Giampaolo: “Losing a derby is a punch to the gut, the difference between Milan and Inter is experience, I chose Biglia because of his tactical maturity”

Marco Giampaolo during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (

Marco Giampaolo believes Milan did well against Inter but lost because the Nerazzurri are more experienced and because of ‘that free kick’, as he defends his choices once again.

Milan lost the Derby della Madonnina last night due to goals from Marcelo Brozović (48′) and Romelu Lukaku (77′).

The Rossoneri had a few chances but at the end of the day it was a very easy game for Nerazzurri goalkeeper Samir Handanović, who didn’t really have to do anything, while Gigio Donnarumma saved Milan on numerous occasions during the night.

The tactical plan of coach Marco Giampaolo collapsed against that of Antonio Conte. Inter were better in every aspect and in almost every minute of the goal. The Diavolo never really looked like a threat and were eventually lucky to go away from Stadio San Siro with just a 2-0 defeat.

“There are times when the result affects your analysis of the game. It is normal, losing a derby is a punch to the gut,” Giampaolo told MilanTV. “I think we started slowly, for the first 15 minutes we were studying our opponents then the team settled, and did well in my opinion that doesn’t mean we don’t have to improve but we were in the match. The guys were able to close the slight gap in experience between the sides. In games like this one, experience is important, it helps deal with the emotional side of the game. The team found the right balance but we lost it following that free-kick.

Ismaël Bennacer, Matteo Gabbia, Suso, Léo Duarte, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Alessio Romagnoli, Ante Rebić and Andrea Conti thanking the fans at the end of Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

“The thing I didn’t like was the disorganized reaction: we were too instinctive and emotional, we got carried away. We lost our structure and opened up to their counter-attack. That goes to show, that you need to know how to stay focused in the game, being tactically organized, understanding a team-mate might lose possession, and avoid being outnumbered on a counter. This is something you learn with work, time and experience.

“The difficulty against the big sides? It all comes down to attitude. On Saturday, the team took risks, playing with three close forwards, which meant they support the defense less but it was a conscious decision we took, our defensive line was always very careful and high, with the exception of when we had to play deeper, but the attitude wasn’t a passive one. Clearly, when you want to play in the other half you need to get all the details right, which allow you to stay there as long as possible. I don’t like defending on my goal-line, I prefer to do so in our opponents’ half. And the team managed to do it with courage. If you steal the ball in their half, you’re closer to scoring.

Inter players celebrating at the end of Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

“With that said, in a mostly balanced game, with just that slight difference mentioned earlier, a single incident would have made the different in either direction like our disallowed goal which bounced off Kessié; if the decision had gone differently, we would have taken the lead. This is how games go. The only thing that needs sorting is our ability to react in an orderly and clear-minded way. That is what we must take away from this match aside from the result. I need to analyze the match objectively, it’s my job.

“Few shots on target? In these first games we’ve been struggling on this aspect. The idea situation would be to win back the ball high up the pitch in order to be closer to the goal. I don’t like to play with only one striker upfront, and for this I insist on 2+1. Quality players? They didn’t do wrong… I didn’t mind Suso, Çalhanoğlu and Kessié. I took Hakan off because he was tired.”

Krzysztof Piątek during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

Speaking to Sky Italia, Giampaolo said: “We were too hesitant at the start seeing the value of Inter, then as the game progressed it became more balanced. The difference was made by the experience of the Nerazzurri players, those matches can also be determined on details. The match was balanced, it was resolved by that free-kick. I didn’t like the end of the game, the team was emotional, disordered and was carried away by the game.

“There are some differences between the two teams, but Milan were in the game throughout and only had that slight gap in terms of experience, which we had been able to bridge to a certain degree. If we are worth fourth players? I don’t know, the league is long, the team is young. If they have the ferocity and desire to improve they can get there. We need to make a leap in quality in our ability to play games with a different balance, details that must be put right with work. The defeat is always bitter, even more so in the derby. You have to lick your wounds but we’ll start over.

“We respected the characteristics of the players, also deciding to play in very specific situations and taking some risks. But some details absolutely penalized us, there are many details to put right and it is part of the work and the experience of the team. To play collective matches with a certain ferocity, you need to use another type of players.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Lautaro Martínez during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

“Players were going into areas of the pitch they were not supposed to be in, so when losing the ball, we left gaps uncovered. I hadn’t minded the performance, as playing high we needed to run some risks and that is a choice we made. Sitting back and trying to play on the counter would’ve been a waste of energy. I liked the courage to keep pushing the ball forward and that lasted up until the opening goal, when we lost our shape. That showed a lack of maturity.

