Lyon President, Aulas: “Suso is one of the players we are looking at, we will see after Friday’s game”

Suso arriving in Milanello on July 9, 2019. (

Jean-Michel Aulas has confirmed the interest of his Lyon in Suso.

Suso has been used as the trequartista in Marco Giampaolo’s 4-3-1-2 in this pre-season and has shown encouraging signs that he can adapt to the role.

Giampaolo said that the Spaniard is a player ‘in his own league’ and that Milan should keep their strong players. However, according to, the club remains willing to listen to offers – but want at least €35 million from his sale.

Roma appeared as the only club genuinely interested in signing Suso but they have failed to meet the demands of Milan. In Ligue 1, in any case, the forward has admirers and today Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas admitted to RMC Radio that “Suso is one of the players we are looking at.”

Aulas added that “we’ll see after Friday’s game” whether a transfer can take place, as Lyon are getting ready for their first game against Monaco. Suso’s agent, Alessandro Lucci – accompanied by Serginho – was at Casa Milan today once again to take stock of the situation. MN claims that should Suso remain, he’d like to extend his contract and get improved wages of €4.5m per season.

There is less than a month left for the end of the transfer market. Suso has shown so far that he can be a key player also for Giampaolo, but the mercato remains open and Milan are attentive.

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Why not just have done with it and sell Paqueta and Piatek too


He is not going to leave, only question remains if we get rid of Kessie and Silva to get Correa or not!


I think we will sell Laxalt, Kessie and A.Silva and buy Praet and Correra.
The only thing I would add is to swap Laxalt for Bonifazi+5M and sell Mussachio for over 15M. the guy is too slow imo and makes a lot of rookie mistakes.


I hope it happens. Selling Kessie won’t be an issue but I am worried if we can sell Silva or not. Laxalt doesn’t want to move so Milan is in a difficult situation right now. But Correa is must to our chances for next season.


Laxalt’s agent said he wants to play, he won’t if he stays.


Bang on with the last part. The guy isn’t a ‘modern defender’ – which really means you can move the ball and pass (and can’t defend) – and yet he isn’t old school and a brilliant positional rock solid CB. He’s right in the middle of average.


between 2 option sell suso or kessie? i prefer sell suso… kessie will be usefull to become box to box midfielder…


I think it would be smart to sell suso now since we all know about his inconsistency issues and inability to keep the form throughout the season.


He was inconsistent while being played out of position, wait and see what he does at Trequatista.


What of using Jack as the Trequartista?


Correa is not an upgrade from Suso


Sell suso the only word class player you have in eight years who has been given you assits and goals especially last 3 season and get whatever average crap you want (Correa) and let the stagnant cycle continue with no improvement.

The only way for Milan to move forward is for this present generation of fans to pass


Guy in all fairness go and check Suso stats…I wonder why we hype him so much….he has been the main pillar of the team for 3 years now…what has he done…he only plays 10 games a season.. And thats the beginning of the season after that Suso is gone….he is so inconsistent…… You and I know that…
I don’t support selling him…he should sit on the bench and b used as a sub…but he is inconsistent


if he’s good, milan will get champio league position…hahaha… just sell him… and if he’s good many big clubs will chase him especially he want move right now…hahaha


Am just tired of the about suso, even if that guy is inconsistent he is better than any other Milan player.i don’t know why put him for sale


If Suso where a Real Madrid player he would coat at least 60M. 30 millions gets us a gamble in today’s market. Also what are we going to do? Rely on Correa and Krunic as trequartista? No thanks


agree with you 100%


If he stays then I’m sure he’ll get time as our trequartista, but you really want someone as inconsistent as him playing every league game in the most important position of the team. He shouldn’t be guarenteed anything.

Baresis Dream

I think it’s much smarter to rely on Correa and Paquetta in the number 10 role; both have more potential then Suso in that position imo. Both can attack empty spaces better, have more pace, and have better control on their weak foot.

Suso is by far more dangerous when players are concentrated on the left, and he gets that ball on the rightside corner of the box with one man on him. You have Suso in the lineup, that’s how you should play him.


