance and saw good responses against Torino. Then the emotion and emotional aspects took over. On Sunday, the pressure got to them, they felt the absolute need to win and I told them to play with all the right ingredients to win, not waiting for events to happen. We had to create the events ourselves. Instead, the pressure weighed on us, we were tense, not reacting quickly enough and evidently feeling the pressure.

“What to do? I have to get the best out of every player and make this team as much of a unit as possible. If you can’t play the Milan quality and style, then I have to put on more quantity and try to make them more of a solid team and build on that. Doing things together helps you overcome difficulties. You share the load, you work together, and you don’t drown individually. That’s what I told the team at half-time.”

Krzysztof Piątek during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

Speaking in the post-match press conference, Giampaolo said: “If I thought about resigning? No. What happened? The team thought about recovering on Friday and Saturday, they played on Thursday. I said that the team played like they never trained together. There were no signs after the game played in Turin, on Saturday the team had difficulties because they knew they had to win. This was a weight on their legs and on their heads. We didn’t have the mental serenity to be able to play a game that you had to win.

“The protest of the fans? The have rightly expressed disappointment. There is little to add. The team, through the performances, must drag the fans. On Sunday we were unable to do it, and during the season we’ve done it only partially. The fans give everything for the jersey and the colors, we are the ones who have to drag them.

“A lack of character and commitment? Three days ago I had different sensations, albeit there were mistakes. On Sunday we had great difficulty doing anything well. The justification I can find is that perhaps we had too much responsibility to have to win, which weighted physically and mentally. We made a lot of technical mistakes.”

The Curva Sud after the third Fiorentina goal during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (@PietroMazzara on Twitter)

In an interview with RAI, Giampaolo said: “Three days ago the team had given signs of recovery and personality. On Sunday we made a worse performance, perhaps we felt too much pressure to win and the red card put us in trouble. Definitely a performance no one was expecting, let alone me.

“What can be salvaged? In a game where you lose at home 3-1 and finish in 10 men there’s little to salvage. Right now we’re not sure about our ability to be a team. The rumours about my future? It’s part of my job. I’m not worried about that and I’m going to continue just thinking about doing the best I can.

“A lack of personality? I think that difficulties of this kind can only be solved through collective thinking, through things done together. Otherwise, there is a risk of drowning and drowning. The road is only that of the collective, the individualisms that emerge during a game fill the eyes but do not help the collective. I have to do my best with this team because I think it has qualities, I have to bring out the best potential from them without losing the ability to be a team. Coming out of difficult situations passes through doing things together and I must be good at recruiting players who have this in mind.”

Erick Pulgar scoring a penalty during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

Giampaolo also had an interview with MilanTV: “This was a negative surprise, the ability to not find the same track as last time, the same type of performance. Perhaps we felt the responsibility too much, the need to win at any cost. Because this is what is expected. The added pressure led us to lose lucidity, we even made basic mistakes. We made mistakes that highlight a lack of serenity.

“The team was unable to express itself in a clean way, even from a technical point of view, and from a mental point of view we were confused and too individualistic. The right path, for me, is to work as a team. Do everything together. No one should think they can settle the game alone because that doesn’t work.

Suso during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on September 29, 2019. (

“There’s a lot that needs to be sorted out, but to sort it all out I need to start with a shared way of thinking. Sometimes players get caught in trying to do things by themselves but if the team doesn’t work together then the team loses structure and order.

“Structure are order are what the team needs most. We must risk as little as possible in every game, we mustn’t put ourselves in the position to concede cheap goals as we did on Sunday due to our nativity, like the penalties which were given too easily. We need to grow, San Siro is an important stage and a great responsibility. I always try to put the team in the position to play with serenity.”