“Leão? He is a good player, he is fast, agile and has skill. I thought his pace could cause problems for the Inter defense. He must learn to stay in the game throughout. Godin up against him, for example, is a difference in experience. The good thing is that Leão is not a timid player, by any means.

“Bennacer? I made another kind of choice because I needed a different tactical maturity that Biglia has.”

Lucas Biglia during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Giampaolo also held a post-match presser: “Losing the derby is always difficult to digest, just like any game is not easy. The derby is a different thing that you have to know how to manage personally, without involving someone else. Inter started off with a certain awareness, we balanced it after 15 minutes. The difference between Milan and Inter is experience. We were in the game, with the difficulties we have. Then the balance was broken on that free kick, but I didn’t like the reaction. We lost our distances, we had a more emotional reaction.

“The experience gap with Inter? We have 22-year-olds, they have 30-year-olds. The team played a better game than the others. Biglia? I say that he played a great game in terms of balance, sometimes he was wrong technically, like all the others. The position of Suso? He started in that role because I needed a player who knew how to connect, while Piątek is a deeper player. At one point I exchanged them for a matter of tactical nature.

“If I spoke to the management after the game? No, I never talk to management after matches.”

The tifo of the Milan fans before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (

In his interview with RAI, the coach said: “Inter have something more in the level of experience, but overall the team played the match on equal terms, we knew how to stay in the match and the balance was broken by that free kick. I didn’t like the last 15 minutes but overall the team did better than the other games. We had a few opportunities. The goal of Piątek that was cancelled is very doubtful, on the other side there are three defenders of great level.

“We lost the match when it was more balanced, but the guys spat blood. Then we disunited, we were vulnerable against some Inter counters and that’s the thing I liked the least, you have to always stay in the game, also with difficulties.

Marco Giampaolo during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“First Milano derby? This is a different derby, it’s a different breath because in terms of the media it’s something different. After the first 15 minutes the team had taken measurements and I was enjoying them against an opponent with extra experience, it’s too bad because the details break the bank. I never lost a derby at Sampdoria.

“How do I behave now? I don’t have much to reproach the team apart from the last 15 minutes. It’s a matter of growth, you have to eat this bitter potato and start again because football is like this. We have to start again.”

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Yes experience is the difference.
What top teams did Sensi and Barella play in the past?
How much experience does Lukaku have in Serie A?
If experience is the difference, and you chose Biglia for his ‘tactical maturity’, then are you admitting that you are clueless?
Get your act together or we will have another ‘year zero’ soon.


Thanks mate.. you said it all.


Bennacer, Paqueta, Rebic and Theo are a must start. But for some reason we field Chalha, Biglia, R.R. and finally Suso. I was really hoping for us gettin Torriera by giving Arsenal Suso and R.R. Leonardo apparently had the idea of bringing Barella with Cutrone and then with the sales of Chalha and Kessie. We got rid of Cutrone anyway for just measly 18M. imagine if actual pros were in charge. our midfield would look like Torriera-Bennacer-Barella. with Rebic and Paqueta behind Piatek.


Well said

Baresis Dream

Wake up, this is already year zero.


I agree, Ben played against some experienced players in the African Cup and his pace and strength is what was needed against Inter midfield. It bothers me that the coach is making “scared” choices and not strong ones. No matter what though, Forza Milan!


I’m still not saying Giampaolout but I hope the management is looking for an interim coach if this trend of bad performances continues. This squad last year was amongst the best in Europe in SPG and with Giampaolo the Genius we fail to make 2 per game. Attractive football over results bah, I hope Gazidis and Elliot are happy with all those season tickets.


And by the way, you took off Hakan because he was tired? Not because he was playing shit? So you would have kept him on if he was ‘not tired’?
And when is Hakan not tired?
He always looks like a tired old retired playing playing in some charity match!

You didn’t like that the team was ’emotional’ in the end?
Stop trying to shoehorn the players to be something they are not.


Don’t forget, most of their players had played the CL just couple of days prior. And yet, we were outrun. I think there is a reason why we fail to attract big name players and coaches. And I think it’s time for us to accept the fact that, Milan is no longer a big club. We should be lucky if we can qualify for EL next season with this team.


Let me remind you we had a decimated squad who played the same 11 every three days and actually where winning games. Its not the players its the coach.