Just a reminder that Milan is no longer playing a formation that requires wingers so if Milan should consider your comment then they should sell Suso and use either Paquetá or Correa as a trequartista. Zico mentioned in an interview that Paquetá is better as a Mezzala which I agree but I also understand that we are entitled to our own opinion. Ultimately, Giampaolo will decide how he wants the team to play and who will play in which position but I’m in favor of using Suso as a trequartista because there’s no other position in the 4312 system that… Read more »


nick, I share same optimism with in this present Milan matters. But, I tend to agree with Baresis 100%. Suso might be an impact player but like we all know he is not consistent though, skillful but I see Correa and Paqueta doing better as trequartista. They’re way more suitable in the role like Baresis highlighted early. Finally apart from Zico every other football legend mostly Brazilians are of the opinion that he should be playing as AM, just like Pirlo adviced Gattuso last season.


O’Gabbs… I respect both you and Baresis Dream opinion but Suso is far from “inconsistent” and his stats proves that. I don’t agree with that statement. If we don’t play Suso as a trequartista then we might as well sell him because he doesn’t fit as a mezzala or 2nd striker. Remember Giampaolo doesn’t use any formation that requires wingers so Suso will not be needed if we chose to play Paquetá or Correa as a trequartista. It would be a mistake to sell Suso. There has been too many games where Suso stepped up to the challenge. Gattuso formation… Read more »


I agree with almost everything you’re saying. Only one disagreement: I think Çalhanoglu should be the trequartista. Correa and Paquetá can play there too, but I think the first is better as a SS and the second, like Zico said, is better as a mezzala. I’ve been saying tis for a while. Paquetá did great when he first arrived, but faded quickly because he had just finished an whole season in Brazil (season ends in december) and was getting used to Italian football at the same time. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a natural CM that can also… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Nick, there is a reason Suso is put on the market


buy dybala


As fellow milanistas wrote before me –

Suso is inconsistent and cannot maintain a form through whole season.

Correa is no upgrade and is overpriced.

Baresis Dream

Overpriced a bit yes, I agree. But Correa is no slouch- Atletico really don’t want to let him go, because of his potential (and already decent output) as well as him being a star already from youth. From the little I’ve seen of both in the number 10 position, I really think Correa can do a better job than Suso there.


Milan could get Everton for what they are offering for Correa (45 millions) where Atletico want more.

Balde Keita is available for 25 millions and he’s already used to Seria A. He played as SS for Lazio and was one of the best at the time.

Baresis Dream

Ted, both everton and beilda are better for the 4-3-3. We need a number 10. I was supporting sticking to the 4-3-3 and getting a decent lw, someone like deloufou or the names you’re suggesting. Buy for number 10 we need something else.


Suso is far from inconsistent. He played for coaches who were inconsistent and lack tactical prowess to dominate teams. Suso goals and assists has bailed us out in a lot of games.

No one on our team has shown up in big games more than Suso. Only Bakayoko and piatek in recent times has shown consistency apart from Suso.

Baresis Dream

Nick mate, I agree that Suso has been consistent- definitely. But he’s been consistent on the right hand side of the box, where he’s indeed one of the most dangerous players in seria a.

But if we insist on a 4-3-1-2, I’m afraid he had no room.

Emmy Apache

Don’t sell Suso
It’s our jewel for now
Sell him now and cry later
Suso is very important for our club
Sell Silva

Baresis Dream

Not too many teams are knocking on our door, begging to buy Silva. Unfortunately.

El pharaoh

Sell silva and get dybala, suso behind piatek and dybala. Perfect


Suso’s inconsistencies was because Milan only had 1 dangerous player called Suso and when he’s off form, Milan suffers. Even Sallah had his drought last season but because there are other players to make up for his temporary off form, Liverpool kept getting result. Now is the time for Milan to keep Suso because 1. The coach specifically make a “Keep Suso” statement after our last friendly. 2. Our management’s valuations have been terrible. Suso goung for €35-40m is just heartbreak for me because his real value “in today’s market is €60m or above if Zaha is being priced at… Read more »

Bajan Milanatic

Jibola, you share my exact sentiments regarding Suso. Personally, I’m an admirer of Suso and I think it would be crazy to sell him right now. The possibilities of him having his best season ever is so high, given the style of play the team will adapt, that it makes more sense to extend his contract and then look at the possibilities of a sale next season when his value will have at least doubled.


I agree with #4 as we both know his will play fairly descent for the first 10 games and then disappear for the rest of the season! we might as well wait and sell him in January then…


I totally agree. 1000%



Baresis Dream

Go fight Maldini and Boban then. If Atletico would accept a direct swap, the deal would have been done yesterday.


for what?? this is forum, kids… everbody free to talk… be grow up to be MEN…


I am reading a news that Eriksen is available for 60m. It would be a dream mercato if we could sell Silva, Laxalt, Casti and Biglia to get Modric, Correa and Eriksen. 😛

The best part is, it’s actually possible for Milan.


