Report: Correa reiterated his desire to join Milan as he spoke to Atlético’s leadership, but there’s still no deal

Ángel Correa during Atlético Madrid-Real Sociedad at Wanda Metropolitano on October 27, 2018. (OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP/Getty Images)

Ángel Correa wants to go to Milan but the gap still exists between the clubs.

Milan want Correa, and Correa wants Milan. But the deal is still not going through as the Rossoneri’s offer remains at a distance from the demands of Atlético.

Monaco are also after Correa, but as reported by’s Pietro Mazzara, the Argentine has a very clear view of his future: he wants to wear the Red and Black of the Diavolo next year.

Mazzara claims that after today’s training session, Correa met with the leadership of the Los Colchoneros and he reiterated his desire to play at Milan. Now it’s up to the two clubs to find an agreement and stratify the will of Ángel, who according to reports has already agreed a five-year deal with Milan, worth €3m per season.

It was reported earlier this week that the offer of the Rossoneri remains firm at €40m plus bonuses. Correa continues to train in Madrid and is hopeful to soon get a call from Paolo Maldini.

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i hope Maldini not pay 40+ for Correa, he’s good player no doubt but not worth that much, he’s not must buy player cuz we already have Leao,
just keep one of Silva/Castillejo or sell both + that 40m then go all out for some better SS out there such Isco/J.Rod or (my 1st choice) Dybala, they are all on the market.


You guys are nuts. No offense but Correa is a MUST BUY and he will add more creativity and goals for the team.

With Correa and Piatek upfront with Suso behind them we will create and score a lot of goals.

Dybala or Isco? LMAO. Keep dreaming. Milan can’t afford these players and we don’t need them.

Milan should focus on building a team around Piatek, Suso, Paquetá, Bennacer, Romagnoli, Donnarumma and Kessié. In another 2 season this team will be world class.


what i said is if Correa come will be good but no more than 40m, Rodrigo is going to Atleti so they need to sell Correa more than we need him cuz we’ve Leao & Silva/Casti still around.
Isco/J.Rod is unwanted by Zidane, Sarri will likely favor Higuain & Manzu than Dybala (already unseteled), all of it is the reason they are reachable (remember Bonucci) & we should go for them rather than Correa. are you serious think Correa better than those 3?


I don’t care if Milan have to pay the entire 55m we need Correa and at that price it’s a reasonable amount in today’s market. I don’t even know where you guys are getting your transfer market prices from to say that Correa is not worth more than 40m. Did you see how much Inter paid for Lukaku? 90m (£74)to be exact. This guy has the worst first touch as a striker but they paid 90m for him. He will struggle in Serie A. Defenders don’t give you an inch of space or a second to control the ball let… Read more »


This thinking is the reason why Milan gets hit by FPP every year. Because people like you “don’t care if Milan have to pay the entire 55m”. Only reason why Correa is being priced that much is because he just signed a new 5 year contract. Suso is still running on his old contract hence the low transfer value. Otherwise, I don’t see any significant amount of value that he’ll add over Leao or Piatek. The point bidonesia is putting up is valid. We need better players in midfield. I know Milan can’t afford J.Rod or Isco but we should… Read more »


isco,james,ozil…the problem not the price,but the salary and the player will…milan not strong enough to pay they big salary,and i think they will choose UCL team instead milan…correa is the realistic target,and he is the strongest ss that milan can get i think,because the other player demand big salary and play in UCL..we talk about realistic here




Correct !


So, we want to sell Suso for 40 millions, a player who played Europa league two years but we say Correa doesn’t worth more than 40 millions, a player who won Europa league and played 3 years in Champions league ( including a final ). WTF ? Correa is very good for 45 millions, he’s young and accept a 3 mil wage. Dybala without 7-8 mil wage doesn’t come. Milan wants to cut Donna’s wage and you talk about Dybala, Isco and James…


So you’re saying that we are so rich that we can afford to have a 50m SS just after buying another SS for 30m who apparently will be spending most of the time on bench because of the new arrival? (Leao) We all know that this is not a Schudetto challenging squad yet but has got the potential. We lacked a real coach which we have now. We should not splash any more money on strikers and play with what we have (4 strikers as of now!). Qualify for CL and then get active on transfer market next season because… Read more »


Correa will arrive just in case they will sell Silva or Laxalt. What we have now it doesn’t give u the certitude you will qualify for CL ! Andre Silva out of form and Castillejo lost in space !


I don’t see either the fans or management focusing on the selling part because ideally we should sell first. And you’re wrong mate! With a decent qualified coach, this squad can qualify for CL.


Can qualify but no one can guarantee this, because there are also Roma, Lazio, Atalanta. Any coach ( even Gasperini, Simone Inzaghi who are 3-5-2 fans ) has his style of playing and his requirements for producing their football style. So Giampaolo needs a player like Correa to put his ideas on the pitch. I don’t have any problem with that. Maybe he wanted Dybala, but Dybala is more expensive and then he opted for Correa. The idea is that Correa is ok as a second striker for 45 mil and 3 mil salary ! And he is 24 !


It doesnt matter if he won Europa League and has played in CL it doesnt affect his value all that matters is the players ability and his contract… If Correa is Worth 50M then Suso is worth 75M no less


Oh yes, it matters and it influences his market value a lot ! Why did we pay 20 millions for Theo ? Theo played 2 seasons on loan at two midtable teams from Spain. Yes, but he also was in Real Madrid’s team who won champions league, even if he was a bench warmer ! So, we paid 20 millions for a reserve who won Champions ! Suso can’t worth 75 because he didn’t win anything, he didn’t play in champions, he can’t compare to anyone from Atletico Madrid, he doesn’t have the right age and other things.