I agree with 70% of what Giampaolo said in this interview, i notice the same things as well the team colapsed after the goal they panicked and started playing on instinct. However saying that you want to deffend high and be closer to opposition goal from one side and saying that you are satisfied with Suso, Biglia is controversial. Biglia is very slow so he is not gonna run up the pitch to press high he simply cant, and Suso is not going to press any were lol, he never runs after opponents to press them, he just wants to… Read more »


What’s wrong by saying, we lost, Inter played better and we need to learn from this defeat, this team will get better I apologize to fans, fans must remain calm as we have a solid management and the season is long we will bounce back.

The master tactician can’t implement his fetishistic formation, and can’t solidly implement the previous one.

Attractive football? Possession based football? All I’ve seen from him is that he blame other from his ineptitude. The only positive thing is that he will unite the squad, even if it’s against him.


He kinda said some of those things that the season is long and they can improve…but to be fair to him in order to implement his formation he didnt really got the players he wanted, Sensi and Barella went to Inter, Torreira stayed in Arsenal and Ceballos is in Arsenal as well, even Correa who was chased all summer long in the end stayed in Atletico, Vetrout who was not even his first choice for the mid went in Roma. We cant blame him for this, this is a mistake of the menagment who wanted to start from 0 again… Read more »


So, if you’re missing flour to make a cake can you do it? Three players who could play as trequartista. Hakan: when he arrived his former coach literally said IDK why he picked the 10. Paqueta: is still adapting to the league and a lot of Brazilian for players and coaches has said he is a freaking mezzala. Bonaventura: probably the one who has the best chances to be a trequartista, but still we don’t know how good is he after his serious injury. So, if we’re going to say Giampaolo didn’t got what he wanted, his 4312 he is… Read more »


Mate every coach has a prefered formation, Pep and Klopp stick to 433, Conte 352, this one likes 4312, and they are getting players who fit there formations and tactics. Its close to imposible to change a player who played in a certain position all his life to play something compleatly different, and Giampaolo has to do that whit not one but a bunch of players, the trequarista is not the only problem. Thats why i prefered a coach who uses 4-3-3 in the summer, it would have been a lot easyer to compleate this team with only a LW… Read more »


That’s the problem, Giampaolo ” has to do that” that’s insane, why 23 men need to change when 1 is the tactician? You work with what you have, 3 months ago we were looking for a coach who takes the best out of his players. Now the players are the ones to blame. This is crazy


He disrespects the technical and tactical abilities of our team he then he says ” I don’t have much to reproach the team apart from the last 15 minutes”. Cynical, hypocritical, and cowardice at full expression. Marco, you are the leader of the dressing room, you cannot blame the players for your ineptitude. Alessio, you are the captain of the team, that means something, have a word with Giampaolo, the offense is being repeated since he arrived. Boban and Maldini, Milan’s DNA is in your hands, not the coach in turn, now figure how to implement that DNA and act… Read more »


Choosing Biglia over Bennacer was tactical stupidity. Bennacer proved that he has more tactical maturity than Biglia and he showed that against Brescia.

Biglia was pure garbage against Verona and that performance alone should have been a sign NOT to play him.

We lost against inter due to a poor starting 11 and bad tactics. Inter was not that great. We were just really bad.

Players like Biglia, RicRod, Suso and Calhanoglu have been poor since the season started. They need to be benched in favor of Bennacer, Hernandez, Leao, Paquetá and Rebic.


Experience? It seems you lack more experience than the team.

Emmy Apache

I will first put the blame on Maldini for his inexperience and rushing to get a 3rd class coach for a big club like milan, 2. The management refused to buy big players with experience at least 2 who can change and help the situation when it matters most rather we were busy getting players for the future but expect decent results now. NO it can’t happen that way because they are for future so accept the result 3. Giampaolo foolishness and inexperience of managing a bigger team showed in his selection of the players. How can a good coach… Read more »


Financially speaking Milan is worst than Atalanta, we might have 200m of budget but it cannot be spent due to FFP, and that’s why Maldini didn’t got Conte as he won’t risk his reputation. You need to watch more football mate.

Yes, we could’ve gotten proven winner but Elliot-Gazidis forces Maldini to hire young prospect who can be sold for profit. As is the only way to make the club profitable enough to star bringing champions to San Siro.

Considering all this, that’s why another year zero and a new formation is a stupid decision.


