Bonera officially returns to Milan, the former defender will act as an assistant in Giampaolo’s coaching staff

Daniele Bonera during a press conference at Milanello on September 17, 2012. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

Marco Giampaolo’s coaching staff has been confirmed with Francesco Conti being the assistant coach, and Daniele Bonera working with the squad as well.

Pre-season is officially underway as today the squad gathered at Milanello to meet Giampaolo and his staff for the first time.

There were some new faces at the training center today, but also a new-old face: Bonera has made his return to the club.

Daniele, who played for Milan from 2006 to 2015, had his contract with Villarreal expire on June 30 and he declined their offer to extend for another year in order to retire from football and come work under Giampaolo. Today, the staff of the new coach was officially confirmed and Bonera is listed as one of the coach’s assistants.

The rest of the staff consists of Francesco Conti (assistant coach), Samuele Melotto (fitness coach), Stefano Rapetti (fitness coach), Salvatore Foti (assistant), Fabio Micarelli (assistant), Luigi Turci (goalkeeping coach) and Emiliano Betti (assisting goalkeeping coach).

Bonera, 38, has always been a well-respected and well-liked person within the walls of Milanello and his presence will definitely allow Giampaolo to get to know Milan in a better way.

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is he the mr. X our 4th CB? or worse he’ll be the coach of our defenders?
welcome anyway…


The Lord has returned

Razòr Stack-deck

Lord Bonera

As long as he doesn’t teach / coach our defenders anything we’ll be good.
He would be great as a manager like Abbiati did after he retired


Just when you think Bonera is never to be heard of…


And there he is saying hello to every milanisti ( the lord is back)


All hail Lord Bonera! He has to die being somehow involved with Ac Milan. I hope this guy bring backs some luck so we could qualify finally for CL.


I love the Bonera trolling. But seriously, I feel he may actually be a good trainer. Usually people who aren’t great players end up being great managers.

Nathan Graegin

Lol the lord is back lol remember the last few games he played with us he actually was a beast lol one of the craziest things I saw, he looked like what he was supposed to be