Scaroni: “We’ll work to build the most beautiful stadium in the world, it is fundamental to increase the revenues”

Paolo Scaroni before Milan-Atalanta at Stadio San Siro on September 23, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Paolo Scaroni has stated that ‘if we want to compete at the level where Milan must be, we must have a new stadium’.

Yesterday Milan and Inter filed with the Municipality of Milano the ‘Technical and Economic Feasibility Study’ for the new stadium and its multifunctional district.

The study includes 750 pages and within 90 days the answer from the Municipality is expected. The new stadium, should it be approved, would be built in the same area as San Siro and would have a 60k capacity.

According to il Corriere della Sera journalist Arianna Ravelli, 12k seats (20% of the stadium) would be for ‘corporate’ seats, meaning more luxurious and expensive seats. For comparison, the Juventus Stadium has 4k corporate seats (10% of the stadium), San Siro has 3k (4%) and the Emirates has 9k.

“We have worked and will work to build the most beautiful stadium in the world,” Milan President Paolo Scaroni said, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Speaking to il Corriere della Sera, he added: “In times of the Financial Fair Play, it is fundamental to increase the revenues. If Arsenal earn €120m a year from their stadium, Inter and Milan cannot remain at €40m.

How the Stadio San Siro area looks right now (left) and how the area of the new stadium would look like. (via La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“The stadium should be completed by 2023 and therefore could host the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics? The Mayor will decide… of course it would be strange to have the most beautiful stadium in the world and not use it. If San Siro will be demolished? We don’t demolish anything, the Municipality will decide.

“The decision to build a new stadium instead of renovating San Siro? The thought of letting 50,000 into a construction site every three days gives us the creeps, unless we do like Atalanta did in Reggio Emilia, but where could we go from Milano? If we will succeed in doing it in Italy? Here we are not in Italy, here we are at Milano: things are done around projects of public interest.”

Paolo Scaroni before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17, 2019. (

Scaroni also had an interview with Sky Italia: “It will be the best stadium in the world. In these hours we’ve presented the shared documentation and therefore we can say that the process has started. Milan deserve to have an entertainment center, a place where musical and sporting events take place all-year round, where there will be restaurants, places for meetings and shopping.

“We’ve proposed to revise the San Siro area with the project of the new project in order to make it an entertainment center like the big cities of the world have. Estimation of the costs is preliminary because we don’t yet have the architectural projects, but we believe it can be about €1.2 billion [for the whole project, the stadium itself will cost around €600-700m according to the media].

“A response on the presented project within 90 days? It is of public interest and therefore also of the Municipality. We expect a first answer, from which a process will start so that by the end of next year we should have all the authorizations. If it were so, by 2023 we would have the new stadium. All our competitors have new stadiums and if we want to compete in Europe at the level where Inter and Milan must be, we must have a new stadium.”

Paolo Scaroni and Ivan Gazidis before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17, 2019. (

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis also commented on the new project of the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri: “Our challenge is great, we want to do something ambitious. It is necessary to make Italian football grow,” he said according to CorSera. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that he also said: “Renovating San Siro instead? This is a much more ambitious plan. Stadiums are the basis for success of the EPL.”

In the case the Municipality rejects the plan of Milan and Inter, the clubs already have a Plan B and three other possible locations for a new stadium, with the area of Sesto San Giovanni favored.

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10 months ago

But, isnt the fact that will still be shared defeats the purpose of having an “own” stadium? Please someone explain this to me

10 months ago
Reply to  Raven

It doesnt matter if the stadium is shared. This just means that the profits will be split somehow depending on the agreement made between both clubs. This is great because Milan would have to put less capital to actually build the stadium. The best part is that any profits made in the stadium (ex.a concert) will be going to Milan and Inter, NOT the city of Milan, meaning more money to us to grow our bottom line to comply with FFP. Stadiums are huge revenue generators, especially during the off season.