Calabria Romagnoli mussa theo
Kessié Bennacer Paquetá
Rebic piatek leao

Try this formation next game
You clueless fukin wanker


I will play Paqueta behind Rebic and Leao. And play Bona in the midfield. I think Piatek should be on the bench as well. He is not bringing much to the play. Let us try something else


Conte turned Milan down and so did Allegri. As a matter of fact we had a good package for Allegri and he decided to take a sabbatical from football. We could not meet Conte’s 11m per season salary demands and we could not guarantee him the players he needed to build a team he wants. So Giampaolo was not our first choice. Also, Simone Inzaghi was approached by Maldini before contact was made with Giampaolo but like Igle Tare, Simone Inzaghi also decided to stay at Lazio. We also approached Gasperini who also decided to stay at Atalanta since they… Read more »


We approached? Like the rumours of Modric joining Milan? No big coach wants to take Milan, the only men who seems to not be affected by a curse is Donnarumma who keeps growing. We kill careers mate. The only coach I remember Maldini trying to convince was Inzaghi. Gattuso quitting? His only rsignation was his salary mate, that was a sacking in disguise, remember Maldini saying a week prior I’m his boss not his friend?. And if he gets sacked we need to pay his wage for next season as he is no Gattuso. Remember three months ago when I… Read more »


@Raven…For last time Gattuso wasn’t sack. That’s fake news. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from because gazidis made it clear he wanted to continue with Gattuso.

Gattuso made a public statement regarding the reason he resigned.

Also, several coaches were approached all of which I mentioned above. Those are FACTS not rumors or opinions. Do your research and stop making false statement to refute my comments.


Nick, following the derby Gattuso lost the team dropped points for two months, we all knew there where high chances of a sacking. You said he resigned? When the management confirmed him for the next season? That was a forced resignation.

And you must be crazy if your FACTS are based on clickbaits rumors Boban Maldini work silent you don’t have judgement or any critical opinion you just follow whatever rumor is around like I’ve pointed earlier.


Totally Nonsense. You responded with opinions and emotions NOT FACTS. Smh Here’s the quote from Gattuso:”Deciding to leave Milan’s bench is not easy. But it’s a decision I had to make.” “There was not a precise moment in which I made it, it was the sum of these 18 months as coach of a team that for me will never be like the others. Months that I lived with great passion, unforgettable months. “Mine is a painful but thoughtful choice. “Am I giving up a two-year contract? Yes, because my story with Milan can never be a question of money.”… Read more »


I don’t know if you’re naive or sticking to your argument. Yes the Fact is that the officially resigned. Just like officially Montolivo wasn’t forced out of the team. Gattuso is a legend, Maldini as his former captain let him leave with his honor.

Emmy Apache

I don’t think so man because we spent so much to bring Leao to milan. We were trying to take a risk of our fate hoping luck could do Favor by qualifying for champions league with mediocre BUT even with that we can do well if the coach is experienced enough by simple knowing the fact that Bennacer Rebic needs more playing time over tired legs Biglia
Meanwhile I have been following milan since 1982 so getting a good coach is not under FFP jurisdiction when a club has almost 7 players left already


Actually I barely make a comment here. But to me this coach isn’t different from Montella(confused asshole) Gattuso without a natural winger in a 433 was far better than this scrap… How d heck wud u change ur policy for a player like Suso? Wen u have 3 natural trequartista #bona #paqueta #hakan. But instead u keep playing dem out of position and trying to convert a winger into that position… I’m not impressed with this coach at all. If Miha had this squad he would have don much better during his time


Giampaolo is just showing his inexperience in big games and stubbornness in foolishness. You asked for young, fast and energetic players the management provided it, now you keep playing experience Biglia when Rebic ,bennacer, krunić, hernandez and paqueta are all benched. Pls try another starting XI
4321 :Donnaruma,
Conti musacchio Romagnoli Hernandez
Kessi/krunić bennacer bonaventura
Suso Rebic/leap
Or 4312 : Donnaruma
Conti musacchio Romagnoli Hernandez
Kessi/krunić bennacer bonaventura/calhno
Piatek leao


Sooo much talk about pressing high up and I’m yet to see it in 4 matches now. Have you seen how Roma are pressuring their opponents off the ball? It can make you completely dominate a side. Well at least don’t tell me that you will play attacking football when you wouldn’t and can’t!! You excited me with lies goddammit derby blunderer!


