Borini: “Giampaolo wants to play in a different way than we were used to, I’m learning to play as a mezz’ala”

Fabio Borini during a Bogliol event. (

Fabio Borini likes Milan’s new way of playing under Marco Giampaolo and says he’s available for a midfield position.

The Rossoneri take on Benfica at 21:00 CEST tonight and Borini is expected to start once again in the mezz’ala role.

Last night, Fabio sat alongside new coach Marco Giampaolo in a press conference to talk ahead of the game:

“The coach wants to play in a different way than we were used to, which is somehow more complex but also more entertaining, you feel involved throughout the whole game,” the 28-year-old Italian said.

It’s not sitting back and waiting for the opponent to attack but it’s playing offensively, which is how Milan used to play when I was a kid – Milan were dominating the whole 90 minutes of the game. This is the coach’s idea of football and we like his idea because we like playing attacking football and keeping possession rather than playing a passive game.

“Playing as a mezz’ala? Before the tour started, the coach told me that we had lots of players out for that position, with Kessié and Paquetá still on vacation, and Krunić who has only just arrived [and is not 100% fit yet]. He asked me to play in a three-man midfield and I obviously accepted because I knew this is what the coach needed and I’m learning to play in a new position, which can always come out handy for myself and the team.

“Where do I see myself in September? Waiting for the birth of my second daughter. The ICC provides high-quality matches before the league season. It’s important, as is increasingly making yourself known abroad in order to expand your horizons with fans throughout the world in mind.”

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El pharaoh

Respect borini. He does what’s needed and more

zahid hossain



The ultimate backup player.


And let’s hope that is where he stays, rooted to the bench for the vast majority of games, rather than starting about 30.

Forza Milan!

zahid hossain



Mezzala Borini.



John Bernard

This word got me high (It’s not sitting back and waiting for the opponent to attack but it’s playing offensively)

zahid hossain

Ya, that’s the spirit, Agreed

zahid hossain

Me n most of the Milan fans don’t like Borini but its also true that Borini is the cheapest back up player of our squad n current FFP situation with unexpected injury issue makes it more important to keep such hard working player who can give his 100% hard work for atleast 30/40 minutes…. Mr Giampaolo is a very smart coach n he knows when, where n how to use a player very well……i m positive abt our upcoming season, we shall smile after a long period…… Full support to dear Maldini Management …. Good luck Milan


We want you to leave as soon as possible. We do not need your opinion on GIampaolo and that is not your business. You should go back to whatever lower echelon clubs in English premiership you came from. Every minute you wearing that glorious shirt infuriates us.


Let hope we have a great season