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well well, i hope by now football virgins, les midtables and milanisti alike have realized that 4-3-3 is not for milan. like i said, kessie could be great box to box cm (like he was at atalanta) due to his strength, mobility and stamina but its not his fault but coaches’ (morontella, rino, giampaolo) that he cant be source of creativity a la laudrup or iniesta playing as attacking cm in 4-3-3. regarding piatek, anyone who understands football knows that, simply by watching how he hits the ball, he’s really great finisher; he has rare and fantastic shoot technique. however,… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

The same Allegri you wanted out so bad not so long ago? Why not send your Cv to Maldini and Boban so you could be hired. You seem to be a football prophet lol, as you know all the right things we should do to become winners again. Allegri was miserable in His last season in Milan and many here requested Milan appoint the cook in milanello as head coach, saying he will do better than Allegri. Have you forgotten so soon? When Juve took him, many said he will destroy Juve but what happened?


“The same Allegri you wanted out so bad not so long ago?” 1) pic or it didnt happen 2) im one of the few here who always defend allegri 3) who tf is conan? detective conan? i prefer sherlock holmes thank you very much 4) why do les midtables always pretend that ideas like “get conte” or “get allegri” are bad simply because its prophet milan10 who suggests them? i mean, i know why, but then again, why? 5) get it straight mate, allegri won milan their last scudetto and he’s the last milan coach who could outsmart another brilliant… Read more »


I always find it funny when people who have never played soccer at any level in their life comment about what the team should do.

The formation isnt the problem. The coach not allowing his creative players to be creative is the problem. (look at what he said to Paqueta)

He needs to have his ideas in the game yes but not to the point where he takes away the characteristics of the player that makes them good.


“I always find it funny when people who have never played soccer at any level in their life comment about what the team should do.” first of all, its ‘football’ mate. second of all, as a matter of fact, i play ‘soccer’ on regular basis, though not as frequent as my school/college days. lastly, like don arrigo said, “i didnt know u had to be a horse in the past to be good horse jockey.” if ur gonna respond then respond with substance, talk about football, not comment on the poster like bickering school girl. “The formation isnt the problem.… Read more »


Paquata Hakan borini ric rod are not ac milan material they are too bland


borivaldo is a runner not a footballer, ric rod and hakan are decent but slow like old people having sex, paqueta’s face might be bland but his technique is anything but




“HOW LONG DID GATUSSO HAD WITH MILAN?” er, same exact amount of time ance needed to win ucl and coppa italia? “ALLEGRI JOINED AN ALREADY-MADE FORMIDABLE SQUAD FORMED BY CONTE.” look mate, i know conte is uber cool but if taking over an already good squad is so simple then why did moyes fail at man utd? why did benitez fail at inter? “HOW COME HE COULD NOT WIN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AFTER BOASTING OF JUVE BEING EXTRAORDINARY THAN OTHER ITALIAN TEAMS?” because juve is laughing stock of ucl of course. not even capello or conte could win ucl with juve.… Read more »

Allu Allu

I agree with you and would like to add your comment that most of the teams that have won the Champions League have used either 4-4-2 or (4-3-3 when the teams have had very fast players that can do both stages, defense and attack).
The coach has yet to realize a lineup that can be adapted to the position of the players.
This coach should go.


correctamundo mate


Totally agree with Allegri and Isco going to Milan. But I think it’s hardly going to happen. First because their wages is too high for this current Milan. Look at lot of players not coningtdue to financial problems. Sexond will the good coach or good players want to join Milan, if there is other better project out there? So I will be very happy if this transfer happens, but I think it is difficult or a little bit too much to chew.


well, milan is big club and allegri is jobless so why not try to get him? 10m is cheaper than what milan offered atl madrid for correa.