You know what kind of p!sses me off? Even though we had a very inconsistent team starting 11 last year, we just needed a few cogs in the machine and we would have been competing for 4th with the same formation. Gattuso did ok with what he had, and had halves (not full games) that we looked like serious contenders. Look, I agree that Gattuso should not have continued for this season, but we didn’t have to start at year 0. We actually had things to build upon from the previous season as opposed to the other year zeros we’ve… Read more »


For me gattuso is better than this bad results.. His having better players gattuso never had and still no good results.. Yesterday the boys play so poor I had to sleep all they were doing is pass back beglir is old we don’t need him.. Am just missing bonaventura need him back fast.. Pls if possible bring back gatuso OK by me

Martin Bernhard

We was contenders into the final minutes of last season so i actually think gattuso did very well and frankly i believe he should have continued as our coach. Milan as a Club/squad has its shortcomings but part of the “curse” is also our fan base screaming for heads to roll on a constant basis when things doesnt turn out right whether its one match gone bad or a disliked formation, substitutions or style of play. We the fans should allways try to give our club, management, coach and players the best conditions to succeed in but unfortunately we have… Read more »


Thats right, the team was taking a good shape for 4-3-3, all we needed in the summer was a lw and a mid, but since Leonardo left things changed. The new menagment wanted a year zero again, which was not needed at all, they took the team back at least one year with this.


And Calhanoglu is a joke! No bravery no passing no composure no strength whatsoever just running around clumsily confusing everyone. No wonder lads played better after he went out. Don’t wanna see that girl again ever

Nathan Graegin

This coach was a bad decision since day one! We were linked with sarri, conte, allegri and the coach from Ajax and instead we end up with a coach who got his team relegated! How do we have the best nominated afcon player and keep him on the bench for a player that has never received an award like that. We have Theo, paqueta, bona, krunic, rebic, all on the bench and play suso, hakan, biglia, Rodriguez and piatek( a one season wonder so far! Look at lukakus movement and link up play, he didn’t have to score to make… Read more »


just like i said this clown talk to much like empty drum give loud sounds…


Face to face with Conte, lovely coach of Bobandini looks like a little chicken!
Stop talking anymore, lets do something right!
Much hope they will read my comment!


1. You can change a medicore side to a winner side in less than a one year. Simple example is Liverpool that was a very average side but with even less money that we spent in last four years, they created a winning side. Just because they made a right choice. 2. Everyone said that Giampaolo is an attacking minded coach but yet we are seeingg the same line up as last year. Do you believe a true dominant coach like Pep would have played these players? 3. It’s been 3 month but we aren’t able to play a simple… Read more »


Mediocre fans = Mediocre team!


Bonaventure,Paq,Rebic,Theo,Benn,Piatek, should always start. Stupid coach get that


Shut up Giampaolo ! You have proved your stupidity already…If we don’t have better players , then we can tolerate the situation.. Benching better players at this kind of crucial match is preposterous. Maybe you have been paid to come and destroy Milan. What the hell were you thinking for fielding for fielding mediocres ?????You make changes only when you have been heavily criticised or seeing a bad result.
Shame on you !!

Abulefon femi

Mr. Giapaolo, you don’t have the clue, you must resign or be get ready to be sack, I believe this squad with gattuso will defeat this inter, if you play against small team is excuse, bigger one complains, how can a coach request for certain type of player and eventually have them within his control and still performed poorly. Mr. Man go and resign


Guys please stop making excuses for this coach. Even if we were able to buy all the players he wants, he wiould not us them. He would still be trying to prove he can make good all our junk players. Who is he trying to impress? This clown will destroy all these players we just bought and their markets values will start going down. That’s y we find it difficult to sell our players at profit….


Mr Giampaolo, at least make the team play good football. That’s all we, the fans want. Result doesn’t matter, just give us something we can hope on. A good play, an intelligent tactics, better subs, better team selection.. just something that can give us hope. We are tired of these hopeless mistakes, these are no practice games to experiment. Find your starting 11 and keep playing them together so that they can gel and produce better football.


Get your facts right Marco: Inter are not more experienced with their new formation and half a team being new. Inter played CL match in the week whereas Milan had a week of preparations only. They hit the woodwork 3 times, we could easily be demolished but were lucky. Biglia is tactically mature? He was clueless, all he did was playing the ball back. For the last 4 matches you deployed a different starting 11 with different tactics every match (Montella 2.0). Overall fact, we have one goal from open play in 4 matches! Players seem to decline under you,… Read more »

Baresis Dream

We lost because Inter are better; regardless of the player selection made by Giampaolo.

