Di Marzio: “The Milan offer to Atlético for Correa is a two-year loan for €10m with option to buy for €25m”

Ángel Correa during Atlético Madrid-Real Betis at Wanda Metropolitano on April 22, 2018. (OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP/Getty Images)

Ángel Correa to Milan is getting increasingly less likely by the day, and Gianluca Di Marzio revealed the details of the Rossoneri offers.

Milan have been chasing Correa for practically the entire summer, but with just four days to go until the end of the mercato, it doesn’t seem likely that Ángel will be wearing the shirt of the Rossoneri.

The interest remains alive but there have been no real developments in the deal for weeks. Last night on Sky Italia’s Calciomercato l’Originale, Gianluca Di Marzio spoke of the offer of the Diavolo:

“The offer of Milan for Atlético Madrid for Correa is a two-year loan worth €10 million with the option to buy set at €25 million, which would become an obligation if he reaches 45 appearances with at least 45 minutes in each game in each of the two loan years,” Di Marzio stated. “Atlético continues to say ‘no’ to this offer. We will see if Milan will raise in the next few hours.”

AS reports that unless something radial happens, then Correa will stay at Atlético. Milan’s pursue is destined to end in a failure, and at least for now it doesn’t seem like they had real alternatives.

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Why are we still going for him if we’re planning on moving away from the 4312? Yes he can play wing but nowhere near as well. Go for a top winger ffs. I love Maldini and Boban, but unless something drastic happens soon this summer has been a complete failure. With 4 days left, I hope they have a plan in case Correa doesn’t arrive and didn’t just put all their hopes in signing him. Earlier in the summer we were trying to sign Veretout along with Bennacer, now that he’s gone to Roma we’ve not tried for anyone else.… Read more »


If the deal is really off (which I am not dissapointed at all since I don’t rate Correa highly) then any further alternative purchase will be a panic purchase. There are 4 days left and they don’t even know what formation they’ll use.

Management are acting so calm like they really have an ace in their sleeve but they are just acting cocky while failing on mercato. I’m not talking only about reinforcements but also sales. They failed miserably there

Big Dog

I don’t think Milan failed in their negotiations in sales or buying. In fact they have triumphed. Milan used to but bad players for way too much. Now they keep to their integrity not only in selling for reasonable amount but they also like to buy for reasonable prises too. I would be happy if Correa doesn’t arrive because he is overrated and would be a liability and well as a waste of money. Milan could better use that sum for someone better. The clueless Giampaolo is the one who wanted Correa in the first place and I don’t think… Read more »


Guess what mate, they don’t have a clue about which system of play to use and Silva is only wanted on loan while they also struggle to offload Laxalt who will also leave for a loan only.

They’ve kept Suso as “the center of our project” but cannot maintain form and is not suited to playing trequartista. Now what? What to do with him? Now they panic and cannot decide weather to change the system to player’s natural abillities or stick to the plan.

In any case or any formation, they don’t have the players!

Big Dog

Right, this is where it boils down if Giampaolo is good enough to get the best out of the players at his disposal. Sadly, the odds are not in his favor.


i am slightly worry that milan would attempt a desperate last minute signing like before
the last player i can remember who came good as last minute transfer was bonaventura


There are reports that everything is freezing regarding Correa and there is no intention to buy Everton ! But Milan desperately needs some reinforcement in attack, because we saw what they did against udine. Maldini must do something ! I am afraid not to lose Silva and remain without replacement !


For all I care this management is so stupid. You pursue a player for over 2 months then at the end refuse to meet the demand of the other team and just back down. Why wait so long and waste your time and everyon else’s??! They better make sure they pull this deal off or work magic for some other a list player, for everyone’s sake, or else we are done this season.

Milan 905

You actually think the season hinges on one player? Get a grip

Hindo Rogers

is this why they allow Leonardo to leave Milan for maldini and Boban to destroy Milan why are they wasting their energy on player that they do not have money for besides correa is not an exceptional player why not go for everton when he is desperate to come to Milan the mercato is already over.

