Bonera: “I’m really happy to be here, Giampaolo is very well-prepared and he wants to give me responsibilities”

Daniele Bonera on the plane during the flight to the USA on July 20, 2019. (

Daniele Bonera has spoken about his return to Milan and working in the staff of Marco Giampaolo.

Bonera retired from football and made his return to Milan this summer as he is a part of the coaching staff of Giampaolo.

Daniele, who played for Milan from 2006 to 2015, flew with the squad to the United States yesterday and during the flight he spoke to MilanTV about different things:

“The call from Giampaolo? When he was in talks with Milan, as I was thinking of giving up playing, I had the opportunity to join the coaching staff and I took this opportunity. Now, I’m really happy to be here. I could have continued to play for Villarreal but it would meant somehow forcing myself. I probably had already made up my mind and this opportunity I had made my decision a bit easier.

“My role in the staff? In these first days, the coach has asked me to actively take part in the training sessions, I’ve only just retired and I already have to put my boots on again. The coach wants to give me responsibilities, he’s done it since the beginning. For instance, the other day Theo Hernandez was playing left back and also because I speak Spanish, I was helping him.

Marco Giampaolo during training at Milanello. (

“My return? The first day, entering the gates of Milanello was really exciting. It has always been a fascinating and historic place. Having just retired, I perfectly know what’s on the players’ minds. Although, this is a different job, I’m no longer a player and I have to adapt to this new role.

“I was curious to find out Giampaolo’s coaching methods and I must say, he’s very well-prepared, who is very keen on accuracy, because only by making very few mistakes one can achieve great results. And the players have shown great willingness, which is a good sign.

“Working under Maldini? It was a pleasure to see Maldini again, he’s motivated because he knows it’s a big responsibility, especially for him, being a Milanista, and we’re all here to support him trying to have a great season. Maldini, Boban and Massara are three great professionals and having them here at Milan makes the club stand proud.

“The International Champions Cup? Playing against top clubs [Bayern and Benfica] is a challenging test. We mustn’t though forget we have only just resumed training. The boys worked really well at Milanello and we want to keep up the good work also in the USA. The players are all very professional, they know when they can joke around but have always shown they are eager to work hard. And, most importantly, are always fully-focused. It’s a solid basis to work on.

“The flight to the US? Fun things happen on the plane. Usually, flights remind me of the great victories, when you come back from important matches… I still remember flying back from Athens, which was a short flight, but pretty intense.”

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And then the Lord emerged from the yellow submarine, hidden deep in the sea, and bestowed his defensive abilities to Conti.

Martin Bernhard

Haha hey there Ink long time no see well to be fair before his injuries rather soon after he arrived he was a pretty decent talent playing for the national team but after that regardless of his profesionalism i wanted him out many years before he eventually did leave us. I dont mind him in our coaching team though as long he doesnt injure our players while apparently actively participating in the training sessions.


Hehe yeah been a while, will be back more when the season starts.
And yeah Bonera in the coaching team is nice, at least for making Lord jokes lol.
And hope he can show professionalism to the younger players.

Martin Bernhard

Hope everything is well and good to have you back, i pretty much just asumed you got tired of the troll factory running wild here from time to time. Never been a fan of all that lord talking not even for the real lord, Bendtner, and im a dane. Yeah im sure he can offer something to the staff and squad even though he wasnt exactly our most beloved player by us the fans when active he allways seemed to have a great repour with the squad and Club well maybe minus amelia.


giampaolo sacked by ac milan, bonera will replace him

Andreas Kurniawan

This is exactly what I am afraid of..


The return of THE LORD