Report: Ángel Correa the new name for Milan’s attack, Jorge Mendes is helping the club sell André Silva and Cutrone

Ángel Correa celebrating during Atlético Madrid-Girona at Wanda Metropolitano on January 16, 2019. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Milan are linked with a move for Ángel Correa and Jorge Mendes seems to be helping them fund the move by selling André Silva to Monaco and Patrick Cutrone to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Milan have been on the mercato for a central defender, a midfielder and a second striker, as coach Marco Giampaolo is looking to complete his squad with players functional for his  4-3-1-2.

Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia dropped the new name that Milan are considering, and that is of Ángel Correa of Atlético Madrid.

Di Marzio claims that talks are ongoing between the clubs for the 24-year-old who last season played 34 La Liga games, scoring 3 goals and assisting 2 more. Super-agent Jorge Mendes is believed to be the one orchestrating the possible move but the big obstacle is Correa’s €55m price tag.

The Sky journalist adds that the signing of Correa could be funded by selling André Silva and Patrick Cutrone. Di Marzio suggests that Mendes is working with Milan to help find new destinations for the two strikers, with Monaco interested in Silva and Wolverhampton Wanderers interested in Cutrone, who only returned to training at Milanello yesterday after finishing his summer vacation.

It remains to be seen if there’s any truth to the news, which is being echoed by Gazzetta dello Sport this morning. It seems to be against the direction of Milan to spend so much on someone like Ángel.

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No thanks


what do you mean no thanks this guy and pientek up top would be amazing … correra has been amazing for athletico who can move with the ball. you say no thanks like we have better options like neymar.


It is a good player but the sacrifice is too big. To sell both of our strikers to purchase a second striker, ok. We will have Piatek and Correa and the reserves will be ? Tsadjout and Capanni ? Maybe Castillejo… Cutrone is too good as Piatek alternative to sell him.


sell two striker who offer nothing up front… to be very direct with you andre silva has contributed nothing for us since he came. his loan spells have been unsuccessful and even if we keep him this season he would be unreliable to lead the attack. as for cutrone who is very good for his age in his position but is not compatible with our current first team striker piantek. cutrone wants to play first team football which is another thing but he doesn’t have a good link up play with piantek nor does he offer on a consistent basis… Read more »


Spending 50 milions for player wich cant score more than five goals in Spain is folish, for double less money we can get Fekir who can play trequartista or ss role and guarantee more goals and asists than Corea or can go for Depay


I absolutely agree with you £50 with the record I saw was far too much. but how much can he develop under us is the question. It is allot but again I wouldn’t mind the management spend above and beyond for a player that would work well with piantek. it would still in this circumstance which we are in now I would rather sign correa. now would I sign correa ahead of depay probably not and the reason I say probably is because first and foremost im Dutch. now I watched depay often especially for the national team but one… Read more »


I am more for option of geting Fekir, so Paqueta can play like mezzala wich he like, thats how he can be dangerous from second plan, and for Depay i belive that with god coach ass Gianpaolo he can be great, as Quagliarela last season, any way i think that we need both of tham


I think you make a point and I think I understand more why you say this price is not worth it for the player. I agree. at the same time I cant help but think correa would be of use to us. regardless of the record his play style would be very good as a second striker


I agree 100%
Why not buy Everton if they are going that way at lest they have someone who can score more than 3 goals per season


yes I agree but everton is not proven in Europe but regardless he seems to be the better option between correa and depay.

Nathan Graegin

@the truth seeker. You said cutrone doesn’t have good link up with piatek? Did you even watch the game they actually started together? Or the few games Milan put them together for more than 5 min. Cutrone showed each time he can play with anyone and got piatek the assist when they started together. When he came on piatek for more chances from cutrones crosses than our act midfield. Cutrone needs to be given a legit chance to start up top for more than 2 games. Everyone else was given at least half a season to prove themselves only for… Read more »


Im sorry im definitely not with you on that one. from the games iv seen cutrone has performed well as most of the time he does yes but he doesn’t show me anything regarding any sort of link up play, good passage of play or showing any signs of build up play with his strike partner. if you had watched the games when cutrone came on as a substitute its always towards the end of the games where all the passes from midfield are randomly flung into the box in hopes cutrone or piantek come on. one thing I do… Read more »


His finishing is below average for a striker. We should ask for a reduced price on him or direct swap with Silva. Cutrone should not be sold under any circumstances


Milan are going to buy Correa from Madrid Why? He played 34 times last season score 3 goals??
Cost is 50 to 60 million pounds
Why not buy Everton !
It makes not cents Acmilan

Coach Seedorf

He only scored 3 goals and 2 assists. Silver scored more than him in same Spanish league. Cutrone is a top class poacher. Selling both to fund Correa purchase makes no sense to me. That it’s reported b Di Marzio means it’s a really disturbing news cos it’s true it’s gonna happen

San siro

The only correa I would advice us to buy with such money is that of SS Lazio


That lazio Correa is carbage and useless


34 games two assists, no , we’re need a Little Seedorf with more assists

The Big Dog

Absolutely outrageous! I hope this is just a joke. Otherwise Milan won’t qualify to next CL because of mismanagement. Corea is overrated. Silva and Cutrone are massive potentials. Why would you want to swap those two for Corea? I’m just waiting to see how our Marceto will end so that I can truly judge if Milan will qualify for CL because at the moment, Napoli, Juve, Roma, and Inter are ahead of us. I thought we could overtake Roma but letting them have Veretout with Higuain set to join them, Roma along with Zaniolo, Kluivert, Under, Pellegrini, Spinazolla, Mancini are… Read more »


So we can get Depay for less than 40M , or Everton for 35M , but instead we try to get Correa for 55M , is Athletico trying to get Joao Felix ‘s money from us or something? Also , read something intresting , we signed Krunic and nobody knew until it was done , same for Bennacer rumors came and few hours later it was done , press only knew about Theo because they saw him with Maldini in spain , otherwise they thought Maldini went to Madrid for Modrić. Until now , Maldini and Boban made world’s best… Read more »


silly rumour, we would never spend that sort of money considering we are still trying to shake off FFP. Maldini came out this morning and said our main priority is midfield where we lost 4 players, he said this is where we need to plug the whole so 55m on correa is untrue. for midfield, i would like to see us chase Tonalli, his asking price of 30m which is high but worth it, especially if cutrone is going to be sacrificed, it would be good to allow him to join them with buyback clause, that way he will play… Read more »


Sacrificing both Silva and Cutrone for Correa with his stats… I’m not buying

Even with today’s inflated prices on market, 55 millions gets you a lot more than just Correa

Roughly estimated – Everton for 35 millions + Praet for 20 millions


It doesn’t make a lot of sense – at least as it is reported at the moment. Correa is interesting player but vastly overpriced. Hopefully it’s just rumors. Selling Cutrone for 25m is also absurd – we will be the only club to sell nowadays in prices even lower than transfermarkt. The guy’s price is 28m (few months ago it was 30m). Also Silva should get his chance – a real one this time. Coupled with another stricker seemed always to suit him a lot. Selling him for less than 35m is a bad business – at least before he… Read more »


Can anyone tell why we’re not chasing Tonali?