Leão to undergo his Milan medical tomorrow ahead of move from Lille, Duarte to arrive in Italy soon as well

Rafael Leão celebrating during Nimes-Lille at Stade des Costières on December 16, 2018. (PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images)

Rafael Leão will land in Milano on Tuesday and have his medical, while Léo Duarte from Flamengo is a done deal.

Patrick Cutrone is on his way to England to complete his €18m plus €4m bonuses move to Wolverhampton Wanderers. His replacement in the squad is already known: 20-year-old Rafael Leão.

Milan have struck a deal with Lille for Leão, who is called by some ‘the Portuguese Mbappé’. The Rossoneri are expected to pay €30 million for him, while giving Lille a percentage from a future sale. In addition, young center back Tiago Djaló should move to Lille from Milan Primavera for €5m.

According to Milannews.it, Leão will tomorrow fly to Italy to have his medical with the club. He should then sign a five-year contract with the club. Rafael joined Lille just last summer on a free transfer after finishing his contract with Sporting, where he grew up; he scored 8 goals in 26 games.

Léo Duarte and Brenner during Fluminense-Flamengo at Maracanã Stadium on June 9, 2019. (Photo by Bruna Prado/Getty Images)

Milan are getting a reinforcement in attack, but also in defense as the arrival of 23-year-old Léo Duarte is confirmed. “I’m sure that Duarte will certainly play at Milan and will do very well in Serie A,” said Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus last night. The Diavolo are set to pay €10m plus €1m of bonuses for the center-back. RadioRossonera expects him to be in Italy on Tuesday and have a medical this week.

The transfer market of Milan is alive and after virtually completing the sale of Cutrone and bringing Leão and Duarte, they can now focus on selling more players and making more changes.

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Medicore Players I have seen ABSOLUTELY 0% difference Players like Suso, Hakan. Kessie (Absolutely AWFUL, Football IQ probably 0) anyway what im saying is the club is tighter than a ducks arse. They are like the cheap and nasty version of Pep Style footy. I will bet anyone nothing will change. Why am i so confident…..quality players and managers require £ end of. Btw i am not angry etc simply managing my own expectations. I know the difference between good and quality players. Even Paqueta, his judgement in passing is awful and he reminds me of that kid in my… Read more »


IKhan. U dont understand football and u dont understand economics. Milan dont have money and dont have a good team. Therefore they are trying what every one else would, sell one player for 10 million, purchase another for 10 million, and the one thing u have got right the the player worth 10 million on paper is similiar in quality to another player worth 10 million. So u are absolutely right nothing seem to change, only milan management and real fans are hoping incoming player performs better the outbound player. Paqueta with despite all his faults is a very young… Read more »

Bajan Milanatic

Mdn don’t think for a second that Milan doesn’t have any money. The main reason we asked to be excluded from Europa football was so that we could invest within this mercato with little to no restraint.


You are totally correct. Milan have plenty of cash available, we are slightly hamstrung, however, by the complete joke that is FFP. A nonsense.

Benson Milan

You’re right Mdn003! Plus every other players Milan try to bring have either asked high salary or are not interested because they want to play in Champions League, and some so called Milan fans in here have no clue what’s going on behind the scene and ask for Messi and Cristiano Ronalo, etc… Ceballos didn’t come because Real only want to loan him with no option to buy. Before you come here and talk like experts in football management, try to do some research and use your common sense if you really do have.

Bajan Milanatic

Your reference to Pep gives me the impression that you’re probably about twelve years old and therefore not qualified to discuss serious matters of football.


serious matters of football XD. delusion is part of this blog I guess. plz don’t talk as if you were a real football specialist and actually understood the minor yet important points and strategies of the game. this is a fan blog, so stop with the BS and get off your high horse.

Bajan Milanatic

Levano, I’ll make a wild assumption and conclude that your comment was in reference to my earlier comment,so I will respond in kind. First off, I wasn’t referring to you in particular, but to anyone who would suggest that Pep and his style of football is the epitome of coaching and transfer deals. There has been many great coaches before Pep and they will be many more after him. Giampaolo is one who I personally think will become a winning coach as well. So, if you are someone who thinks that he’s the yard stick by which all coaches should… Read more »

Baresis Dream

That’s a fair if a bit too harsh of an assessment. We are spending a lot of money this summer it seems, and now the proof is upto the players. Paquetta and Suso (and even Hakan) have qualities, but they don’t seem to be good enough to be top class in several positions. I certainly wasn’t that impressed with suso as ACM for instance. Also Piatek needs to prove he can be consistent throughout seasons, and in playing with another striker next to him. There is a lot of work to be done, and it make sense to hope for… Read more »


Correra is the one left to arrive, as after Suso’s surprisingly good performance vs Benfica I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays. There are rumors of Biglia going to Genoa and a low-cost solid CDM would be a great ending for this interesting Mercato. IDK what are we gonna do with A.Silva, Borini, Strinic, Laxalt, and A.Donnarumma though.


2019-20 Milan:

subs: Plizzari, Reina, Duarte, Musacchio, Conti, R.R., new CDM, Chalha, Bona, Krunic, Castillejo and Leao.