Kk Miko

The owners are so poor and greedy, worst than Silvio Berlusconi. And incompetent management. All of them are just a disgrace to the brand AC Milan, no wonder Leonardo left. They should sell it already to an Arabian


You do realise we are still constrained by the limitations of FFP? Elliot is an ultra-wealthy corporation. But we give our players away for peanuts and we’re only recovering our revenue streams, having already lost Adidas and other marquee brands for sponsorship. Okay, we’re not bending the rules like PSG or Man City, but we’ve been under the microscope already regarding Berlusconi’s dodgy dealings and Yonghong Li’s debt-default , so we need to keep our bib clean for now, so to speak, and not splurge too much money until we get back into the Champions League…


Use 433 – no proper wingers
Use 4312 – no proper second striker

Regardless of the formation, they don’t have the right players at all!

4 days left my friends


Leao playedas left winger also, he is fast and can improve dribling and pass


I was optimistic about this season initially but now but with the happenings in the last few days, our season is as hopeless as you can conceive. It will be a miracle even if we make the top 10


I really have a bad hunch that they would end up buying no one and in the end just said things like “we believe in this squad”, “we must always work hard to achieve our target”, etc..
Let’s hope that’s not the case..

Natti Camilleri

Look at Depay, Everton and even Martial or possibly Rashford, this is a blessing in disguise

A.C. Milan 1899

Unfortunately my friends, the truth is that we are done this season again. Our coach doesn’t seem to build a team with the players he has, and the management don’t know how to buy the players they think they need. Let’s go for Europa League at most once more.


use 433 with Leao on LW.


@Agustinar….I agree. I would also prefer Leao as LW instead of Calhanoglu. He is faster, more skillful in taking on players and that can open up space for Piatek.

But it appears that Giampaolo will use Calhanoglu instead. Not sure why because I would never even play Calhanoglu ahead of Bonaventura who scores more goals than him.

I just don’t get it with our coaches decision. From Gattuso defensive mindset when he has a lot of attacking players to Giampaolo lack of awareness with his players potential. It just feels like season after season it’s the same bullshit with Milan.

Milan 905

It’s been one match. Give it some time man.


This is not a good look for Maldini and Boban. Why chase Correa for 2 months when we could have already signed Everton Soares? Why are we changing formation from 4312 back to 433 after 1 poor game? Don’t they know it would take time for the players to adapt to a new formation? it would have made more sense to build on last season by sticking with 433 and get Everton Soares since our left side was the weak link. Smh Why sell Laxalt and not RicRod who is very slow and doesn’t offer anything in attack? It would… Read more »


@nick Éverton is way expensive though he wants to join but his club needs 35m to 40m for his 50% rest is owned by some fund, agent and god knows who..we can’t afford Correa do you really think we will be splashing own plus 50 to 60m on Everton…..bakayoko would have been a preferred option we would have extended a loan option since Chelsea are banned for transfer so wouldn’t have cared and about biglia we would have given him for free but that loss on balance sheet would have ripped us apart and ffp $hit remember….but yeah I will… Read more »


@Meer-1 …I also read that about Everton Soares. Not sure if there’s a formula that we could use to prize him away from Gremio but we are running out of time. Depay is still an option though. We’ll see. I’m really feeling disappointed. We went from hiring past players as coaches to hiring past players as GMs. Guess what they all have in common? They are all rookies and that’s why we are having the same problems. What we really needed was a strong experience GM that has a record of building winning teams. I was really hoping Milan was… Read more »


True agree on every word you said


before the end of mercato, i would love to see us make cheeky offer for Emre Can, he would be wise signing. Having him and Bennacir as anchor in our midfield will add alot more stability to team. Up front, most will disagree, but at this point it is better to keep Silva than spend 30-40m on a new CF. He has the potential to turn it around, at 24 he has over 30 caps for Portugal so he can’t be a flop, he just hasn’t hit the ground running. He is skillfull enough to play behind Piatek or be… Read more »


I think that is exactly the reason Giampaolo won’t play Leao on LW if they choose 433 and instead opts for Hakan.

