Official: Duarte joins Milan from Flamengo on a five-year deal

Léo Duarte wearing a Milan jersey. (

Léo Duarte is now officially a Milan player, signing a five-year contract after joining from Flamengo.

After announcing the signings of Theo Hernández, Rade Krunić, Rafael Leão and Ismaël Bennacer, the Rossoneri have today made it official that Leo Duarte will be wearing red and black next year.

Duarte, 23, is arriving in Milan after four top seasons with the first team of Flamengo and he was even the captain of their Youth Team when they won the 2016 Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior.

“Milan (the Club) is delighted to announce that the Club has reached an agreement with Clube de Regatas do Flamengo for the acquisition of Brazilian defender, Leonardo Campos Duarte da Silva,” a statement reads. “The 23-year old center-back joins the Club on a five-year agreement.

“Born in Mococa (Brazil) on July 17, 1996, Léo Duarte began his youth career with Desportivo Brasil before joining Flamengo’s youth team in 2014. In 2016 he makes his senior début with Flamengo’s First Team with whom he wins two Campeonatos Carioca in 2017 and 2019 and one Taça Rio in 2019. Léo Duarte will be the 36th Brazilian footballer to wear the Rossoneri jersey thus continuing ‘the Green and Yellow’ long tradition that is part of the history of Milan.”

It is believed that Milan agreed to pay €10-11m for Duarte. It is still unclear whether the club sees him as the starting center back for the season or as a back-up to fill the void left by Cristian Zapata.

Paolo Maldini, Léo Duarte and Frederic Massara at Casa Milan. (
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Just look at how this player hold the badge of Milan jersey .. I really appreciate and love this. He is going to have our full support. He is already breathing red and black !

Ross Oneri

You are being too sensitive.


I honestly don’t know much about him and Rafael Leao. I wish them the best and I hope they live up to the hype.


Massara is taller than Duarte !!! I don’t like the idea of not tall central defenders, like Musacchio 1,82m and Duarte 1,83m. In modern football defenders should have over 1,85 m ! There are few examples of successful undersized defenders, Fabio Cannavaro 1,76 m, Franco Baresi 1,76m, Costacurta 1,82m, Ivan Cordoba 1,73m, but it’s very difficult to perform if u are not tall enough. Let’s hope he is good

Abdul Aziz

Yeah of course not always but thiago silva was 183cm and we all know how he did what matters is his defensive capabilities


His physique and aerial ability are his stenghts, last season he won more aerial duals than any other Flamengo player. Beckenbauer, Puyol, Marquinhos, Mascherano and Koeman? I would even say the best central defenders in the world were of smaller stature the exceptions of course our own Maldini and Nesta.


Stam 1,90, Vidic 1,90, Rio Ferdinand 1,91, Mark Iuliano 1,87, Nesta 1,87, Laurent Blanc 1,92, Lucio 1,88, Pique 1,94, Jurgen Kohler 1,86, John Terry 1,87, Sol Campbel 1,88, Godin 1,87, Bonucci 1,90, Chiellini 1,87, etc, etc, etc. Let’s hope Duarte can be good enough for Milan

Baresis Dream

Especially since airial balls are our weakness.


I like his physicality, awareness, positioning, and never being afraid of going heads on in a 1-1 situation. He will bring a lot of fire and grit to our team. Him and Bennacer will be the heart of our team this season. Very much looking forward to seeing them on the pitch.


He is a brazilian and from flamengo. He was brought to accompany Paqueta


What’s this bs that milan have accepted an offer of 25m plus 3m in add ons from wolves? First cutrone who was a bargain for them and now Kessie? If true, that’s a steal. In today’s market he should be minimum 40m. Although I don’t think he should be sold its like were giving him away for that price. Hope it doesn’t happen.

If sold, who is coming in to replace him? Praet has gone somewhere, I doubt modric will be coming. Also you don’t want a whole new midfield every year.


We bought him for 24+8 milions ! And we sold him for 25+3 ????!!!?? WTF…Pianamonti was sold for 18 and he scored 7 goals for Frosinone, and we sell Cutrone also for 18 plus 4 bonus after 27 in all competitions ?


Yeah, I don’t quite understand this book balance thing when you sell your prized players under the value. They probably calculated their amortisations so at least they won’t have a loss on their books. But they won’t earn anything either

Face it, the only players Milan will profit from are Donnarumma and Suso


That’s why you need experienced Director of Football, who knows both Business and Talent. Capitano Maldini is good at spotting talents, but Massara has a long way to go to learn business specially when selling our players. Maybe Our Capitano is measuring players by a standard as high as his own that it probably often makes him forget that in todays market, players as bland as Malcom(barca) goes for 50 mil.

Baresis Dream

TBH, it’s no steal. Kessie is overhyped, and another season or two here the rest of the market will realize this. Physically and athletically he’s a monster, no doubt. But he’s passing, shooting, and playmaking is well below average.


I have been saying this for long, kessie lacks 80% ability to excel as a midfielder, finally someone agrees. They better sell him before he totally depreciates.

Rash pato

i’m optimistic dis guy wil b a gud buy come may nest year… mark my word

Emmy Apache

Please let whoever is closer to Maldini tell him NEVER SELL SUSO FOR NOW because we need his experience and we might change our system of playing in some matches when our players get injured( injury is inevitable in football)
Maldini should do everything possible to get The second striker (Correa)from Atletico Madrid who has indicated to join us
Honestly with him in our team we will qualify easily for champions league I bet u.


I agree, bt if we can bring in Oscar, forget Suso
He is tons better than Suso by all means.


There are reports Wolves tabled 25+3 million offer for Kessie and Milan accepted. Now the problem is in salary where Kessie seeks 4 millions per season while Wolves offer 2.8 millions at the moment.

I’m sorry to see Kessie out, with the right guidance he could become one of the best. He really has what it takes to be the new Essien. But it seems the coach wants something different.

On Duarte, I don’t know why they couldn’t stick with just Gabbia. In my view this is a waste of money.


They already dealt with modric to replace kassie I am sure 100% this will be huge mistake for this management


28 Mil for Kessie? If this news is true, this is bad for business. Yes the money will be used to sign Modric, but still, we need Kessie in the team. Modric is declining, Kessie is rising. I don’t understand why we are selling him without even testing him in the the new system. If we need to sell that much, why we are selling him underpriced? This is Bullsh*t. Selling Both Kessie and Cutrone at such a low price that’s unacceptable for me as a fan. Maybe Cutrone sale is something i can make my peace with since we… Read more »


Selling kassie is mistake


HUGE mistake to sell Kessie and only for 25mil +bonuses smh, he is worth minimum 40mil but a ambitious team that wants to win trophies should not sell players like Kessie, he is only 22 has a ton of potential and is already one of the best mids in seria A. Giampaolo said he liked how Borini played on the right side offering a lot of running and coverage.. well Kessie offers the same work rate plus strenght, plus tackling, plus speed, he can run with the ball to start counter attacts, win arial duels and even send long balls… Read more »


Premiership close yesterday kessie is not going any where.