No offense, but yes, we definetly remember Bonucci. I certainly wish I didn`t, though…


Well said man


You guys are the ones that are nuts… It is insanity spending that amount for Correa we cant afford to spend over 50M for an average player that we later cant get rid for even half the price


everton soares is the best option for that spot


Do you know how much will Everton cost you ? Well , let me tell you : His card isn’t owned by his club only , and yet , they demanded 50M for their part only which is 50%. There are othet portions , like his agent’s 30% , 10% for his sponsors , and i don’t remember where the last 10% goes , anyway , that will cost about 100M to 110M. Sounds crazy , doesn’t it ? Qs crazy as it is , that’s the truth , and many sources reported so , if Everton costs only 40-50M… Read more »


I agree with you 100%. Especially when you mention players like isco and Dybala .

The Big Dog

I hope this deal falls through so that Milan can sign Olmo, a world class player who currently available for peanuts. He will be twice the player that Correa could ever be. If Olmo doesn’t end up with us, I will be jealous of the team that will sign him. I just hope he doesn’t end up with our rivals in Serie A. I’m afraid Napoli could get him. Olmo has kept the door open for Milan but we have chosen to forsake him same goes Tonali. We have chosen to let Suso stay and Correa over Olmo and we… Read more »

Saeed Duaale

thnx good they got Ben Nasir Instead og tonali I watch tonali game he’s not ready he’s not good enough to play for Milan I agree with you olmo is good player I can’t believe still that we sign Bennasir for 16 ml he worth 60 ml

The Big Dog

If Bennacer turns out good he could become the bargain of the century. But that is a big if because they dude hasn’t been tried with Milan yet. Olmo is not only good he is a phenomenon.

Too young is a bias towards young talents. Verati went straight from Serie B to the starting sport of PSG. Leonardo made that happen. And Tonali is better or will be much more better than verati. Mark my words. Plus he is a die hard Milanista.


Tonali is better than verrati that is nonsense tonali is just average player ( slow)


Tonali for next season to compete for kessie’s spot as rcm. Paqueta as lcm and bennacer as cdm

The Big Dog

Sure Asy. I hope so.


olmo is an attacking midfielder,not second striker…we have bona,paqueta,suso and hakan in that position


AM or winger. But Giampaolo could make Olmo a second striker, but he wants Correa because he is convinced he suits better in that position


you sound like mirabelli, building team basically from player that what you want not what we need in giampaolo 4312, this why we faill every seasons

The Big Dog

And you sound like a sheep if you know what I mean.


I think enough is enough. Let’s move on then. This transfer is dragging on and on and on. It’s distracting. Let’s start focusing on the players on the ground. Correa is good, but we shouldn’t waste all our time negotiating with Athletico.


If he’s so good why they trying to get rid of him, to buying an other midfielder while they build a team


Because he doesn’t want to stay anymore in a team where he is a bench warmer. They sold Griezmann and bought Joao Felix !


That’s because they got so much quality in thier team that a good player like Correa comes down the pecking order… Yet he coming to out team would be such a massive upgrade… I have a watch correa so many times… His so tricky.. Just like Alexis Sanchez… We need players upfront dat can beat a man


We wait because its a strategy of milan to not pay much, every transfer its calculated to not have FFP back on us. Its really funny how many ppl here (probably kids) are dreaming on Isco, Ozil, james and many other but we are not what we used to be, at least not now. They want huge salary, CL, titles and so on, they dont join us for promices. Even if Correa doesnt has many goals, asists in his book, he has high standard football, CL experience and with the current market, 40 mil or maybe 50 mil is enough.… Read more »



The Big Dog

And what use is all that dribbling, speed, creativity and agility if Correa doesn’t produce assists and goals? He is no Modric. That means the only way Correa could have all that quality and not produce direct assists or goals is if he was a midfielder. Otherwise he will become a liability that cost us 40 m. It seems these 5 years of Milans misery have reduced our mentality to accept less from Milan. This is Milan. Not a mid table team.

Abdul Aziz

Your absolutely right there just because he doesn’t score 15/20 goals doesn’t mean he’s an average player plus it’s somehow simeone’s fault not playing him consistently in his preffered position second striker also because of well skilled players at athleticos disposal this is how our current condition is better than going to the league without players of his skills.


Correa did not provide many goals and assists largely due to the fact that he was played out of position. He was used mainly as a winger, and sometimes as a midfielder and even as a right back on some occasions. If we play him in his right position of ss, he will provide more goals and assists


1 A player’s price should come down when he’s demanding a transfer. 2 Atle will have to many attackers with the addition of Rodrigo; not favorable for Correa and the club. 3 Milan are currently having enough strikers to get into the season with (yes would be better with Correa but I’m only talking about why Atle should be the ones most worried and therefore willing to bring the price down) 4 The player doesn’t want the only other option – Monaco. So it’s not like there are bidding wars. Personally I like tricky attackers like Correa and I want… Read more »


People need to calm down. “This story got too long” wth ?? Nobody is wasting any time ! Players are training normally , management discussing transfers like they always do , everything is going alright. It’s not like Boban and Maldini spent 2 months in Madrid to discuss Correa , this is just one case and they are managing it perfectly , first they convinved the player himself , then they refused to pay more than 38-40M +bonuses , and they pushed Athletico to the edge , now they need Rodrigo and they must sell Correa to get him ,… Read more »


I very much agree with you, Assim. Well said.