Boniek: “Piątek seems to be struggling? Friendlies don’t count, he has great mental balance, I see Suso as a SS”

Zbigniew Boniek during Spain U21-Portugal U21 at Stadion GOSiR Gdyniaon June 20, 2017. (MACIEJ GILLERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Zbigniew Boniek has spoken about the situation of Krzysztof Piątek, saying he’s not worried by his lack of goals.

The Serie A season starts this weekend and Milan are still looking for a second striker to play alongside Krzysztof Piątek.

The Polish striker will undoubtedly lead the line of Marco Giampaolo this year but he found things difficult in pre-season, failing to score despite playing the vast majority of the friendlies.

“Why I am not worried about Piątek’s lack of goals in pre-season? First of all because Milan have changed a coach and Kris, like the rest of the team, will need time to assimilate the mechanisms of the new system,” Zbigniew Boniek, the head of the Polish Football Association, and a former Juventus and Roma player, told Wednesday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Krzysztof Piątek and Hakan Çalhanoğlu during training at Milanello. (

“Piątek seems to be struggling more than the others? But friendlies don’t count, they are played at a different pace and with a totally different approach than real games. It’s like when you shoot a penalty: in training you see a small goalkeeper in front of you and during the real match it works in reverse. And that’s where Piątek becomes lethal.

“If he’ll be lethal in Giampaolo’s 4-3-1-2? Milan have taken an exceptional coach, tactically one of the best in Italy, if not the best. He’s prepared, he takes care of the details and he’s always done a great job with defenders and forwards: with him you can also grow individually.

Zbigniew Boniek during a press conference at the Stadium Sputnik-sport on June 20, 2018. (NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

“If Piątek has the abilities needed for Giampaolo’s system as his striker must not only be a finisher but also participate in the play and open spaces? Sure. Kris knows how to play football. He’s shown it in the national team with Lewandowski: cuts, exchanges and assists, he’s shown everything. After all, he was also a complete striker at Genoa: he dribbled, came to get the ball out of the area and spread.

“These characteristics were not very much on display at Milan between January and May? Exactly: that was a Milan who didn’t play for the attackers, the strikers were served only deep or to defend the long balls. Piątek often played with his back to the goal yet he scored 11 goals. I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen again [Piątek showing his vast qualities] with a coach who prefers offensive play.

Krzysztof Piątek before Feronikeli-Milan at Fadil Vokrri Stadium on August 10, 2019. (

“If it’s more difficult to confirm yourself at certain levels than to get there? We must have a clear picture: in the first year in Italy, Piątek did too well, replicating that season is not easy. If he scored another 30 goals we’d be in front of the new Ronaldo, wouldn’t we?

“Tips for Milan who are looking for Piątek’s best partner? Giampaolo is trying Suso as an attacking midfielder but I see him as a second striker. It seems to be that he’s more inclined to cuts and inserting the box. And he’s looking very hard for a shot.

Krzysztof Piątek during training at Milanello. (

“What will be the biggest difficulty that Piątek will face in his second season in Serie A? Sooner or later, criticism will fall on him. In fact, some has already started. We’ll have to see how he reacts. He seems impermeable in this regard? Yes, and this is his strength. He’s a guy with great mental balance. Like the great players, he can always remain calm without losing conviction in his abilities, which are excellent: he has a good technique and he can score in any way.

“I just give him one piece of advice: think about playing well without getting obsessed with goals. There’s no problem at all, he’s always scored them and he’s going to score a lot this season too.”

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Regarding PSG forcing Donnarumma transfer, if I had anything to say to Boban and Paolo, do not make any deals within any club that has connection with Leonardo. Personally, I would ban him to ever set foot to either Casa Milan or San Siro.

Momodou sowe

I don’t see any reason why Milan will sell gigio


On the other hand, I am watching Dinamo-Rosenborg, and I see a million reasons to buy Dani Olmo ASAP

Baresis Dream

So someone else doesn’t think Suso is a number 10?


TONITE ON LIKE MILAN10 SAID “Milan10 Regarding messuso, ive said it years ago that he could be milan’s very own del piero, messi, cr7, raul or henry; an inverted winger turned ss/am. Sure there are les midtables who couldnt grasp the idea but then again, one of them said that henry mightve drifted out wide twice in his career so yeah -1 Reply 3 months ago” Q: How do u know boniek (he himself was one of the best ss of the 80s) is legit milan10ian? A: He repeats what milan10 said waay back. Q: how do u know ur… Read more »

Old fans86

Eat the curse. Maldini too much buy foreigner. It is not DNA on milan.. to make milan great again the must give change primavero to first team and buy italian player.


Besides Kiplin himself…Kaka, Van Basten, Weah, Shevchenko, Rijkaard, Gullit, Cafu, Desaily, Seedorf, Tiago Silva, Ibra, Pato, Nordahl, Liedholm, Boban, etc. are all part of Milan DNA. Also, Nesta, Pirlo, Donadoni, Rivera, Tassoti, Inzaghi, Gattuso along with other of our Italian legends did not come up in our Youth system. Yes, there is Baresi, Maldini, Albertini, Costacurta and others who are Milan youth products, but Milan has always, from the very beginning, had foreign blood running through its veins, as do Madrid, Barca, Liverpool, Man U, and all other clubs who have enjoyed sustained UCL success.

Baresis Dream

JaRosseneri, not that I think we should base our team on Italians (god forbid, look at Italy NT), but Milan in its early days didn’t except foreigners which lead to the formation of Inter.

So saying that Milan has always, from the very beginning had foreign blood is simply wrong and a distortion of history. Read up on this; I’m sure you can find material online.


I am already aware of the history behind splInters formation and the reasons behind it. This does not change a word I said, I gave a list of names as evidence. Milan has certainly gone through periods of Xenophobia, but these periods have never lead to success in Europe, and as evidenced by your own words even lead to the formation of our most bitter rival.

Nathan Graegin

I get what your saying but you would rather sell Milan’s most promising youngsters that happen to be Italian, that happen to also be on either the youth team or senior team for players that have less stats? All those players you mention were on teams that had more Italians starting than what we have now. Milan yes will Always have foreign players but Milan also has a duty to supply the national team with the next generation if they are worth it. And Milan have those players. I’m not Italian but even I know how important this is. I… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Nathan, we have a responsibility to the Italian NT? [email protected] the Italian NT. We have a responsibility to get back to the CL, and get back to being one of the top teams in Europe (and away from this embarrassing shameful state we have been for the last few years). Nothing else matters.

Baresis Dream

Well Ja, read your comment again. You wrote “From the very beginning…” which is simply false. And we didn’t go through “xenophobic periods” as you write, this has been the case up until the last 40 something years.

Making a good point with bad (false) claims, doesn’t make the claims right. Also our history is irrelevant in this discussion, and in most other discussions. We need foreign players because the pool of solid Italian players is rather thin, and of course, nationality is irrelevant when constructing a football team.


We need this guy firing from the start. Show us you are quality, No.9!

Forza Milan!!