Report: No agreement between Monaco and A. Silva over personal terms yet, but it has no effect on the Correa deal

André Silva during training at Milanello. (

André Silva to Monaco could be called off but Milan are still expected to sign Ángel Correa from Atletico Madrid.

André Silva was in France today for his Monaco medical ahead of his €30m move to Ligue 1 and he was expected to be well on his way to signing a five-year deal.

However, everything could fall through. This evening, and others reported that André may not join Monaco.

There were rumours initially that Silva had failed his medical, but according to Pietro Mazzara of MN there are no physical problems. Instead, the problem lies in the financial agreement that is missing between the parties. André believes that Monaco low-balled him with their offer.

At the moment, the parties are far from each other and there is a genuine risk that the deal will get called-off. makes it clear, however, that this has no impact on the Ángel Correa transfer.

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Please let’s give Andre another chance…….
Secondly we need a third striker….


I always believe cutrone is the one to sell not silva if he come back i will be more than happy

Martin Bernhard

the kid didnt want to fight for his spot amongst the starting 11 last year and demanded to be loaned out even though both gattuso and the Club wanted to keep him so in my view he really doesnt desserve to get another chance. The faster he leaves the Club the better for all parts involved.

Baresis Dream

Martin, who cares? Are we dating the kid or something? The only questions we should be asking is who can help us reach our goals faster.

I think Silva has a lot of potential, but he hasn’t shown yet that he’s ready to lead a CL-level team’s frontline. That’s the only thing that should matter when considering whethet he should stay or not (well, that and his price).

Martin Bernhard

No offcourse not Baresis Dream but if you think he will accept a lesser role this year than the last one well then i think you are in for a surprise if he stays and doesnt become a starter. He proved last year his ego is too big to sit on the bench and to fight for his spot as a starter and for what reason may i ask ? most of his goals so far in his career has been against lesser or subpar oppositions, It Means a lot to have a good and stable team morale and avoid… Read more »


From what I see the coach wants to make Castilejo an SS, we can play with two strikers bt one should be able to dribble nd bit a man. Bt currently Piatek, Cutrone nd Silva are all alike so we need a different mix up front


Samu can play as an SS but Correa looks much better in youtube. I don’t understand why his statistic doesn’t reflect that


True. Castilejo has speed, and great shot power. I think in a full season we will need 4 attackers. Piatek, Correa (or Silva), Cutrone and Castilejo should be good enough.
Honestly, I would prefer Correa over Silva. His movements will trouble defenders which will create a lot of space for others to punish the goal keeper.


I’m still very sorry for this kid’s failure in Milan he was one of the prospects I was really excited about as I followed him in Porto.

Maybe Wolves would be an option for him since Cutrone is not convinced and they already have a lot of Portoguese players on their books.

Neves as counterpart? Just my wet dreams


Beppe Riso met Maldini, Boban duo and judging from his agents we either are trying Suso-Cristante swap with Roma, Laxalt-Baselli with Torino and the least likely option Valoti from Spal. The rest are either useless or already had their big transfers.


Zaniolo or Under is the only Roma player that makes sense for a swap for Suso. Laxalt for Baselli is a good idea though.


Under is a winger, Schick would be a better match and is exactly want we need upfront


Well… this sucks. Theo just had a nasty ankle twist… stretcherd off the field. Let’s hope he’ll be ready for the start of the season, but I doubt it. Sad. He looked good too


It really sucks and he was playing so well. I hope it’s not as bad as it looks. I’m pretty annoyed by Bayern Munich players aggressive play. It’s just a freaking friendly for crying out loud. Jeez! Smh


I witnessed it to, sad thing to happen after such a fresh start.


Hope he’s ok. Would be such rotten luck.

Baresis Dream

Oh for f@&ks sake … we haven’t even started yet


Its a god damn pre season. Coach finding it hard to sub already..


That’s because Giampaolo wants to see certain players so that he can decide whether or not to keep them or offload them like Castillejo and Borini who I’m sure will most likely be sold.


I really hope this was the last game I see Borini and Chalhanoughlo on the pitch for AC Milan!


Well, we got a tactics class, the team looks really disorganized but is understandable, Gabbia and Maldini are really exciting. Castillejo continues his poor form, he needs to go his market value will drop. Biglia showcasing why can’t he be a regista, he doesn’t know the word vertical. Piatek wasn’t in the box where he should. Anyway we have plenty of time to improve Forza Milan


Let’s not forget we’re only 10 days in. At times I thought the players still were playing a 4 3 3. Gabbia was really solid and I think he should be considered an option for this season. Theo looked lively and so unfortunate for his injury, hopefully its a quick recovery! This game just goes to show how much we need a secondary striker like Correa. Piatek barely touched the ball and didn’t get a chance. Castillejo looked better as a trequartista than a striker. It’s still so early as these players looked tired and at times looked like they… Read more »


Lol, hopefully, yes, at times the team look very confused, perhaps because only Calabria Donna and Piatek played on the role they’re used to. I hoped for a more serious team but still 1-0 with Bayern up front is no easy task. I have mixed feelings about this match.

BTW at times it seemed like 4231-442-4312 if Giampaolo plans to do it he is nuts but in a good way.

Baresis Dream

Well the deal did sound too good to be true; looks like we might be stuck with Silva. Don’t get me wrong, I see the talent in him that everyone else sees – but 40 mil (his price 2 years ago) should be spent by a team like ours on an absolute game changer; nothing less. And Silva doesn’t seem to be there yet.


That’s very true. He’s clearly talented and quite underrated at the moment. But indeed he is not a player who you start building your team with. He could be a great addition in a well structured team though and I believe he could flourish. So from this point view he came to the wrong moment.
If he stays, I still believe that this year he could do well because he always seemed to perform way better next to another stricker (contrary to lone stricker role which we kept using the last years).

Baresis Dream

Completely agreed Al83. If you have a squad at Juve’s level you can (and should) gamble on potential talents that might one day grow into superstars. A club in Milan’s position needs to think about the now.


I don’t even see any talent in his game! He is lazy and not very good off the ball. He needs constant support. He is not a good match for a SS.


Ughhh only if we could get rid of our dead meats and buy some exciting prospects with the money. Maybe Wolverhampton will buy him?