Laxalt set to join Torino on loan with option to buy, the Uruguayan left-back is expected in Turin already tomorrow

Diego Laxalt at Stadio San Siro. (

Diego Laxalt will leave Milan and join Torino, who’ll have an option to make the move permanent next season.

After many twists and turns, Laxalt is now finally ready to leave the squad of Marco Giampaolo and start a new adventure.

Diego, who only joined the Rossoneri last summer from Genoa, seemed to be well on his way to Atalanta but the move broke down due to differences over the player’s salary. Torino then came knocking but there were reports today that he was going to reject their offer and Torino had abandoned the talks.

In any case, everything seems to have been resolved this evening. There was a meeting at Casa Milan between the leadership of the Rossoneri and the agent of Laxalt, Ariel Krasouski, and now Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky is reporting that the transfer of the left-back to Torino is a done deal.

Torino will pay €0.5m for the loan of Laxalt, with the buy-out option set at €11.5m. In addition, Laxalt’s salary will be paid in full by I Granata. According to reports in the last weeks, Milan needed around €12m in order to break-even in the books on the investment that is the 26-year-old. Laxalt was going to be third-choice at Milan behind Theo Hernández and Ricardo Rodríguez.

He is expected to be in Turin already tomorrow. Laxalt was used 29 times last season by coach Gennaro Gattuso. He’ll be a better fit at Torino, who use a three-man defense and a five-man midfield.

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It seems the Correa deal is off for good, meantime Atletico Madrid thru intermediaries are offering 45mil for Everton Soares, so our menagment is going to miss on him as well…I stopped counting how many targets we missed this summer, so it will be up to the coach to show his talent and make a formation from what he have it seems, the menagment failed to get the type of players he needed.

Emmy Apache

Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha, I laugh milan with our same story of buying quality players. I knew from day one that no quality and experience player will ever arrive until winter break when we would have lost many points drew with smaller club and praying that Brescia will beat inter while Roma will lose to Chievo at Rome so that milan will have the chance to be 3rd in the league table The truth is that we are no longer the powerful club in Italy,we are just relying on past glory. The truth remains the Atlanta is better than us presently… Read more »


He is a good player, but we have better options RR is amazing and I think offensively Theo adds more

Baresis Dream

Honestly Raven mate, he was never what we needed. Goodbye and good luck.


Maldini is still learning how to do his new job


I don’t think this is a smart move by Maldini.

RicRod is slower than a Clydesdale horse drunk on Guinness stout.

I don’t know how or why we are selling Laxalt who is a more attack minded LB like Hernández.

So now we 2 different type of LBs. One that can take on defenders and create chances (Hernandez) and one that can’t dribble past a teenage girl in heels (RicRod).


If we had Gasperini, Inzaghi, Mazzari, Semplici, Conte they all would have been amazed how good players we have, fit for the 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2 system. That’s it, we have Giampaolo and we lost against Udine without a shot on target !


That makes sense, but if this team did things that made sense we would have been back in the CL a long time ago. So its no surprise they are keeping RR who is slower, earns higher salary and could have given us a profit from his sale.

Baresis Dream

Nick, I really don’t see what people see in Laxalt. RicRod is much better defensively, and while I don’t really know how good T Herrnandes is at offense, he already showed me he could do more than Laxalt.

I challenge you or anyone else on this blog to give me one game where Laxalt actually excelled and made a difference.


So because ricrod is slow means he’s no good? What did laxalt show last year when he played? Cause to me he never put in a single performance. With ricrod, he’s good defensively, calm on the ball and can pass. At least with him and theo they have two different traits and offer something different in games. Whereas laxalt is similar to theo, just weaker.


Laxalt was never given the chance to prove himself. Gattuso always took a defensive minded approach even against weaker teams. Milan has always played with attack minded fullbacks. This is modern football and wingbacks are now required to be involved in the attacking play. Just like keepers are required to be good with the ball at their feet. Maldini was the best defensive LB for Milan over the last 20yrs and even he to provide support to the team in the build up. He notched a few goals and assists as well throughout his career. Serginho, Christian Pannuci, Tassoti, Cafu… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Laxalt hype can be summed up in a few words – he played in a national team with Cavani and Suarez.


There are reports Boban asked Real for Brahim Diaz. Offer is on the table they are now waiting for a response from the player.