Milano mayor Sala: “The city council is willing to sell San Siro, Milan and Inter will decide what they should do”

Giuseppe Sala giving a speech on May 24, 2019. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Giuseppe Sala is willing to sell San Siro and estimates its price at €70m but asks Milan and Inter to make a decision soon.

Milan and Inter have made it clear that they intend to build a new stadium and they have already set some guidelines.

The idea of the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri is to demolish San Siro and build a new modern arena in the same area. The City, however, appears to be against this idea and today Milano mayor Giuseppe Sala has suggested that they’re open to the path of selling the stadium.

“At this point there are two possibilities on the table: a [new] stadium in [the area of] San Siro, or a stadium in Sesto San Giovanni. I would add a third: we are willing to sell San Siro, should the possibility be considered,” Sala told journalists on Friday, as reported by

“The clubs will decide, in their legitimate interest, what they should do, but it’s also in order to offer them all the possibilities. Obviously, the Council, from San Siro, doesn’t want to make any money. We’re extremely willing to let a third party perform an assessment, telling us how much it’s worth. We have absolutely no need or interest to speculate about San Siro. An estimate on its price? I think it’s around €70m. The clubs will be able to choose legitimately: if they prefer to build a new stadium for their reasons, we’ll think about it.

Stadio San Siro before Milan-Real Betis on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“A new stadium in Sesto San Giovanni? It would obviously not be welcome for us, but here were are talking about private clubs that in their legitimate interest can do something like this. Here we must combine the interest of the public and the interest of the city, with the legitimate aspirations of private clubs to have a stadium that means more revenue for them.

“The important thing is that a decision is taken soon, because this debate is likely to drag on for a long time, but we offer maximum collaboration on every possibility.”

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the irony is that Milan have tried to buy the San siro for over a decade but the mayor/city council never wanted to let it go because it was a significant source of income. That money would otherwise go to the milan clubs if they owned the stadium.

Now, they’re threatened by both clubs because they have a solid plan to build a new stadium. The city council is worried about their future financial losses, and are finally considering selling the San Siro…

Let’s see what we decide. I have faith that Milan and Inter will choose the best option for them.

Big Dog
Big Dog

Yeah, this why I am not a big fan of Mayor Sala ever since he has been making it impossible since the Berlusconi era. He is one of the big problems with Italian dubious politicians. This seems corrupt because he only sees what is good for himself and his political cohorts and not for the good of Milano and the people. We are talking 1.2 billion of new infrastructure that would be a more-money generating machine, a point of historic and future reference, and best of all, a project to revolutionise Italian football economically because we know the importance and… Read more »