Official: Bennacer joins Milan from Empoli on a five-year deal

Ismaël Bennacer wearing a Milan jersey. (

Ismaël Bennacer is, finally, a Milan player as he arrives from Empoli.

The contract has been signed for weeks now, but only today (Sunday) the official announcement in regards to the arrival of Ismaël Bennacer has been made.

Bennacer is coming after having a great season at Empoli, despite being relegated to Serie B, and after winning the Player of the Tournament Award in the 2019 AFCON, which Bennacer and Algeria won.

“Milan (the Club) announces the signing of Ismaël Bennacer from Empoli FC. The Algerian midfielder has signed a deal until 2024 with the Rossoneri,” the Diavolo wrote in a statement on their site.

“Born in Arles, France, on December 1st 1997, Bennacer began his football career in the Youth team of Ligue 2 Club Arles-Avignon, where he made his debut with the first team in 2014. In summer 2015 he moved to Arsenal, where he collected 23 appearances with the Under-23 team and made his debut with the first team in the same year. In January 2017, he moved on loan to Ligue 2 team Tours, making 16 appearances and registering 1 goal. Later, in 2017, he signed for Empoli FC.

Paolo Maldini and Ismaël Bennacer at Casa Milan. (

“Ismaël initially represented France at Under-18 and Under-19 level, before opting to play for Algeria from 2016. He has earned 16 caps with the Algerian national team, including 7 appearances in the recent 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, where Ismael has been named the Player of the Tournament, helping his team lift the trophy for the first time in 29 years.”

It is believed that Milan will pay Empoli €16m plus €2m bonuses for Bennacer, while the player will be getting around €1.5m per season. He’ll start working at Milanello on August 10.

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Yes! cant wait to see him in action
Next season Milan will be very exciting to watch


Welcome mate but what I have seen from Biglia i think the regista role should be his.


Welcome benacer

Ricardo Leite

Biglia has always been like that. Promises so much then at the long run; inconsistent at best. Its time to move on from all forms of mediocrity

The Big Dog

Well said I hope you could say that about Suso as well. Suso has never been able be consistent an entire season only half.


Biglia should play back up. Besides, Biglia always finds it hard to last an entire season. Bennacer is clearly better, and is in form at the moment.

A.C. Milan 1899

His… Whom, Benacer?


Lazio sold their unknown winger to Wolves for the same price as Cutrone, the player who has actually played and had 30 goal participation in his 90 appearances which most came as a last minute sub. now for some reason same shi**y team wants Kessie for 28M, like for real when will we stop underselling our valuable players. Cutrone is worth same as Kean and Kessie is minimum 40-45M.


The players from Lazio are Mendes clients


So is A. Silva but I haven’t seen him going for 40M somewhere…


He came to us for 38, i didnt say that he is good for us


Let’s quit this nonsense here. Two players going for €20m how is that same with that of Cutrone?


nope, Pedro Neto’s price was 18M and 9M for Bruno Jordao. Kean was sold for almost 30M while Cutrone was only 18M. and A. Silva was supposed to be sold for 30M and now 20-25M. you can check transfermarkt.

Martin Bernhard

As disapointed and angry that i am in regard of cutrones sale i couldnt agree more O’Gabb’s its not comparable as you allready said it was two players for 20 mil. When that is said we still sold cutrone for too little an ammount.


Bernhard, you are right. Considering Milan’s state right now any player that is never a starter in Milan’s team wouldn’t amount to much in the transfer market. Some of us are saying that he should be sold at same prize with Kean which for me sentiment aside is not true. One big question is this; would Cutrone had made juve’s bench? How many national team call up does each have? If kean went for 30, Cutrone at max should have gone for 25. Furthermore Milan’s desperation to sale played against them.

Martin Bernhard

Well maybe kean should be sold for more but i have never brought that argument up but it doesnt change the fact that Juventus are better at getting the maximum out of their outgoing transfers which i dont think we have been able to do as of yet. We propably sold him for less than what we would like to get on the Whole reason we needed instant Cash influx. Still doesnt mean we made a great or reasonable deal on that. If Juventus is to be an argumnent as such i beleive they have sold several players for more… Read more »


It’s not 20M for 2, check your sources.

Razor Milan

Milan were just hell bent on selling Cutrone. I still can’t understand the price and given how much the FFP situation has been floating around, it just doesn’t make any sense, especially when we just spent 30m on his replacement.


You sir give a fair and sound point

Baresis Dream

Well, when you’re in a hurry to sell to raise funds, and everyone else knows you are in a hurry to sell, you can’t expect to get the best price possible.

I think they’ll wait to get 30 mil for Silva, but let’s see. But yeah, Mendez is practically running the show behind the scenes. Might us well make him part of mgmt.


Now are ofering 28 for Kesie and how it looks they vil acsept that, but most stupid idea is sending Conti on loan and replacing himwith Jacopo Sala


This is an awesome signing by my son Maldini. Best player in the afcon. And that too at a small price of 16 million. I am really loving the work of this management. The masterpiece signing of this season was of course the signing of Mister Giampaolo. Remember when I said that chinese were a disaster? yes you all called me names, insulted my country but at the end of theday, all good things rise to the surface and my pride rose to the top as well when the chinese were debunked as frauds. I have another such prediction to… Read more »


All hail Suracho , son of Berluscuni , father of Maldini , and the inventor of football !
Legend says that before Suracho was born , people thought “football” was a meal.


I am taking your comment seriously and neglectinG the sarcasm from it. This was all possible because i stuck wit hwhat I SAID DURING THE DARK CHINESE ERA . I AM A MAN OF MY WORD. Now i want to repay all your respect with Suracho Analysis coming up for our this schudetto winning season. Forget to like my analysis as this is the way I know that you like my analysis and I am more than motivated to give my rossoneri fans what they deserve.


You were doing a good job here until you said that Milan is going to win this term and that 4312 is the best formation in the world. It’s like slamming your face into the axe blade. First of all, we don’t even have depth just like last season and without a deep squad numbers a team can hardly be competitive throughout the year. Second, it shows how much knowledge you have when you state that one particular formation is better than the rest. Even a soccer playing kid knows its mostly about the players who’re playing and not the… Read more »


All hail king Suracho! Now, please promise to bless us with your analyses this season.


This season I am more than motivated to give my rossoneri fans the analysis they deserve. This is our schudetto winning season so watch out for more of my analysis for my beloved rossoneris.


I read, monaco wanted silva swap with Pietro Pellegri.. wow..!!


leo – pellegri is huuge


I hope its real

Baresis Dream

Reports are that Milan still considering selling Suso, despite Giampaolo’s statement.

I think from the little I know about A Correra, it’s a sound idea. I mean I’m against rebuilding from scratch just to change our formation, but if that’s what we’re doing than we need a real number 10. I think Correa is more suited for the role, than Suso – hands down. Only time will tell if it goes through though.