André Silva set to leave Milan and join Monaco, the Rossoneri are expected to get €30m from the sale of the striker

André Silva during training at Milanello. (

André Silva will leave Milan in the coming days, with the Diavolo making a €9m capital gain from the sale.

Silva returned to Milan after a loan spell at Sevilla and even flew with the squad to the United States yesterday. But he’s ready to return to Italy and then head straight to Monaco as his sale is virtually done.

Sky,, Sportmediaset and others report that the deal between Milan and Monaco has been reached.

The Diavolo will get around €30m for Silva, who they got from Porto two seasons ago for €38m. As noted by MN, Milan will make a €9m capital gain from this departure, while saving around €4m gross in salaries. The 24-old Portuguese also has an agreement in place with the French club.

André has already greeted his teammates and has left the training camp of the Rossoneri. He is now getting ready for his new adventure and he will hope to revive his career after two difficult years. Silva’s agent, Jorge Mendes, is behind the operation and the sale of Silva would allow Milan to pursue Ángel Correa of Atlético Madrid, thus permitting Atlético to sign Mendes’ client James Rodríguez.

Patrick Cutrone is another player who could leave Milan this summer, but at the moment he is not enthusiastic about joining Wolverhampton Wanderers and he’d rather stay or join a bigger club.

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These guys are really good if they managed to sell Silva for, 30mil even though he’s done very little for so long.

I honestly did not think they’d been able to sell him


We could have sold him to Sevila for 30mil as well, but Milan wanted 35mil as that was the buy out clause in the loan deal, so that deal collapsed (they benched him after that, he scored 11goals and 3assist in half season in Sevila). Price around 30mil is realistic for him on todays market and its a good deal for every one involved.


He strugled with injurys as well, officaly i just check he is still injured, so i hope there wont be problems with the medical.

Martin Bernhard

Rossi, frankly i doubt they would have bought him for 30 mil if they could as it seemed like the Silva/Sevilla relationship had gone sour. Besides of that if i remember correctly then his last goal was in february and most of his goals was scored in the first two months of his loan so pretty inconsistent player that in my view is hyped well above his actual qualities.


Yes the relationship between Silva and Sevila went sour, but that was after they benched him, he got benched mainly because they couldn strike a deal for permanent transfer with Milan as i explained, so he hardly played in the second part of the season. He is not a bad player, but i agree he was overhyped and we overpayed for him, Monaco would be good for him and for everyone else.

Martin Bernhard

Well his last goal was in february and again if i remember correctly then his last goal before that was in mid october so regardless of us demanding what we actually agreed upon to begin with then i dont blame them as he is inconsistent and in my view also has an attitude problem. Didnt he score four of his goals in one match and two against Madrid and something like 7 goals in his first 8 matches ? thats over half of all his goals the entire season. so seems like he had a huge form dip allmost from… Read more »


He almost played a full season and was shit most of the time he played which made them put him on the bench. Mendes is very acitvely involved in Monaco’s and wolves transfers for years. He has around 15-20+ clients in both clubs now and over that same amount of players who have already left Monaco. He is the biggest shark in the game and has way too much power.


He played only 8min after his last goal, on average he scored assisted in every 4 games thats not world class but its not shit either, which is why his price went up to 35mil, was injured for a good part of the season i dont really want to reapeat my self…you know you can just check this things online, instead of rather taking things from out of thin air. This is the main reason why this blog went down, people simply pushing some argument without first checking the facts.

Martin Bernhard

Rossi hope you wasnt implying i wasnt factual in our discussion because in general i take great pride in being well informed and commenting on facts and not just thin air. If not then my apologies for asking. On the other hand i do agree the level on this blog has dropped-


@Martin i was not replaying to you mate, i agreed with the things you said i didnt downvoted your comments. I was talking to people who claim he is a “shit” even that stats show that he is a good player, it become a normal thing on this site for people to claim what ever they want based on nothing at all.

Martin Bernhard

Ok fair enough Rossi i wasnt really sure though if it was a hint to our previous discusion but just wanted to ask because as you i also hate when people doesnt have the slightest interest in facts. Not that it really matters if people downvotes comments and doesnt really care much about that but neither did i. When that is said i allways have someone downvoting my comments and feel confident that its a few people who didnt like the fact that i showcased their ignorance. Anyways as allreasdy said i agree the level of the blog has deffently… Read more »

Benson Milan

Even so, Sevilla didn’t want him anymore. At first they wanted Milan to make a discount and Milan was willing to sell him to them at the discount price but after that they didn’t want to buy him anymore because they didn’t believe in him


Damn didn’t expect to get that much for him. Hopefully we can buy Correa without selling Cutrone. Would prefer it if Castillejo was the one to leave.


Castillejo Laxalt Bertolacci and an extension for Suso with his same wage and this will be a great Mercato.


Bertolaci alredy gone, his contract expired.


Angel Correa will change the complexion of the attack. Fast and skillful Correa with Pjatek, I am licking my lips already for the new season. Finally, this will be long awaited season for Milan revival. All hail lord Maldini!


This season will be an open competition and if Milan get the right players we be the surprise team next season like Atalanta was last season.

Baresis Dream

Good deal, good job.

olalekan mojeed

I wished him best of luck in his new team


I am glad we sell players. I hope the next ones are Casti, RicRod/Laxalt and probably Suso/Calhanoglu or both if we get Zaracho (dont know much about him but he is high rated). I hope Paqueta can play in midfield and not only behind the strikers. Also we need 1 defender and 1 midfielder but i think we are covered there (Krunic, Bona, Bennacer, Kessie, Paqueta and probably Calhanoglu if we dont find something better). And above all, keep Cutrone!


Glad Andre Silva is being transferred. He’s not Serie A material. He would have struggled even playing two strikers. I do hope that we keep Cutrone though.


What about Rodrigo de Paul from Udinese? I prefer him over Correa, he has Serie A Experience, and some solid stats. He would be a solid signing

Vitaly Gopaul

So why dont we go for James Rodriguez instead?


Because James doesn’t put in any work defensively which is why Bayern Munich and Real Madrid don’t want him. Tactically he is doesn’t have the discipline to work off the ball.


James plays cm in Real & Bayern, with us he would play in his preferred cam position

Benson Milan

No thanks. We dont need him especially for the price


I’m okay with this deal and am 100% behind Bodini but I think it’s pretty ridiculous how they’re still thinking of off-loading a potential future star in Cutrone. The Tonali interest seems to have waned too.


I really dont get it why is the menagment pushing so hard to sell Cutrone, we play with 2 strikers now so he will have pleanty of space to grow.
Rumors are Fiorentina is pushing for Tonali, Brescia wants 35mil for him.


Of topic: Can anyone tell me, when serie A starts? I cant Seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance

Martin Bernhard

24 August 2019 – 24 May 2020

from what i can see the fixtures is yet to be decided


Thank you! I am going on a trip in the opening weekend, so ill be hoping for a homegame

Martin Bernhard

No problem glad to help, hope the fixture schedule works out well for you.


DiMarzio says Correa is done deal for 50M +7M (really hard to achieve bonuses) , while MilanNews claims it done for 40M. If it’s done it’s done , no point in complainig now , let’s just hope he will justify his price , and why not ? Maybe we can look back at this deal one day and say it’s a theft ! Remember Liverpool directors thought 45M was too much for Salah , and look at him now!
With all optimism , Forza Milan!


Looks like he is Monaco bound. Perhaps he becomes a real player there. He ha talent, maybe there are issues, maybe he wasn’t ever given the chance here under a coach with no clue. I suppose 30m in the situation is decent.

Forza Milan!