Tassotti: “The Derby dell Madonnina is the match of all matches, being a part of it is an extraordinary experience”

Mauro Tassotti at Milanello on July 15, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

Mauro Tassotti has spoken ahead of the Derby, talking about his rituals and relationship with the fans.

Milan face Inter at Stadio San Siro on Saturday evening and it will be their biggest challenge yet as so far they’ve played – and not impressed – against Udinese, Brescia and Hellas Verona.

“Being a part of the derby of Milano, from the field, is an extraordinary experience. Not just for those who had a career at Milan like I did, but even for someone who only experiences it once. I think it is the match of all matches, for those involved,” Rossoneri legend Mauro Tassotti told MilanTV.

“It has a fantastic setting, those involved are almost always of the highest level and it is normally a battle for important objectives not just for city bragging rights but for something more tangible; there have been derbies in the Champions League and ones that were decisive for Serie A.

“All in the setting created by the fans who have always been well-behaved at the derby which makes it even better. Which derby I remember the most? The derby which thrilled me the most and which has stayed with me, as it probably has with most of those my age, it wasn’t a derby that won us something, it’s the derby we won thanks to Mark Hateley’s header. Nils Liedholm was the coach, a new Milan was being forged then following some tough years. And that derby was one of the games that showed Milan was returning to its former glory.

Mauro Tassotti talking to MilanTV. (@acmilan.com)

“My relationship with the fans? I had a very long career with Milan, first as a player then as an assistant to many of our coaches. The fans have always been very close to me, even in very difficult moments in my life. I always found, on the field and from the fans, something that gave me comfort.

“If I had any superstitious rituals? Even players who aren’t superstitious, like me, have a certain routine to their lives, and when you win that routine tends to become something you repeat. If you took to the field behind Baresi, then you’d do that again or if things didn’t go well, then you’d chose someone else, or you’d sit next to someone else on the bus. You always look for a winning routine.”

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Coach Seedorf

There goes your perfect Conte’s Inter team guys, luckily drawing at home to Slavia Prague. This was their must win match on papaer. They still have Barca and Dortmund to face. If this was Giampaolo, he would have been hung by now, by our many coaches who are fans on this blog, lol. Since it happened to Inter and Conte, no one will say anything about it even though he earns 11million a season. It’s the guy who earn 2 million a season we like to bash


Thank you man. You said exactly what I was thinking. Everybody is just so negative about everything. Yes the team needs time gel. It’s been only matchday 3 and people are freaking out. This project needs time. Period. And I will give Marco and the boys till end of October to get the flow going. AND i’m positive and hopeful that Marco will get the gears running hard until otherwise!

Forza Milan. Let’s pray on winning. Inter is shit and their fans are too cocky now. Gotta show them who the king of europe are.


What is in it for you? He has 9 points out of possible 9 points in Serie A and sitting comfortably at the top of table! While your beloved clueless master tactician is still misinterpreting with the squad and bashing our best players and benching them! Get real…


Bashing our best players? Who? If you’re referring to paqueta then you must be dreaming. He’s a good developing player but hasn’t shown anything spectacular in the matches he started. And if he’s benching new players it’s maybe bcoz he sees something in the training that you and I don’t. Give the man time. Its still early. You’re just being super impatient. It’s unfair to bash him now until at least November. I’m not a fan of Gianpaolo. I just want to believe in stable project and I don’t expect everything will be hitting grounds from day 1. Takes time.


Yo! Champions league is not a child’s play. Every single team you face is a champion on there own so don’t get it twisted and not to be compare to serie a ..To cut the story short , Milan will only try and lose the derby


Yo GTFO here! In Milan we stand united regardless of what goes on. If you are sure this team will try to lose the derby, then go support inter or another team. Win or Lose, we are ACM! dont need your negativity here. And dont come back when we are back to winning ways again as well.


Can’t believe you guys are supporting a coach that couldn’t gel the team to beat 10 men Verona. We played suso ball all game, one sub made, biglia started. Giampaolo is clearly clueless. Aren’t you guys tired of finishing 5th every year?