Report: Milan have re-established contacts with Grêmio for Éverton, but Correa remains the number one target

Éverton celebrating during Grêmio-Fluminense at Arena do Gremio on May 5, 2019. (Photo by Lucas Uebel/Getty Images)

Everton Soares is once again mentioned as a target of Milan, but the desire remains to sign Ángel Correa.

The transfer market ends in less than a week and Milan are still missing a reinforcement in attack, as the two-month pursue of Atlético Madrid’s Ángel Correa has not yielded the desired result yet.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio on Calciomercato l’Originale on Tuesday, Correa continues to be the number one target of the club. Ángel only wants the Rossoneri but the gap between the offer of Milan and the request of Atlético remains as always and there has not been any breakthrough in the form of the Spanish club lowering their demands, or the Diavolo increasing their offer.

Di Marzio claims, however, that Milan are evaluating alternatives to Correa and the name of Éverton has returned to fashion. The Brazilian winger was a primary target of Milan when Leonardo was still at the club but since he left there had been no developments on that front.

However, the Italian journalist suggests that Milan have re-established contacts with Grêmio to discuss the 23-year-old, who won the Copa América with Brazil at the start of the summer. In any case, there are major problems in making a deal for Éverton as he is not owned 100% by Grêmio, but instead his ownership is split between Grêmio, Fortaleza Esporte Clube and the agents Celso Rigo and Gilmar Veloz. With so many parties involved, it’s hard to imagine Milan striking a deal in time.

The Rossoneri would also need to make a sale in order to invest in Correa or Éverton, who is worth €40m according to Di Marzio. The mercato soon ends and the attacker is still missing.

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Maldini is still learning how to do his job


I have no clue why they continue to waste time on Correa move on already and get Everton or De Paul


Because they dont have money to buy..

The Big Dog

No, because Milan seem to be cursed that’s why. Nothing ever works out for them. Their good works is either marred by Injury or bad acquisitions or they keep choosing to make wrong decisions. Who in the world would choose Correa who is likely to be a waste of Money over assurance of quality in Olmo or Soares. Both players have development potential for high value just like any other world class players. But you can’t really say that about Correa, Can you? He has experience and a lot of determination and big lungs but he is neither strong, fast… Read more »


Reports say that Everton will cost around 40 Million Euro including bonuses…


I watched this guy Everton in the copa america, now he is the real deal. much better than Correa imo. Everton would be magic @ milan


We’re absolutely loaded money-wise. It’s the goddamn-awful sales strategy that limits our ability to make moves in the transfer market

The Big Dog

I don’t think they really want Éverton. It’s just Managements ploy to have Atlético think otherwise to make them sell. But I hope that don’t sell so that Milan could possibly sign Soares or Olmo or someone just as good.


Everton Soares is a player Milan need. I watched him in the Copa America and he made a big difference to a Brazil team that was lacking in the final third.

He will add the quality Milan are lacking upfront. However, Giampaolo must setup the team to play 4231.

Kessie and Bennacer as the 2 DMs

Paquetà behind Piatek with Suso RW and Everton Soares LW.
———Suso———Paquetà—-Everton Soares——-


bettwr suso replacement with krunic… we waste time with him… give a change new player… sorry to said that look at inter, atalanta and lazio even udinese… they play as a team not one man suso… why giampolo and the last 3 coach never seen like this…


All the teams mentioned play in 3-5-2

The Big Dog

Yeah but Where is Leao in the picture? He should be where Suso is lame because he has made himself lame with laziness upon all the quality he has.

Btw, Leao is the fastest player Milan has Since Kaka. If he fulfills his potential Milan rise but I’m afraid that with this Suso Madness he might not be given enough game to fly. Hmmm Suso is a curse.


My ideal line up and formation. Until caldara is fit enough.


I would stick to a 3 man midfield. They don’t have Kessie’s replacement, a holding midfielder that can step in when Kessie is absent.

The Big Dog

But Giampaolo have reportedly chosen 4321. Somebody tell me what kind of formation is that? The formation seems just as odd as Giampaolo.


4321 worst ever formation no wingers play with 9 and 2 false 9 Hakan and paquata that is joke


Ancelotti won the CL with Milan using that formation. Its the famous christmas tree formation.


Spot on, Nick.


Nice one guy


40m on a player unproven in Europe, wow. Other than Bennacer, this has been an incredibly disappointing window.


