Piątek: “I want to improve and become Capocannoniere, Giampaolo a ‘maestro’ of football and his ideas are clear, the number 9 shirt does not scare me”

Krzysztof Piątek before Bayern Munich-Milan at Children’s Mercy Park on July 23, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

Krzysztof Piątek has spoken at length to La Gazzetta dello Sport, saying he wants to do better than he did last season.

Milan are in the middle of their pre-season tour in the United States and on Sunday they return to the pitch, taking on Benfica at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

While the boys of Giampaolo are working in America, the leadership of the Diavolo (apart from Ivan Gazidis) is in Milano working on the transfer market, trying to find a new attacking partner for Piątek.

The Polish striker gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Marco Pasotto and even before sitting down, Krzysztof already laid down some ground rules for the interview: “Please, let’s talk about football. No questions about my private life, we’re here for the ball, right?”

Krzysztof Piątek during training. (@acmilan.com)

“What differences exist between last season and this one? Last season was a great season for me. This will be different because there’s a new coach and a new game system. I’m interested in staying focused on this because I want to find myself ready. The main objective is to play in the Champions League and the biggest regret is not having already succeeded.

“From 1-10 how happy am I to wear the #9 shirt? 11… I’m very happy to have it on my shoulders. The 9 is an important number for a striker, all the best have it: Lewandowski, Suarez, Benzema, Kane… I’m happy because the club believed in my qualities, they told me that I should conquer it, while I said that I would fight with all my strength to have it, and I did.

“The Inzaghi curse around the #9 Milan shirt? I don’t believe in superstition and in this curse. For me, the #9 is normal, everything will be fine like with the #19. I’ll be in great shape, you’ll see. It doesn’t scare me. If I’ve given myself an objective in terms of goals? I don’t want to say a specific number because if I don’t get it then everyone would just talk about that. Simply, I would like to score in every game. I know I won’t make it, but that’s the mission.

Krzysztof Piątek during Milan-Novara at training center Milanello on July 19, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

“The objective is to score more than last season, you always have to improve. It is said that the second season is always more difficult than the first? It has never been like that for me. I’ve always managed to improve myself. In the last three seasons in league campaigns I scored 11, 21 and 22 goals. In the next season I want to improve even more.

“How surprised I am about myself? I’m a little surprised about last season. The first season in Italy could have been just for the purposes of acclimatization and instead I scored a lot. But I’m one who believes in his own means. Where would I like to improve more? Maybe in dead-balls. And also in shooting, it’d be better to improve it. If I have to choose one thing, I’d say scoring more with my left foot and maybe improving my shot from 20-25 meters.

Krzysztof Piątek during training. (@acmilan.com)

“How do I find myself with Giampaolo, who’s been called a ‘maestro’? He’s a ‘maestro’ of football, I confirm. At a tactical level, every detail is fundamental for him and he spends a lot of time explaining in training. For me, it’s a good thing, he has a lot of ideas about the game. I like the 4-3-1-2 because it gives many offensive solutions. In Italy I’ve already had four coaches, he is the 5th, and everyone had their own strengths but he is the best tactically. He has many ideas and they are all clear.

“How sorry am I for Gattuso? He is a legend and also has a slightly crazy character as a coach like he had as a player [laughs]. He loves Milan to death. He took on a lot of responsibilities and he arrived at the end tired and drained. In the second part of last season I was a bit isolated, like I was against Bayern Munich? The last two months of last year were difficult for me and for the team. We didn’t play well, we were too tired. I think the defeat in the derby changed our mindset a bit. At the beginning I was always scoring and afterwards it was very difficult.

“If I’m better as a lone striker or with a partner? For me both solutions are fine, but perhaps I prefer to have a partner next to me. Another striker helps create space, being a lone against two defenders is more difficult. Which striker would I dream of playing alongside? Cristiano Ronaldo, and Shevchenko. When I arrived in Italy, who would have thought that I’d score more than CR7… But I want to improve and become Capocannoniere. I will do everything to succeed.

“What else do I see in my future? I’m a person who doesn’t think about the future. Now I’m here in the US, focused on the present. However, as I said, my objective is to play in the Champions League and to win a trophy, just like in my national team the objective is to qualify for the EURO’s.

“It will be a year without European competition for Milan? It’s not a good thing but I remained focused on the next objectives. We can make it to the Champions League, we have a great team and a new module. Milan will play with a trequartista who could be Paquetá? Yes, we understand each other well on the pitch. He knows how I like to receive the ball, when to give it to my feet and when to send it deep. We understand each other and it’s important. There’s also Suso? I think it’s a bit more difficult for him. Suso is a winger, while to play behind the strikers you will need to do specific work. He obviously has all the qualities to do it.

Krzysztof Piątek during training. (@acmilan.com)

“I’m the only certainty in attack with all exits and arrivals? I’m in a good situation, but I have to fight to always improve myself. The important thing is to help the team. But I must admit that I’m very happy because I feel the confidence of the club, and I intend to repay it with goals.

“Theo Hernández said he wants to make history with Milan? For me it’s a pleasure to play here, there were many legendary players and by going to the pitch I want to get closer to their level, because Milan is a club that has everything to win the Champions League. But the first step is to get there, after that everything is possible. In the meantime, we have to start the season very strong.

Krzysztof Piątek on the plane before taking off to the USA on July 20, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

“What do I like and what I don’t like about Italian football? I like pretty much everything, I love it. But I don’t like the fact that people talk about it too much, they all talk about football even when they don’t know about it. You’re looking for sensationalism and I don’t like it.

