Paquetá: “I hope that this can be a great year for us, I will play where Giampaolo wants me to, Leão is a great player”

Lucas Paquetá during Feronikeli-Milan at Fadil Vokrri Stadium on August 10, 2019. (

Lucas Paquetá has spoken after the win over Feronikeli, saying ‘I am very happy to be back wearing the Milan shirt’.

Milan have just one more pre-season game left and last night they finally got their first win, beating Feronikeli 2-0.

Marco Giampaolo used basically his entire squad in that game as he made 9 changes on half time, also bringing on Lucas Paquetá for his first pre-season game. The Brazilian showed excellent things in the mezz’ala role, and Giampaolo said that this is where he sees the 22-year-old playing.

“I’ve very happy to be back playing in a Milan shirt. Hopefully, it’s going to be a great year for us and I hope I have a great year, too, so I can help the team,” he told MilanTV. “My position? I’m ready to do whatever the coach needs of me. I will play where he wants me to and will do my best. New players? Technically skilled players are always helpful to a team and make it more fun to play. We’re enjoying ourselves on the pitch but are always aware of the responsibility on our shoulders to achieve victory.

“Leão? I do what I can to help him settle in, translating for him on and off the pitch. I can say that Rafael is a great player; I’m convinced he’ll help us out a lot.”

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Emmy Apache
1 year ago

I hope so but honestly Paquetá needs to do more with his style of play, he has to be releasing the pass as fast as it neared and he has to be attacking minded with fastness He has to learn from Kaka who was always taking the ball to our opponents not holding in order to dribble while you can easily give to ur team mates beside you and safe ur self from unnecessary injury Paqueta has to be more creative which leads to scoring goals not the one that will coas to us Some shot at goals needs to… Read more »