Coach Seedorf

@Baresis Dream, thank you for being objective. Milan fans on this blog talk too much. Seems like you don’t know how ffp is dealing with us. We need a clean bill of health again as a club. We are in year zero for crying out loud. Giampaolo was never my choice, but he is our coach now, deal with it. If you like hug a transformer, murmur all you want, management is solidly behind him for now. Get things straight. From pre season, I have seen that he can be a good coach, give him some time. Sarri got things… Read more »


Giampaolo has broken even what Gattuso built it !!!!! There is no zero year !!! This coach was brought to build on what Rino did already ! To have a better playing, attractive, with a lot of attacking style !!!! And Milan played nothing until now !!!!! Or better said, played like shit ! Giampaolo broke everything, the game is weaker and ugly to watch than in Rino’s time !!! We don’t finish in the first half of the table with this kind of play !!! GIAMPAOLO OUT ! Inter umiliated us !!!! Because they have a coach who chose… Read more »

soheil balini

why they are better? money? we spend 400 to 500 million in last 4 years.


And Bennacer was his request yet he benched him for Biglia because he is “tactically more mature”

Don vito

I miss Don Carlo, Pirlo, Seedorf, Gattuso, Kaka, Shevchenko and Inzaghi…this Coach is not good, you only play a highline when your defenders are fast, plus as a manager sometimes you change your formation to neutralize your opponent. Giampaolo should have tried d 3-5-2 system, Chelsea did it against Wolves and they got d result cos Inter outnumbered us in midfield tru their wingbacks and midfielders cos we were very slow and not fast at recovering.


My friend, we have Cala, RR, Conti, not Dani Alves


I am one of giampaolo supporter but now i’m starting to worry
I think the pressure gets the better of him so he just seems unable to improvise and take risks.
He played too safe with his starting eleven, with the likes of biglia and hakan.
I hope this situation will change soon


9 shots on target on 4 games, still way better than grinta. You know Giampaolo is a mastermind the next Conte, attractive football, possession based, everyone will flourish, we actually have a coach now all hail Giampaolo.

You know, everyone is playing bad under him, only Donnarumma is doing good and just because his role cannot be changed. Hakan and Biglia where so so last season, don’t use them as an excuse everyone sucks under Giampaolo.


boy i can see how happy you are to see milan lost just to say “i told ya”
even to the point you lower yourself to say that biglia is a so-so


Look, since Biglia arrived I disliked the guy, as he took Monty’s playtime, he is slow and in my opinion didn’t offered anything better than Montolivo offered and IMO he was only signed as a back up in the case of an injury. But I can’t deny Biglia was solid in some games, and his overall season was so so. I’m not an enemy of Milan or anyone on this blog, you know? Its OK having different opinions. But I see that you’re being so defensive as your predictions based on grinta being clueless are being proven as wrong. And… Read more »


Gattuso points on his 4 first game for milan is 4 points
Giampaolo points on his 4 first game for milan is 6 points
So yeah, he is on his way there
I beg you pardon you are the one who always so defensive about gattuso and grinta
It is OK to have different opinion
It is NOT OK to shove your opinion down someone else’s throat
I even said myself i am starting to worry
But i will see until november
So let’s agree to disagree


Yeah, its the same, that’s why he has 3 games to save his ass, and I’m not doing anything different that you’ve already done so I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings 🙁


Too much hate against Giampaolo. And everyone philosophing about starting 11 choices, management choices, blah blah blah. Deal with it guys, he is the coach. Why are you so happy when we lose a game or don’t play good? Just to say that you told us??? So goofy.
Go Giampaolo.


Hate ???? He is another moron !!!! He can go back to Sampdoria and Empoli !!!!


I don’t think anyone is happy, but sarcasm helps you deal with anger and sadness. Also, I haven’t read I told you so. But if the shoes fits…


Lol, those shoes look to fit everything in, so probably they’re worn out.


I can guarantee a lot of people here have never put on a pair of boots and shin pads in their life. They have no idea how hard it is to instill philosophies and ideas in a group of young people. Conte is a better coach than Giampaolo there is no refuting that. However. Giampaolo is trying to change things to better suit himself. Everyone keeps judging his player selection. No one realizes that Bennacer was playing soccer all of last year up until a month ago with the African cup. Bonaventura is coming off an injury. Suso was selfish… Read more »


Bennacer was benched for Biglia due to latter being “tactically more mature” according to our coach, not because he has tired legs. Stop making up excuses

The boy played really well against Brescia where Milan played their best (but still bad) game this season. Dunno why he was benched after


I can understand Giampaolo for a lot of things not being as he wanted them to be. The trequartista he doesn’t have, the striker that doesn’t fit to his system. I think we cannot blame him for these things. But Biglia-Bennacer is the only thing that baffles me, statistically, contextually, you name it. At least what we have seen from them, everybody would go for Bennacer. Hope he gets playing time and be the “remedy” for our regista role.


