Mendes continues to work to find a new club for André Silva, there’s been talk of Sporting but there’s no offer yet

André Silva during training at Milanello. (

André Silva remains on the list of players who could leave as Jorge Mendes keeps trying to find a new club for him.

September 2 is approaching soon and while Milan continue to dream about Angel Correa, it’s clear that first they need to make a sale and the most likely candidate to leave remains André Silva.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio during Sky Italia’s Calciomercato – L’originale on Friday night, super-agent Jorge Mendes is still at work to find a new club for Silva.

Di Marzio reports that there has been talk in recent days about interest from Sporting Clube de Portugal but there has been no offer yet. Saturday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Sporting would only like to take Silva on loan and Milan have no interest in such operation.

Silva was already on the verge of joining Monaco but everything eventually broke down. Milan signed Silva from Porto for €38m in 2017. There are rumours he’ll not be called-up for the Udinese game.

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So Silva as a talented striker is forced out. why? did we ever played him regularly? nope. we always price our assets so low that we need to find a buyer for them. If we wanted to sign a player Like Silva, Cutrone, Kessie, Donna &… how much we should pay? other teams rejects and subs are priced 55M but we price our young talents so low that everyone thinks something is wrong with them.


Every moron would score 15-20 goals per season if the midfield was covered. But no, since Ibra we just buy strikers of suspicious reputation and hope for miracle. And this goes on for six years now.

Momodou sowe

Milan should give Silva the chance to prove him self


Juve just priced Rodrigo Bentancur 60M.


I read somewhere else that his agent is furious with him since Silva is being difficult and turns down offers. I am not sure what he wants anymore. He obviously has no place in Giampaolo’s squad. Why resist a move? He should be very happy to go back to Portugal since it is very easy to score there.


Silva is a good striker. He wasnt played regularly nor was there enough confidence placed in him… If we let him leave he will become another aubameyang situation.