I think we wuld be forced to keep either Strinic or laxalt, due to Hernadez injury


Strinic, most likely as he was actually used in our friendlies. Laxalt, A.Silva and Borini should hopefully give us 50M+20M from Cutrone. with our current loss of 77M after Correra’s purchase would live us in 50M loss.

Shadow Storm

I don’t know if Strinic will stay. He was used in the I CAN cause Laxalt was in vacation. I think Giampaolo will like Laxalt speed and might wanna keep him

Baresis Dream

I would keep Borini as an alternative to the full backs and sell both Laxalt and RicRod. We (thank goodness) have no europa-nothing league this season, and either one of the two will fetch much more money than Borini. I can’t see us making more than 5 mil on him. And as much as I like RicRod defensively and in the buildup phase, he doesn’t have the pace nor drive that our new apparent style requires. Laxalt doesn’t offer anything that Borini doesn’t, so he’s a no brainer for me.


Lol. Sell not one but TWO natural left backs to make way for borivaldo the ballon d’or winner. Spoken like a true le midtable
Oh, and “henry might’ve drifted once or twice in his career”

The Big Dog

I don’t like the way Milan does business but then again who does? Lille got the better deal here. They have sold Milan a player that has not been fully tried. While we have given them Djalo who I seriously believe will be the very best CB in the world soon. Mark my words. As long as he is given enough games and he stays healthy. There won’t be a better defender than him in 3-4 years. Fortunately for lille, Djalo could have a break through next season already. Guess what? I won’t be surprised if he is sold for… Read more »


Join the discussion… Leave suso to go


Elliot owns AC Milan and Lille..so we can always get him back..that’s y leao’s deal is swift and sweet..that guy wld explode under giampaolo.. believe..pls add me to any Milan WhatsApp group..08149477040


Lets hope the final derails favours us with first refusal or buy back options


Tiago Djalo was a flop at Milan Primavera ! If he was so good as you said he would have played at Sporting in the first team or some games in the Portugal under 20 team. He is a prospect but he didn’t show anything until now. I’ve seen all his games at Primavera and he was a disappointment ! The decision to keep Gabbia and sell Djalo is the right one. Gabbia will be a star, has elegance, passing, tackling, technique and a lot of calm !


Gabbia looked nervous against Benfica

Bajan Milanatic

Big Dog, you said Lille got the better deal because Milan got a player that hasn’t fully been tried, so are you saying that Djalo has fully been tried?

Coach Seedorf

So, according to you Big Dog, Maldini who is one of the greatest defenders to play this game knows nothing about a top quality cb prospect when he sees one, which is why he sold Djalo for so cheap and decided we keep Gabbia and get Duarte instead. Nice logic. Maldini, Massara and Boban know this game better than us. Let’s allow them work. All their signings are beautiful so far. Just read today that Bennacer completed the most dribbles in Seria A last season, was surprised to see that . I only frown at losing Cutrone but what can… Read more »


That Gazidis effect


The only aspect in which Leao is weaker than Patrick is that he is not used to italian style of play. He is faster, stronger, more technical, built to be both SS or ST. He can support Piatek as a starter he won’t be Piatek’s reserve, Patrick would have been Piatek’s reserve. I like Leao and I hope he can show his enormous potential at AC Milan ! If Andre Silva leaves, probably Correa or another SS will come here ! The first eleven of AC Milan is very good except Romagnoli’s partner, I don’t trust neither Musacchio or Duarte…… Read more »


Not entirely Correra, Bennacer, Caldara and Suso have to prove themselves and prove that the hype around them is justifiable. The rest of the starting 11 will have a solid season 100% sure about that.

Bajan Milanatic

Levano, where is the hype surrounding Suso??
Please tell me, because it’s obvious to me that most of you who comment on this blog don’t like Suso, so I would love to know where this hype is!


Yeah cause that was the point that I was trying to showcase… Those 4 need to step up for our season and starting 11 to be considered strong. Did it become easier to understand once I dumbed it down for you?!

Bajan Milanatic

Apparently not, because I’m still at a loss as to how Suso is hyped so maybe you need to dumb it down for me some more.
Over the last two seasons Suso has been our best player statistically, that’s facts and not hype.


Some Milan fans still live in 90s Milan don’t have money with ffp it’s getting worst so u have to come with plan long project I believe we have to believe no choice but see Ben Nasir and Paquetá Piatek kessi they are all good good player they just need a coach a real and giampaoli is

soheil balini

Nooooooooooooooooo 😐


Leao is a mystery I am curious about but calling him “portoguese Mbappe” is just nonsense and he is not worth sacrificing Cutrone imo. Correa is too expensive, should consider Blade Keita who can leave Monaco for 25 millions and he’s really good playing SS. Leo Duarte is total waste of money although he would “only” cost 11 millions. Gabbia should be considered as a back up until Caldara comes back. Keita for 25 millions would save us 20 millions they would additionally spend on Correa and Gabbia instead of Duarte would save us 11 millions, meaning they could invest… Read more »

Allu Allu

For the MD Bourigeaud and Moro. Still sad about Cutrone 🙁