Good day fellow Milanista. The derby was painful to watch and to be honest Milan team on that night was far from convincing. We have a wonderful players in the team except for few who needs to be replaced or sold. We can’t afford to release any player on free transfer. This current team is better compare to last season. Giampaolo once stated that “HE DOES NOT LIKE TO IMPROVISE” and that was the cause of the rigid and boring Game we all saw on Saturday. I was so angry during and after the match and I saw the reaction… Read more »


This happens when you mess up your pre season. All teams are well settle they have clear identity this is their set up and we messed up everything and after Udinese match he scrapped the entire system….we should be thankful to Donna that we didn’t loose by 5 to 6 goals or he would have been sacked by now…..anywaz he is not a bad coach but I am really pissed by his choices and on top of that a poor summer transfer by maldini and Boban in-experience did cost us in this thing…..over all zero leader in the locker room… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

If Giampaolo’s preseason was messed up and he has to change formation from his favored 4312, it’s thanks to Maldini, Boban, Massara and Gazidiz. Angel Correa was a crucial part of the 4312 plan and he never came, since there was no back up plan, someone with his characteristics never came either, I believe that’s what’s affecting Piatek’s output till date. Castillejo was being tried there in the interim in pre season but Correa was the goal. Castillejo nedr worked out but Giampaolo wasn’t bothered cos he knew his dream man was for the role was yet to arrive. In… Read more »


Hey see we all are not saying he should be sacked we are discussing how things should be if he rotated his players accordingly……see athletico Madrid and Milan were never close for Correa it’s already came in news so that transfer saga dragged far too long for coach to have an idea what should be his plan regarding his formation and player set up….see I am no football expert but there is one issue which is major apart from leadership quality which the team is lacking Is integrating your new players in to the system and it’s coach job not… Read more »


It is such complicated to get this team integrated actually. The whole process since they hired Giampaolo until the transfer window was closed, was a total mess. Giampaolo came to Milan with some assurances about implementing his ideas. The system he uses needs a really good trequartista to connect between the midfield and attack (that’s why he declares he wants a trequartista offensive minded, to play vertical balls) and a striker who gets involved in build up. Well, Suso cannot play the trequartista and whatever Giampaolo says, he knows it. The management didn’t bring him the most important part of… Read more »


Yes you are right about treqs position that’s why I was itching to see James Rodríguez in Milan a perfect fit for that position but his salary put us off and secondly integrating is very much important have you seen how Sensi and Lukaku have done in inter because t conte trusted them and he is more like tactic with brain and continuously keep the communication channel open with players…..I read some where that at Samp though Giampaolo being a tactically good coach never spoke much with players as said by their veteran striker I forgot his name Quagliarella something… Read more »

The Cunt


Conti Musacchio Romagnoli Hernandez

Kessie Bennacer Krunic

Leao Piatek Rebic


If you go with 433 I would play Suso on RW. He’s been bad playing 4312 or 4321 but 433 is his perferd.

Suso-Piatek-Leao with Castillejo and Rebic as wing alternatives


I would drop Suso and Calhanoglu. They have been poor and TBH Milan should get rid of them including RicRod, Biglia, Castellijo, and Borini.

instead of Suso play Leao. We shouldn’t be keeping faith in players that are performing poorly.

Bonaventura can sub in for Rebic and Krunic for Kessie. Every player in our squad deserves a chance especially when others are not performing.

If we use 433 we should play these players:


The Cunt

I totally agree Nick. Suso, Calhanoglu, Biglia, Rodriguez, Borini and Castillejo are just dead wood to me. They need to be sold.

Also, every striker next to Suso has failed, think about it


Yep. Exactly. At this point Milan need players who are faster, stronger and good with ball at their feet.