Lol, Piatek has said he does better as a lone striker.


y’know what mate, i think it might do u some good if u do ur own research from time to time. who knows, u could even finish college


You’re right my bad


We have to much rotted wood in this team I dont think any coach would challnge for the the top 4 with this swuad. Its the same behavior they have had for years now. One thing gkes wrong and they crumble and they feel lkke opportunity has to be there to see not created and until they fix that results won’t change. Suso hakan mussu they need to go the problem is we dont have money to just replace these guys it’s a very bad spot we’re in. I wish it were just the coach but the reasln we don’t… Read more »


wat we lack is a coach with character not these guardiola wannabies

Coach Seedorf

Relax guys, our fans are a major problem here as we don’t understand the word year zero. Most seria A coaches prefer to work with experienced players as they offer more guarantees. Gattuso wanted some experienced additions but management decided to go for rebuilding with fresh young buys. Gattuso knew he couldn’t cope with this project cos he knew the fans won’t be patient and results will take time to come. He was already mentally shattered, adding stress to himself wasn’t worth it so he resigned. Leonardo knew there was trouble looming so he resigned. Maldini requested time to think… Read more »


Gasperini has players like Iličić and Gomez, which we do not have and would need like sahara needs water, but instead we took Conti, Kessie and Caldara, who sum together to nothing, nothing at all


what part of “worst start in 80 yrs” dont u understand mate? there’s rough start and there’s worst start in 80 yrs. big big difference. he must go asap so milan can play paqueta and start playing football again


Paquata hhhh hhhhh no thanks is better we play with Hakan no milan player weaker than paquata plz milan management send him back to Brazil for free


“The team played like they never trained together”- Where were you at that time, Mr.Giam? As a Coach, your primary responsibility is to solve all our team’s problems on the pitch, and why you talked like you are innocent? So, pls shut yr f=cking mouth up and do something right!
I am deeply upseting about our team’s situation, pls don’t make my heart broken more
Forza Milan!


If the team played like ‘they never trained together’ then your the only one to blame. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Continue Playing suso and now playing calhanoglu will be the reason you get fired. Every single player we brought in this summer has shown they deserve to start in this team, yet the old ones remain. 6 games in and suso hasn’t performed remotely decent. Why are we playing 4 3 3??? After one game we completely scrapped the idea of a 4 3 1 2. How about sit suso on that bench. Although the… Read more »


Right now we just need to roll our sleeves and look into the real issue on ground… We went for Giampaolo when clubs were viaing for Conte, Ancellotti, Sarri? Don’t quote me wrong… I for one ain’t doubting his abilities but for a club like Milan we needed an an experienced Coach. It’s pathetic when you see clubs like Udinese, Bresia, Torino and the likes having an edge over us… Just think about it. The use Milan to gain courage and momentum. The club right now is in a pathetic state. Finally if Mr. Giampaolo is still coach vs Genoa… Read more »

Kay baba

Some of Milan fans are funny thinking the issue is not about coach let us look at last season with Gattuso we we’re just 1 point away from ucl spot with alot of key players injured and no better sub for such position,now the same set of players lost against Udinese without a single attempt on goal,next game against Brescia with VAR penalty,in short last 6 game with 9 attempts on goal,it simple means the coach style is not working and u can’t be doing the same thing and expect difference to result,all he said is hard-working,wisdom is profitable to… Read more »


Al right DUMBASS:

“Then there are strong young players who interpret things in a very individual way but that can only get you so far” Like Leao who at least said F this stupid tactics I’m going in.

“On Sunday, the game was played badly, on an individual level, with no organization or sense of collective responsibility.”
Playing men out of position and shitty tactics does that, the team doesn’t think your tactics help, and you can’t bench them all. So apologize to fans and the AC Milan, start from scratch and maybe you have a chance.


I actually now totally hate this man, every word from his pitiful mouth is utter bullshit…. the same usual shit buzzwords… Teamwork, identity, personality, individualism…… on and on and on…. just drivel spewing out…
Does he think he’s coaching a squad of Borgs from star trek all connected to the collective with him as the brain…..
He’s a mid table coach and a bad one at that

Baresis Dream

I doubt that Giampaolo, or anyone significant, reads this blog. But if they did I would like to say – I am behind you; worl hard and do your thing. Forget all background noise and just try to implement your ideas the best as possible.

One suggestion – stop insisting on building play from the back regardless of the circumstances. When opponents press – start playing llong balls to Piatek witn Leao (and to lesser extent Suso) on the fast break

Ross Oneri

Still don’t understand why this dumb coach is not playing Paqueta yet will lack in creativity.