For those of you that says suso is inconsistency go and check is stats it speaks for him 10 assists just one behind winner and you call him inconsistent you guys should stop watching back of TV.
Ps compare them (suso vs correa) and talk.


Totally agree


Ya but suso gets all his assists and goals in a span of two months then vanishes for three months if he stayed consistent he could probably have over 10 goals and assists. I’m all for keeping suso cause I think giampaolo can turn him into a great player but I can remember the countless times he frustrated me last year for his inconsistency.


Indeed, of his 7 goals and 9 assists in Serie A last season, 4 goals and 7 assists came in the first 11 games! He then went on an 18-game streak without any assists at all (!), during which he also only score 1 goal. He did finish strong with 2 goals and 2 assists in the last 6 games, but jeez those 18 games! In 17/18, his assists (9 again) were better distributed through out the season, but of his 6 goals, 5 came in the first 12 games. Only one goal in the last 23 games he played…… Read more »


That’s because Gattuso had NO tactical gameplan whatsoever and all our opponents knew that Suso is our only creative player. So they would double sometimes triple team him.

Piatek form dropped as well due Gattuso negative football. There was absolutely ZERO tactical gameplan.

That’s why Suso struggled throughout the season. Gattuso has no solutions for teams doubling up on him. Smh.


Look, I agree that Gattuso had little tactical gameplan. But that’s on Suso too, big time. He is very, very predictable. Saying he’s creative because of this assist tally is incredibly short sighted. Makes you sound like you’ve never watched a truly creative player. Suso is a one trick pony. Cutting inside is not creativity, especially when you’re slow. He does have a fine shot and a decent cross. But creative players don’t go 18 games without a single assist because, “boohoo, they’re double-teaming me and shuting down mt left foot”. Creative players find ways to be effective. He just… Read more »


If you had actually watched every single AC Milan’s game last year, you would know what we are talking about… His right leg is practically dead! his crosses with right leg are completely random and off target! All he does is goes right, then cut left and then he crosses the ball! That is too predictable for the defense. That is why he disappears in most games. Giampaolo might want to gamble on him and see what happens, but AC Milan is greater than a test place for inconsistent players.


dont blame gatuso… how bout when montella or the other coach or when he’s in liverpool?? i wrote 2 years ago and get so many thumbs down, suso movement so easily predictible… that’s why when opponets lock his movement, he become weak… and one more important his dribbling style, his speed not good enough fo SS, or stiker even roles no 10

Baresis Dream

Some people want to have it both ways – switch to a diamond midfield but keep all our wingers. Eat the pie and have it whole. Of course if money was not an issue, we should keep everyone just in case. But a diamond midfield heavily relies on the man in the hole, and while Hakan/Paquetta can be good there, they both might be better suited for the mezzele positions. Suso, on the other hand, is definitely no mezzele, and the number 10 limits many of his great assets. He would be much better as the right striker next to… Read more »

pato rash

suso is an absolute beast if given d chance to play with this bunch of stars, remember we have 11 players on the pitch who earn as well as suso soo.. why are demoralize milans jewel. pls let suso b nd we’ll al see what he’s capable of… milan til i die

Coach Seedorf

Weldon Jibola & Nick. Suso must absolutely stay. If Giampaolo loves Suso , says he makes him go crazy, says he is in a league of his own, do you know the potential that our coach sees in him? Are you guys the coach, do you see Suso in training everyday? Even Modric may need time to adapt to Seria A before he begins to perform, do we have that time to waste? Those of you saying Milan is not a testing ground, you call Suso an experiment yet he is better than most of our players in the squad.… Read more »


we saw the games, the result and statistic 3 years ago… thats good enough for milan sell suso… why you still call him potensial??


I’d rather someone assisting 9 goals in first 8 matches and then non in the remaining 30 compared to one who’s providing 1 in every 7 matches but totaling less than 9. Correa for example is only more consistent because he’s scoring a goal in every 2 months of the season ,right?. Well I quite like Correa but would you guys give us a break about this so called lack of consistency why Suso should leave? It’s always been like this a few guys will keep complaining about Suso even when he’s doing well like at the moment and when… Read more »