Reina: “We put in a quality performance against Benfica, we are improving, we have to fix things but that’s normal”

Pepe Reina during Benfica-Milan at Gillette Stadium on July 28, 2019. (

Pepe Reina believes what matters is how Milan play in pre-season after losing for the second time in a row.

Gianluigi Donnarumma produced a string of great saves in the first half against Benfica last night at Gillette Stadium, but Pepe Reina – who replaced Gigio on half time – kept all of Benfica’s shots out expect for one, as Taarabt’s 70′ minute strike hit Lucas Biglia and beat Pepe.

Milan have still not won a single game this pre-season but the sensations are still positive as Marco Giampaolo’s side has been playing good football.

“We’re improving, we’re looking to take on the coach’s ideas and we’re trying to put them into practice during every game,” Reina told MilanTV at the end of the game, before heading back to Italy. “On Sunday, we put in a quality performance and it’s just a shame about the result but how we played is the important thing. It’s important for us all to get minutes in our legs at this time, get up to speed to improve, gain confidence and play like how the coach asks.

“I like to play further away from my goal and have a defense that presses a lot. We’re quite clear about how the coach thinks about playing. We’ll certainly have to fix some things but that’s normal.”

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