Rebić trained with the squad for the first time today, Biglia and Theo are both fit to face Hellas Verona

Ante Rebić during training at Milanello. (

Ante Rebić worked with his new friends today, while Lucas Biglia and Theo Hernández have recovered from injuries.

The international break is finally over and Marco Giamapolo and his players are back at Milanello to train ahead of Sunday’s match against Hellas on Matchday 3.

Rebić was at the training center for the first time yesterday, but he did personalized work. However, today he worked along with the rest of the squad. In any case, he’s unlikely to start against Hellas.

Theo Hernández meanwhile has been training with the squad for a very days now as he’s completely recovered from his ankle injury. As noted by, the Frenchman will be available for selection for the game, but it’s hard to imagine him starting over Ricardo Rodríguez on Sunday.

According to Sky Italia’s Manuele Baiocchini, Lucas Biglia is also fully recovered. The Argentine suffered an injury before the game against Udinese on Matchday 1, in which he was supposed to start. Lucas has been training with the squad since Tuesday and like Theo he is expected to get his first call-up of the season. Ismaël Bennacer, in any case, is expected to play as a regista again.

The squad had a double training session today but tomorrow they’ll only train once in the morning. Rebić will also be presented to the press on Friday, at 14:15 CEST at Milanello.

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…the good news is Castillejo will play again from the start.


I hope it was a sarcastic comment. My 3 year old german shepherd can knock him out while it exhales in a resting position, just a disgrace along with lord Borini to adore great Milan shirt!


It is real what he said ! Castillejo remained at Milanello and trained with the coach while the others were in national teams. Also Borini, so…bad news for us !


of course it was sarcastic 🙂



Nathan Graegin

If only the coach had the balls to play rebic or leao from the start. But then again, our most creative mid is too Brazilian ‍♂️ Imagine if Messi came, sorry Messi your too Argentinian! Lol


Looks like Giampaolo is too italian. Probably the most (conservative) italian coach we had in years.

Big Dog

Thank you. That is why this coach is likely not to last because he is way too old school and doesn’t seem to understand that just because you are in the team, you are not as strong as everyone else. Football is more competitive now than ever. It requires to play the best players. Not keep them on the bench for the mediocre ones.


Yeah…I hope he shuts my mouth but not letting your best attacking players play their style sounds like a recipe for a stagnant and predictable attack like vs Udinese. I’ll wait at least 8 games before I decide if he’s the right guy for the job or not, but not looking good so far imo. Too many odd choices in lineup.


I agree with you guys. In Giampaolo’s defense, he did not have half of fixed players from last year available when he started. He had to go with Borini and Castillejo. I hope he realizes soon that they are not Milan calibre. One can only hope…


Borini and Samu are the only attackers who trained with him during the national team’s pause. So he will play them again


The philosophy that a player on international and didn’t train with the team long enough shouldn’t play is really stupid. What about teams who had almost all their players involved in international assignment. Aren’t they going to present teams for matches this weekend in their respective leagues? Football is very competitive nowadays so u need to present your best players for every single match. Playing Castilleho and Borini will cost us points at Verona. Giampaolo is clueless; he’s not competent enough to handle Milan.


If this idiotic coach contuines with stupid ideas of not playing our best players until they are ok with his tactics we will lose points and not qualify for CL


Do you see this Milan team playing Europa next season hell no,since Galiani and belusconi steps down we have been appointing wrong people at sensitive position in Milan,must our legends be part of Milan,after Allegri we have appointed former plays at coaching and technical aspects which they failed,if we don’t have funds to buy quality players at least we go for loan and free agent players from top European clubs like PSG,REAL MADRID,CHELSEA AND BEYERN,Juventus got quality players for free why Inter bargain for quality players on lean too,it was obvious Icardi wants to stays at the city of Milan… Read more »


It’s really getting harder and harder to defend Giampaolo. I said we should give him at least half a season but with these stupid decisions he probably be out by then…

Momodou sowe

To me even gatusso is better than giampaolo because the players that giampaolo is having if gatusso was the one having this year am sure he will make it..I hate this coach because of the way he handle things

soheil balini

it’s so soon for such a statement. Rino was ok with the players he had and he didn’t get us to minimum objective. If you accept a job you should be able to do that. if rino believed that the players are not good enough for 4th place, he should have resigned. in Giampaolo’s case, it’s really soon but I’m not seeing a positive future. I hope I be wrong because another changes would mean another lost year.

Coach Seedorf

why all these whining? How many times should Giampaolo explain himself? He has a football philosophy, we like his football ideas but it takes time to assimilate. Now even if your name is Messi, you cannot just walk in and start above those who you met and who understand what he demands better than you, the best players will take their place once they know what the coach wants and are implementing it well. I like Paqueuta a lot but Giampaolo wants aesthetics as well as functional football, aesthetics alone can cost you games sometimes. Anyone remember when Sir Alex… Read more »


I agree with you, and disagree somehow. Giampaolo’s football ideas are nice. I love high pressing, dynamic counter attacks and possession in midfield. I agree with you about Paqueta and any other player. But the problem is that Giampaolo accepted the job while Maldini and Boban promised him the mercato around his ideas, which sadly wasn’t the case. Now Giampaolo looks like he is lost in some cross roads. I like the coach, that is true, but i don’t like him being too stubborn about the formation. If he didn’t get all the players he wanted, then rotate the formation,… Read more »

soheil balini

whining could be the result of shitty player he uses or shitty results he got since coming here or the fact that it’s been years since we have been in UCL or the fact that we still have no proper owner or the fact that all our directors are at their first year of the job.


Oh wow. Are we that bad? Speachless

Nathan Graegin

Not only that but when we have better players the coach will still pick the players that have NOT won us a si for game since preseason! Everyone here knows the 433 worked once gattuso decided he had no choice but to play for the win at the end of the season and we looked a lot better. Imagine if we played like that all season instead of sitting back and playing deep. Now in terms of players we all know we just needed 2 wingers bc suso and hakan aren’t wingers! We were linked with Everton, kean, neres, saint… Read more »