I recently read that Milan turned down the chance to sign Tammy Abraham. Sigh

Nathan Graegin

I want to know when we will start benching players who are not performing. Piatek, suso, hakan, biglia, Rodriguez all underperform since preseason and the beginning of this season. It’s hard to sub piatek bc we let both cutrone and silva go without a direct replacement lol those are signs of complete incompetence from both the coach and management. However, that still doesn’t excuse his complete ineffective game play. I say start leao and rebic and see how they do. Might as well shake things up in attack since what we’ve been doing isn’t working. We all know the midfield… Read more »


Never, since Alegri we dont bench poor performers


Its funny, 3 months ago, Gasperinni is a great coach, he don’t have a budget and he qualifies to CL, Giampaolo is the next big thing vla bla bla.

4 games later and its management fault, its the team’s fault bla bla bla.

Isn’t the coaches task to create a team make the players grow? This team was 1 point off CL so atop the silly excuses.


Gasperini only lasted 3 months at Inter. 4 losses and 1 draw in his first 5 games then he was sacked. Now Gasperini is rated highly for his work at Atalanta but until he proves himself at a big club with big expectations we can only say that he is good with young players and teams with no pressure to achieve big things. Therefore, I’m not so sure Gasperini would have a better start than Giampaolo if he was hired because like Giampaolo, Gasperini plays a different system than 433. So it would take time for Milan to adjust to… Read more »


Agree, but last season the priority was to get rid of Gattuso, it’s easy to give an opinion with Monday’s newspaper.


Yo Smh see how its done:

According with Calciomercato reports(you give a source, not rumors) Giampaolo has only 3 games to avoid getting sacked as Boban and Maldini has lost faith in the coach taking Milan to the objectives set by Elliot and Gazidis.

This information comes from a correspondent Daniele Longo a guy close to Millanelo.


Even Juventus played well last night in 4312 which is not their formation at all and were without Ronaldo, so don’t give me that “the team needs time for the new system” and “tactical maturity” bs


After the derby the legs stop moving, tactics didn’t work. The same that happened under Allegri, Inzaghi Montella. We don’t have any of the “rotten apples” So this fragility or bad attitude is the current Milan DNA? Is the team a bunch of sissies who can’t step up to the challenge?

This smells like Lopetegui-Real Madrid fiasco. I knew Giampaolo was overestimated but the performances are really horrible, and the player’s selection doesn’t justify 9 shots on target in 4 games.

This really makes me wonder


Agree, our bunch are either mentally fragile pus*ies or really d*mb. No matter who comes to coach, no matter what kind of football he imposes their play is always the same – slow, weak, static and without any vision. Seems Mihajlovic was the only one who saw that Suso is not all that and sent him away to Genoa

A.C. Milan 1899

IMHO the players we have don’t have strong sinergy among themselves. They don’t seem to complete each other. Probably we would have to try something new, like playing Rebic, Leao, Suso as an attacking trio and Paqueta, Benacer, Kessie in the middle. Theo, Roma, Musa, Calabria in defence(433). Other: same 4 in defence, Bena, Paqueta, Kessie, Calanoglu in the middle and Leao, Piateck upfront (442). My point is that not easy to combine Biglia, Suso, Calanoglu, Kessie, Piateck together in any formation.

Big Bad Bat

How did we go from ‘okay’ to ‘shit’ with better recruitments? I can’t even control my temper anymore.


Maybe they shuld try with Marselihno Toral, he returned Valencia to Champions league with the team bad as Milan now, bring Vilareal to the final europa league(i think)


The team is not responding to Giampaolo’s tactics and I think that’s the main reason we are playing poorly (beside the results). I have lots of negative thoughts about the owner and management and yes Giampaolo showed nothing special till now but sacking a coach after 4 (or 7 games) is not right thing to do. Inter made the same mistake and lost Gasperini who is an amazing coach. I think we should give him time. He is the least responsible person in this situation.


Maybe Donna, Calabria, Musacchio , Roma, Theo. Kessie/Krunic, Bennacer, Paqueta/Hakan.
Bonaventura/ Paqueta
Rebic/Suso, Piatek/Leao
4312 that have players that can change for different characteristics. Play Suso as second striker if hes gonna play in the first place
And please calm down. The negativity is echoing and is Destructive. You get what you want you sad fools


Yes, totally agree that we should give Giampaolo time. He is responsible for the poor results but Maldini and Boban should also share the blame. Giampaolo is trusting underperforming players week after week while there are players in the team that are being given a fair chance to play. That is bad for moral and the players will soon feel like Giampaolo is playing favoritism. Also, it is stupid for any coach to try something new given that he doesn’t have enough time in the summer to implement a new formation to the team especially with key players unavailable. Giampaolo… Read more »