Reports: Contacts continue for Correa with Atlético Madrid, Milan don’t want to spend over €40m plus €5m bonuses

Ángel Correa, Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba during Barcelona- Atlético Madrid at Camp Nou on April 6, 2019. (PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)

Ángel Correa is still a concrete target of Milan, but the club does not meet Atletico’s €50m valuation of the player.

Milan have so far secured the signings of Theo Hernández, Rade Krunić, Ismaël Bennacer, Léo Duarte and Rafael Leão.

However, the club does not intend to stop and is still thinking of adding Ángel Correa into the mix and have him play in the new attack Giampaolo is creating.

According to’s Pietro Mazzara, contacts continue between Milan and Atlético for Correa but there is still no agreement.

Atlético would like to get €50 million including bonuses for the 24-year-old Argentine, as they want to reinvest those in a new player, most likely James Rodriguez of Real Madrid. However, the Rossoneri at the moment have shown no willingness to go beyond €40m plus €5m of bonuses.

Correa’s agent is said to be in Milano so more updates could be expected in the next days. In any case, claims that Tottenham are also interested in the player but have not yet made an official offer. Milan have a rough agreement with the representatives of the forward, who continues to be involved in Atletico’s pre-season games and even scored in their 7-3 win over Real Madrid.

The Correa transfer has basically been on hold since André Silva’s move to Monaco failed. However, according to Sky and others, Silva’s move to Ligue 1 may still happen as they are new contacts.

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J c

Is Bennacer officially a Milan player?

Emmy Apache

The truth must told, what’s happening what’s going on how do we contest with other opponents who are well equipped How do we win the derby and not be bitter after playing both legs because we refused to buy quality players? How do we go far in cops Italian when we play the big teams? How do we avoid losing to juve at home and away match? How do we avoid playing goalless draw with lower teams when we are expected to win? And finally how do we win our immediate next game after the break? All these and many… Read more »


1. we have no money 2. read Zico’s interview, Paqueta isn’t a trequartista, he’s a very high quality mezzalla who can develop into one of the best players out there. if you had watched any of our games you would have seen that there was drastic difference in our team when we play with vs without him. the passes that he distributes and the vision that he possesses dictate that he deserves all the hype. 3. for the first time after Allegri has left we have brought a real tactician, and not an ex-star who has 0 experience. 4. we… Read more »


Agree with all except number 3.
Miha and Montella were not 0 experiences. Especially Montella was being considered as one of the hottest rising tacticians for his three Fiorentina years.


I’ve never seen a weaker coach than Morontela ! Fiorentina was nearly in serie B under him ! :)))


Paqueta himself said he prefers playing Trequatista.


Incorrect. We have tons of money


that we can’t spend


So you know more than Paqueta himself where he plays best? He said himself he wants to play as trequartista and thats where he used to play in Brazil, stop making assumptions about him


, please, don’t get it twisted. I advise to stop doing these two things as a man. 1. Stop wailing. Tell me apart from juve .. which other club in serie A is having a big mercato? Roma? Lazio? Atlanta? Napoli? Apart from manolas and inter? apart from barella. 2. Stop saying that you’re a Milan since ’82 for you don’t sound it at all. Some of us here are grown men with grown kids almost through in high school.


Good choice as he is not worth more than 40 millions since he is not a fixed player for neither athletic Madrid nor Argentina national team. Milan is being smart.


Apparently spurs are trying to sign him which isn’t going down well with their fans, calling him average and overpriced. Probably read his stats which aren’t impressive, not for that amount of money anyway. To be honest I’m having second thoughts bout him now myself.


could Depay, Everton, Rebic, Joaquin Correra, Keita also manage that role?


His stats are the definition of bang average and no one should be paying 50m for him, Madrid can keep him

If we cave and pay 50m Maldini should be fired