They sold Cutrone and are desperate to offload Silva. Who will cover for Piatek? Leao, a 35 million worth mystery presented as one of the brightest talents out there now on the verge of becoming a benchwarmer for “the new Klaas Jan Huntelaar”


Leao is good signing but he wasnt necessary, there was no reason to sacrifice Cutrone, nor was it justified to sell Djalo to Lille as part of the deal for 5m. His now starting defender for them and will be playing in champions league without ever being given a chance. I don’t think we even included sell-on clause or buy-back option which is crazy! I think Silva will remain, his actually solid player if given proper service, he showed that at seville before he got injured. After his injury he couldn’t regain his spot to Ben Yadder. we are not… Read more »


the problem begin when everbody get hypnotized in friendly games… after that i saw milan board feel they ready for serie A… correa transfer began slow down… everbody happy about suso etc…

when games vs udinese get over, everbody wake up and realized how real milan condition…

and now thats heavy job for coach and board to face serie A with these squad…

my suggestion for giampolo bring new players become starters… dont change formation that you dont know… choose player that suit his formation…


Lol. The comments here are getting more hysterical than ever. And interestingly, most of you were asking for it. Doesn’t matter what a tactical genius Giampaolo is, still my opinion is we needed Gattuso to stay to provide continuity and instill the Milan DNA. The lions. And you people mocked about Milan DNA. Like every time you do year zero and everything will get better. And now, fine, Gattuso is gone and you have the tactical genius to play attacking style Milan, and sold the ‘overrated, not up to the standard’ Cutrone for the ‘Mbappe’ Leao who is younger and… Read more »


Giampaolo is a tactical morongenius after what I’ve seen against Udine and after I found out that we lost almost 2 months of preseason without a purpose !!!! Amateurism !


@Ink…Totally disagree with your comment about Gattuso staying. First of all Gattuso resigned. He was never fired by Gazidis. According to Gattuso he didn’t believe he could take this team further and honestly I agree. Tactically he was lacking and he had no plan B. Under Gattuso Milan sat deep and allowed teams to attack them. We never press the ball and we had no gameplan to create goals. Even smaller teams put us under pressure. Bakayoko and Piatek saved our season. we were fortunate Biglia injury made us get Bakayoko who was brilliant. We were also lucky to get… Read more »


Management expected potential problems with 4312 , that is why they kept Suso as our n.10 , and wanted Correa as a SS , so if things go wrong Suso goes back to RW and Correa LW ! If we got James for example and then switched to 433 he wouldn’t find a place ! They were looking for players that suits all of 4312 , 4321 , 433. Also this explains Leao , same as Correa he can play both LW or a striker so he can rotate with both Correa or Piatek. Now that Correa’s deal is off… Read more »


Lol atletico wouldn’t accept a bid of 40m plus bonuses and with four days left we thought to go it with a lower and unreasonable offer? Who to go after now? Won’t be getting a fantastic player with such little days left. Hope I’m wrong and they surprise us but this is very troubling for us if we don’t get a attacking player

Coach Seedorf

Lol… Milan fans are neither here nor there, it only the first match day of the season and we lost and so what????? I’d rather lose now and get it right later. Milan management are no fools, neither is Giampaolo a fool. Our performance against Udinese wasn’t all down to formation. These are my thoughts 1. Contrary to what many have said here,the management made smart moves, buying players that can fit into different strategies so as to accommodate tactical flexibility. Meaning we can play any formation i.e 433, 4312, 4231, 4321 etc 2. If we are changing back to… Read more »


@coach seedorf, well articulated!

Coach Seedorf

Thanks @ O’Gabb’s


were are the fact of all you milanistas calm down I strongly believe they is positive vibes cooking somewhere it will storm like a surprise to you all never give up and don’t give up or condemned the team irrespective of anything that comes out.


Apparently, Atletico is about to take Everton Soares for 45 million. Not sure if this tactic is to make Milan put out more money for Correa b/c Everton would cost more with bonuses. Anyways, 4 more days, we’ll just have to wait! Mr. X is coming…let’s hope it’s not in the form of Mariano. sigh.