Giampaolo tested Jack alongside Suso behind Piątek in today’s training, Kessié-Bennacer-Çalhanoğlu in midfield

Giacomo Bonaventura during training at Milanello. (

Giacomo Bonaventura was tried as one of the two trequartisti in today’s training session, but it’s still possible that Hakan Çalhanoğlu will start in this role.

Marco Giampaolo has decided to scrap the 4-3-1-2 formation and will most likely use 4-3-2-1 (or 4-3-3) when his team hosts Brescia at Stadio San Siro on Saturday evening (18:00 CEST kickoff).

As reported by Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano, in today’s training session Giampaolo tested a line-up with Suso and Jack Bonaventura behind Krzysztof Piątek.

Bonaventura hasn’t played a Serie A game since the Derby della Madonnina on October 21 2018 due to a knee injury. However, Jack has returned from the serious injury and Giampaolo is certainly thinking of using the 30-year-old from the start against the newly-promoted Brescia.

The midfield used in training consisted of Franck Kessié, Ismaël Bennacer and Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Di Stefano explains, therefore, that it is very possible that Bona was simply tried in this role today and that tomorrow – in the final training session before the game – Çalhanoğlu will be slotted in this role, with Lucas Paquetá taking the position of the Turkish in midfield.

Milan started the league with a defeat and a very bad performance and they will try to turn everything on Saturday against Le Rondinelle, who will be without the suspended Mario Balotelli.

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I would choose Jack over Hakan in midfield any day. I really hope Giampaolo integrates Jack quickly back into the lineup (if he’s fit).
He was basically our missing link during the second half of last season

syte gh

u re right


Now u talking I don’t want see paquata in our squad lazy predictable


Ricardo Rodriguez paquata Hakan suso those lazy and slow have to go


Get a life.


I have observed your posts. Putting multiple thumbs up on your post makes you feel good, mate?

I have no clue what is wrong with your mental state, but you seriously have some issues. Get well soon.


The Big Dog

Paquetá? Are you kidding me? He is evidently a hard worker. I think he should be used as a RM where he would be more comfortable with his left foot.

Can Giampaolo assume for once that The team may be better off without Suso? Because it will be.


Paqueta lazy and predictable?
Mate, if you really believe in that statement at this level, I suggest you stick to the sports you understand.


Where are u from ? What kind of football it is playing in your country ? Paqueta lazy ? Paqueta is the best AM/ CM in our squad ! He has just respected the tactics of Giampaolo. You don’t want to see Paqueta, Suso, Hakan and RR in our team ? And with what players do u want us to play and win ?


Hhhhhhhhhhhhh paquata or other player borini is far better than him hey u dreaming during the day jack is the best midfielder we got kassie benacer krunic those guys are second class


Don’t mind him is a goat why can to tell him to use borini and caslejo

The Big Dog

Yeah but I don’t think Giampaolo thinks much about Leao, Paquetá and Duarte. He complained that Milan attack against Udinese was sterile. But he hasn’t understood that only dynamic players can raise the level of the game. This Pathetic man may ruin the best of our talents.

Btw Bennacer showed great things against Udinese who became frustrated in the midfield once the Algerian came in. He completely raised the tempo of the game.

Aliyu Hamisu AC Milan

4231 is the only solution to this Milan squad.

Don vito

It is sad that Milan is still experimenting at this stage…look at Conte he came to Inter, brought in players that suit his 3-5-2 system and kicked out those that did not fit in, especially Perisic who was one of Inter’s best player. Its like our management and coach don’t know what they really want.


I think they would like to be 20 years younger and show to this fake stars of nowadays how football is played.


Yet another clueless inexperienced coach who has never achieved anything in his life is given the opportunity to lead our club to glory instead he is in full panic mode! I did not expect much from this incompetent management! There is no hope for us unless a rich guy buys our club and appoints a world class manager who will only bring world class players here.

John Bernard

Go to bed mate

Fab Milan

Confused team


You should not change your formation and philosophy because of one player, if Suso cannot play Treq then try someone else, Jack can do it if fit enough but I would rather see Paqueta or Hakan get a chance in that position. They both are better passers and have more vision than Susu. Suso maybe able to play as a second striker but I doubt it. He gets the ball his head goes down and 60% of the time misses the shot or a bad cross and the attack dies, he rarely ever finds our striker(s). Paqueta, Leao and Piatek… Read more »


4321 is milan solution….with this formation,piatek will be available at pinalty box,and suso has freedom to move to right flank anytime,because only fullback cover the flank,and we have the second trequartrista to cover the middle (hopefully its bona or paqu,not hakan or castilejo)..its win win solution for milan right now


Suso here, Suso there. Is he a constant in y=MX+c. Play paqueta and calhanoglu behind piatek for once and leave that one dimensional suso on the bench. Milan i think is quite confused.