Inzaghi: “I will go to Milanello and give Piątek the #9 shirt personally if it’s needed to drive away the ghosts”

Filippo Inzaghi celebrating during Milan-Lyon at Stadio San Siro on April 4, 2006. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Filippo Inzaghi has joked about the #9 shirt curse, saying he’s willing to award it to Krzysztof Piątek if it’ll help.

Piątek changed his shirt number from #19 to #9 at the start of pre-season and he has so far failed to score a single goal in all competitions since then.

The Rossoneri have not had a prolific player wearing the #9 shirt since Filippo Inzaghi retired from football in 2012, and so a ‘curse’ has been associated with this jersey. Piątek addressed it himself in a recent interview with Foot Truck.

“I was joking last night Francesco Conti, Giampaolo’s assistant who is a friend: as soon as I get back to Milano I will go to Milanello and give Piątek the #9 personally, if it’s needed to drive away the ghosts,” Pippo, who played for Milan from 2001 to 2012, said in an interview with Sky Sport 24.

“I hope Piątek does well and that Milan will have a forward who scored goals. He’s a forward I like, he has spirit, and he wants to fight. I hope he gets the satisfaction he deserves with the Milan shirt.”

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Box 18 predator talking …


With due respect; There is no jinx or ghost attached to the Milan #9 shirt provided there is a playmaker who is not selfish to supply the top striker much needed goal assist. Imagine Filippo Inzaghi in this era of Milan ,I’m sure his situation wouldn’t be any different from the likes of A.Matri, Borrielo, KlasJanHuntellar etc .
Piatek will indeed score more goals this season if he isn’t pressured by the media .


So Matri could’ve been an Inzaghi, and Inzaghi wasn’t so special….

Big Dog

The number was to attached to Pippo that is why it won’t allow one else to score. I believe is Pippo does this, it should restore harmony and good fortune to Piatek. I believe Pippo will do it and the rest will be history.

Nathan Graegin

It’s bc it was meant for cutrone! Cutrone resembles pippo the most out of any forward we had since he retired. Now look at us, stuck with a person with no link up play and horrible off the ball movement when not inside the box. Piatek didn’t do anything to prove he deserves that number. He has shown so far to be a 1 season wonder and has been on a drought since like March


Don’t comment like that in this website! They don’t like goal scorers with high goal ratio! Mediocrity is in their blood

Ricardo Leite

I really wish I could vote u down 100times

Sui generis1

Inzaghi, pls be fast with it release it. Give him with ur hands!


I would have prefer icardi to joined Milan than rebic.


We don’t have a 9 problem, we have a 10 problem.

Baresis Dream

Or – we have 10 problems