I agree with nick 100%. That formation will work magic with just only 1 signing . Everton soares is just what we need. All these waste of time on Correa should stop. The management should sign Everton and focus on financial aspect instead.


Exactly. Brazil use this formation to win the Copa America without Neymar. Our wingbacks love to attack just like the wingbacks for Brazil. I hope Milan use 4231.

A.C. Milan 1899

I don’t think we’ll really sign him. Maybe it is just to put some pressure on AM. Anyway, we seem to be a little lost right now. I am not getting what is going on. Perhaps we couldn’t sell the players we needed because they were devalued.


We are wasting too much time on this. Let’s move on. We may need another right back with the rubbish that Calabria played last week.


Agree 100%


Calabria was pathetic against Udine ! He must warm the bench next game !

Concerned Milan fan

Am beginning to think galiani and Bellusconi are better than this Maldini and boban from Maldini and Leonardo purshese Of Piatek who shine for few months for €35m lol their transfer policy is full trash except Bennacer alone,we need a striker and 2 midfielders and a quality defender to replace Musacchio he his a joker, with


Always a new sh☆t


One major problem Milan has had to deal with for the past 6 to 7 years is getting rid of unwanted players.
I don’t want to blame Maldini and Boban too much for this mecarto cos unwanted players never want to leave. Being in Milan to them is a stage they may never have dreamt of.
I like Everton alot, good player with speed and is a goal threat. Will be glad if we get him


that’s why i say Milan must make garage sale… sale borini, suso, hakan, etc…. and next mercato bring the right players not the other clowns come to milan again…


Said it before and i’ll say it again : Everton Soares card : 50% Greimio (40M u’r talking about) 30% Agents 10% Sponsors 10% Old club This is not my saying , all newspapers said this long ago , but i’m still downvoted everytime i post this case some people love day dreaming. This news are just to put pressure on AtM. Otherwise , if we could really get Everton for 40M , i hope that happens asap. Some VERY SUSPECIOUS UNRELIABLE source claimed that we have afreed a 22M + 6M bonuses for Rakitić , who’ll sign a 5M… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Yeah you are absolutyely correct Assim and as much as i would like to see everton in milan it simply seems out of reach unless we was able to orchestrate a deal where we paid over several seasons while propably also getting somekind of a discount.


I’d take Everton all day, every day over Correa. IMO he’s a much more accomplished talent.


This is one of my best news this year. I will not forgive this management if they don’t get Everton. Please management am on my knees , give us Everton ! I always fantasise on this guy as a Milan player . He is fast, can dribble and crest chances, combination with parqueta will be awesome. He is the man !!!!!!!!!


This are mere speculations in my opinion, either Di Marzio is lost or they are trying to pressure Atletico.

Anyway I would be over the moon too if they sign Everton but I am a bit sceptical about this report.

Also, Dinamo qualified for CL. Now watch Dani Olmo becoming one of the most sought after youngsters in Europe.

Aliyu Hamisu AC Milan

We should have spent our €90 budget on two of Everton, Neres, and James Rodriguez . Theo was a good signing. But a left winger and a creative AM are more important than all our five new players.

Nathan Graegin

Maaaan I’ve been saying this since Jan. We should have got Everton and either neres or saint max. I would take Isco over James though as a atm. Other than that we would have been good. Speed on attack, James/Isco as a great atm. It’s too damn late now. Instead we change formations and bought players just to go back to a 433

Aliyu Hamisu AC Milan

Firing of Leonardo make no-sense.


Leonardo should never ever again be allowed to work for AcM


Leonardo should go to hell and burn for ever he is the reason we are in trouble

Baresis Dream

Yes, yes, and yes to Everton.


Leonardo already had Everton and Dani Olmo lined up with Bakayoko being bought out. With those 3 signings and Cutrone staying our team would be complete already, they would just have to work on selling of the deadwood.

Nathan Graegin

Exactly. It was a big mistake letting Leo go. He was putting us first in line for all the good Brazilian talent. Idc how ppl feel about him. He got us Silva, I believe Pato and was on the verge of getting us Everton, neres and olmo.


Leo quit, he was not fired. His track record even though short, but suspect at best. But gazidis hired inexperienced maldini and boban. Will see how it works out. I would of hired somebody more experienced, with good track record.


About time they re look at Everton from Gremio
Then ACM will be great and may make Champions League


Be done with Suso already. Sell him to any club that comes calling first