“How important is my father for me? I talk to him every 2-3 days, always after games. He taught me to work hard. His existence has always been like that. He’s the first coach of my life, many qualities of my character have come from his figure. The most obvious qualities? I work a lot and I’m hungry for goals. As for in my private life, I can’t say – you should ask my wife Paulina. If we like living in Milano? We’re great, it’s a beautiful city. We live in the center but we like to lead a quiet life. There’s everything, and the same is true for the club: it’s like a family and everything is perfect.

Krzysztof Piątek during training. (@acmilan.com)

“If my dad and I are both Milan fans? I confirm. This teaches that in life everything is possible: as a child I was a fan and now I play with this shirt. To think that my dad watched Zagłębie Lubin-Milan in the UEFA Cup in 1995 when Maldini was on the pitch, and now he’s my boss… what a fantastic thing.

“What crazy thing would I do if we qualify for the Champions League? I would dye my hair white… but I don’t believe I’d last more than a day… If I ever thought of changing the way I celebrate a goal? No, I will never change it. For me it’s a talisman.”

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He will be capocannoniere ! He is letal but he also need support from behind and from his partner. Let’s hope Paqueta/Suso and Correa will help him to score a lot !


Yeah I hope so. I’m pleased that Piatek actually believes that Milan can win the CL because it’s not enough to just wear the shirt and play the games for the players own pleasure. That’s not a good Mentality. Milan should always believe in Winning. With the eventual arrival of a quality support striker for Piatek and a CB partner for Romagnoli, Milan would lack nothing. And if Bennacer improves with us, he could be the most important Milan player since Pirlo. He is more like Xavi with great mentality and determination who just don’t pass the ball but actually… Read more »


I like a lot the idea of Gabbia starter


I think Kessie will start ahead of Krunic.


That’s obvious kassie is beast


I don’t care if Kessie is a beast or a monster A good coach wants to know wat u can do with the ball. Kessie is a midfielder that as a very poor passing accuracy,he lacks technique, poor decision making, wrong attacking nd final balls, I don’t ever see Kessie above krunic, Giampaolo is nt Gattuso, he his very detailed Abt the statistics of all the players nd knw a bit or more of what they can offer him, Krunic had already played for Giampaolo at Empoli. If Kessie can improve on is bad side good for him, he might… Read more »


I think so too.


Lolz Hopefully krunic nd Kessie will be on the bench The link with Oscar makes me happy as the player confirmed is in talks with Milan bt Inter too. I hope we sign him. Piatek Correa Oscar Paqueta Calhanoglu Bennacer Hernadez Romagnoli Duarte Calabria Donnarumma Bench: Suso Leão :in Silva :out Cutrone :out Maldini Castillejo Borini :out Kessie Bonaventura Biglia Krunic :in Strinic :out Laxalt :out Rodríguez Conti Caldara Gabbia Musacchio Reina A.Donnarumma This 26 Guys suld get us champions league spot If anyone else suld be sold from the bench sell Kessie if the guy those nt improve himself.… Read more »

Joseph Fori

I love his confidence.

Baresis Dream

The remark about Suso playing in the hole behind the strikers is probably the most important one of the interview – Piatek is honest enough to afmit it won’t work.


Now it’s being reported that Suso will be used to bring Fazio to Milan… I know Suso doesn’t fit but Fazio?


We already got Duarte frm Flamengo so no fazio nonsense, if they want Suso they pay full our demands or include Zaniolo in the negotiations.
The sold flop like Bertolacci nd collected there sum in full.

Bajan Milanatic

He never said that it won’t work, but nice try though….lol


It will be difficult for him, Infact very difficult at the beginning, so I don’t knw how long we will have to wait for him to adapt to that role,
For me I think we should jst get Oscar seing there is already a link between him Nd Milan.
Let him sit on the bench if he can’t adapt quickly
Isco sits on the bench in Madrid even bale at times
This is Milan no player is bigger than wat we intend to achieve, if they can’t fight for there spot, let them leave.

Emmy Apache

Milan should please think before giving out Suso to Roma. Suso is a very important player for us and we might decide in future to change our system of playing for some games


Ofcuz the Milan coach thinks too, that’s why both Suso nd Castillejo are both still in Milan Jst incase we want to switch plays to wingers they are the only natural right wingers we ve, so we ar covered, nd both Correa nd Leão can play on the left wing too, so Maldini nd Boban are planning well to diversify the team to need of the coach, till now they are all doing a great job. With Duarte, Leão,Correa nd Oscar we ar good to go. Oscar plays behind the strikers nd can also play as attacking midfielder on both… Read more »


Immense striker, one of the best in Europe. We need to create chances for him or he’s wasted. Seems to be proving difficult to get rid of players and bring anymore in at moment, but just read a report on pizzarro we have been offered. Looks a good player perfect to play behind our strikers and would only cost 8 million from monteery.


We have a new signing, Luan Capanni. He is a 19 year old striker/attacking midfielder. He is gonna go to the primavera team but i think we should travel him to USA to practice with the first team. This kid has a lot of potential


Ok I’m confused. We were told there wouldn’t be crazy spending but yet we reportedly agreed 35m transfer for Rafael leao. I ain’t going to pretend to know this guy so for whoever does, is he good?


He is good, with crazy potential.. but idk about spending 35 mil on him right now