Biglia: “There’s a lot of disappointment and we simply have to do more than this, Leão is young and strong”

Lucas Biglia during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (

Lucas Biglia was disappointed after the game against Inter, saying ‘we need to recover immediately’.

Yet another Derby della Madonnina, and yet another defeat for Milan. This time, they barely ever came close to threatening Inter as they produced a bad performance in front of 70k fans at Stadio San Siro to lose 2-0 to Antonio Conte’s side.

Coach Marco Giampaolo relied once more on the more experienced Milan players, using Lucas Biglia in the regista role instead of Ismaël Bennacer.

“How disappointed are we? Very disappointed,” Biglia told MilanTV at the end of the match. “But as you said, the first goal was unlucky but then we lost our rhythm, we gave up too much ground to them. We need to improve, working on our possession and our pressing, we need to be more aggressive in both if we want to implement the coach’s ideas.

“We have few shots on target? If you don’t have possession, you don’t make it to the final third, you don’t give the attackers the freedom to do their thing: beating their man and playing long, it’s a problem for them too. Like I said, it all boils down to the clear ideas we need to improve on.

Lucas Biglia, Stefano Sensi and Lautaro Martínez during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“The game against Torino? We need to react, this defeat burns and we need to take this anger onto the field on Thursday. We need to recover immediately, this was the fourth match, there is still a long way to go but we must restart on Thursday.

“Leão? He is young and strong, we expected it. I’m happy for him and hope he can be consistent because he can really help out the team.”

Romelu Lukaku scoring during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking to Sky, the Argentine said: “We lost sharpness after their first goal and then got more or less everything wrong from there. The defeat burns but we must immediately think about the next game against Torino. We wanted to bring home the points, because it’s been a long time since Milan won the derby. We simply have to do more than this.

“The pre-season training had been really positive, but then the loss to Udinese in the opening round saw a few doubts set in. We ought to be more relaxed and focused. We’ve got the quality, we just need to make some adjustments to concepts like possession and pressing. Inter were good at using space, they’re a very strong team. But we have to think only of ourselves.”

Lucas Biglia, Stefano Sensi Marcelo Brozović during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on September 21, 2019. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Biglia also had an interview with RAI: “There’s a lot of disappointment, but we already have to think about Thursday, bringing this disappointment that we got to the match against Torino, where we have to start again. We stretched out, we gave up too much space and we lost our game concepts. We have to do what the coach asks of us, especially in ball possession. If we get to that, we’ll get to the best of what the coach asks of us.

“Our objectives this season? First of all, we need to put into practice what the coach asks of us, then we have clear things and we know what we want to do. We want to bring into the field what we work on during the week.”

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So you are close to retiring and still learning to improve on the clear ideas of how to play football and help attackers score?


I think Biglia is still good and should play with Bennacer and Paqueta in the middle. The idea is having good passers of the ball guys who are better composed in possession. You don’t necessarily need destroyers in a modern day attacking set up. The bigger problem thou is Giampaolos poor performances which is starting to worry me greatly but I’d keep filling Biglia .Not at expense of Bennacer but I’m sure he can still do a better job than most of the bunch


Biglia is horrible. He’s slow, injury prone, old and he only makes back passes and side passes. We need to bring back Bakayoko to play alongside Bennacer in a 4231. Biglia’s contract expires next summer and I only hope that we can get rid of him before Thursday night game or at least by January. Maldini is making some mistakes here. We should have rewarded Bakayoko with a contract for saving our season. Every great teams are able win the ball back quickly in midfield. With Bennacer and Bakayoko Milan would dominate the midfield especially if we have skillful fast… Read more »


It’s clear gamipolo doesn’t kno wats his doin u want to play possion football and u starting biglia who could only give back passes lol the 4312 dont fit the players Milan have he should move to 433


Milan can recover immediately if Biglia retire or refuse to play. That way he’s no longer an option for Giampaolo who insanely believes Biglia adds value to this team.

Biglia is one of the worst signings of the Chinese era. Biglia, Calhanoglu, Ricardo Rodríguez, Borini and Castellijo needs to be sold or released before our next game on Thursday.

These players are massive deadweight. We shouldn’t even have them on the bench period. I can’t wait for Milan to get rid of this bunch. Smh

Baresis Dream

Nick, it’s not like with Bennacer we will suddenly become scudetto contenders. We have a weak squad compared to our direct competition, no two ways about it. It’s easy to scapegoat Biglia, but he’s far from being the only problem we have


One of the shittiest gameplay I’ve seen in a couple of years! Really sad and angry at the same time. Giampaolo probably played Biglishit in order to add some experience into the squad. The idea was good but we don’t really have any good experienced players in the squad. Here’s where we should curse Madini, Boban and Gazidis. Leonardo was right and sooner or later we all would realize that. You cannot produce a top 4 deserving form for a whole year with a bunch of 23 year olds. @Kessi – He has been a hidden curse for us. He’s… Read more »