Official: Theo Hernández joins Milan from Real Madrid on a five-year deal

Theo Hernández’s official. (

Theo Hernández is officially a new player of Milan, arriving in a €20 million deal.

Pre-season training starts in three days and Marco Giampaolo will have a new left-back to work with, as the transfer of 21-year-old Theo Hernández from Real Madrid has now become official.

The contract of Theo, who over the last three seasons in La Liga completed 129 dribbles (more than any other player), was deposited in the Lega Calcio yesterday and on Saturday the official came.

“Real Madrid and Milan have agreed the transfer of Theo Hernández,” Los Blancos wrote on their website. “The club would like to thank Theo for his hard work and professionalism during the time he has spent here and wishes him the best of luck in this new stage of his career.”

There was a bit of confusion on whether Milan are signing Theo on a loan with obligation to buy, or on a permanent basis, but in the end it’s a permanent deal with the total cost being €20 million. The Frenchman has signed a contract for five years and he will be making a reported €2m per season.

The statement on the official website of the Rossoneri reads:

“Milan (the Club) announces the agreement with Real Madrid Club de Fùtbol for the definitive acquisition of the registration rights of Theo Bernard Franҫois Hernández (Theo Hernández). The French left-back joins the Club on a permanent deal, penning a five-year contract until 30 June 2024. Milan has filed the contract and in the next 48 hours will complete the international transfer through the FIFA TMS system.

“Born in Marseille on October 6, 1997, Theo came through the youth ranks of Atletico Madrid and made his début in the Spanish Club’s second team in 2015. In the next season, he moved to Deportivo Alavés on loan, making 38 appearances and scoring two goals for the club. In the summer of 2017, he signed with Real Madrid FC collecting 23 appearances and winning one European Super Cup, one Spanish Super Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup and one UEFA Champions League. During the 2018-2019 season, he featured 28 times for Real Sociedad, scoring one goal.

“Over his professional career, he has made 69 appearances in the Spanish Liga, 3 in the UEFA Champions League, 16 in the Copa del Rey and one in the Spanish Super Cup. To date, Theo is the youngest defender with at least 50 appearances in the Spanish Liga since 2016/17, his début season.”

Milan are expected to complete the signing of Rade Krunić from Empoli in the next days as well, while Ismaël Bennacer’s transfer may only be announced when he’s done with the AFCON.

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Lady gaga

Young, great pace , attacking minded left back. I’m afraid this guy bullies alot of attackers which makes him my favorite ahead of left back Milan currently have. #Goodluck


Welcome to Ac – have a lovely stay

olalekan mojeed

welcome to the family of the Rossoneri


Welcome Theo


Lol that is a nice video.
Much better than the Ajax signing Kjell Scherpen video.
Good luck Theo.
However, need to improve the defensive side of his game.
At least we have our numero 13 at the left with him, so that is relief.


some Qatari guys are in talks with Elliott over the acquisition of AC MILAN how true is this news

Nathan Graegin

This news is pretty solid. I’ve read a few articles about it already. This is something that needs to happen. Milan has always been a big team. It’s time we had a billionaire o owner


Better than Ricardo Rodriguez in my opinion. Very good signing by Milan. I hope we get Dijks too so that we can offload Laxalt and possibly RR.


No, enough is enough ! We have Theo and another 3 LB. We need to sell 2 of them to recover the money spent on Theo and remain with a reserve. We don’t need another LB bought with a lot of money. We needed Theo because of his attacking skills. So let’s sell RR and one of Strinic and Laxalt


I’m not sure what you mean by enough is enough. Strinic already left and Laxalt agent already made it clear that Laxalt future is more likely away from Milan after his meeting with Maldini and Boban. It also appears that Milan are after Mitchell Dijks if offers come in for RR who is getting interest from Barcelona and a few teams in the Bundesliga. So it makes sense for Milan to pursue Dijks. I truly believe, whether we like it or not, that Theo Hernandez will be our starting LB and that will not go down well with RR since… Read more »


Where did u read that Strinic has left ?


Agreed – Laxalt is free to leave in my opinion – I’d probably keep RicRod as backup though.


Hopefully a good signing here. We need much, much more from our width and we need more goals in general!

Forza Milan!!


Eh, didn’t think we really needed him, but he’s young and has potential. Just thankful we didn’t sign that loser Mario Rui that some of you were crying for.




First of all, i was hoping that the other Hernandez family i.e.: Lucas will be coming. He impressed me in WC 2019 in Russia. Having known that he didn’t play as a starter last season and his younger brother, Theo played as a starter and contributed positively to his team, i wish Milan all the best after sealing the deal with Theo. With regards to CB, i saw a Milan primavera player with a prospective talent : Thiago Djalo. The boy reminded me with Lilian Thuram, a famous RB of French NT 1-2 decades ago. Has Maldini seen him playing… Read more »


How many games of Djalo at Primavera did u see last year ? He played 13 in the league, how many of them did u see ? He is a prospect but he is not ready yet, he made a lot of mistakes, and he still needs to adapt to italian football, there were childish mistakes that cost us points, a useless red card, he is used to lose the ball near our goal and this is not good, his games against Chievo, Inter and Atalanta were disastrous. He will improve, he has qualities but he’s not ready for AC… Read more »


Tiago Djalo was only playing in the primavera team to get settled in Italy. I believe that he will be added to the first team along with Daniel Maldini and possibly Gabbia depending on their performances in the preseason games.

zahid hossain

Good signing….last season Theo’s rating was 6.83 n rating of RR was 6.84….almost similar but Theo is attacking minded n RR is defensive minded…we should use them both n now can sell Laxalt……Now we r looking more balanced in both wing back with Calabria,Conti,RR n Theo…….well done, carry on dear Maldini

Adit Onox

Is there any probability that RR will be move as CB?Just like what happened to Maldini back then
RR can be useful as CB I think.


Maldini was tall, RR isn’t, he can’t play in a 4 defence as CB.

Adit Onox

Rr is 182, Maldini 187 while baresi and canna is more or less 175


Yes, but there were other times ! Baresi was a sweeper not a really central defender and Fabbio was an exception like Cordoba and few others ! RR is just 180 ! Musacchio is 182 and it seems small ! In nowadays the central defenders shouldn’t be less than 185/186 cm, like Romagnoli – 188, Caldara – 187, Gabbia – 186 and others, like goalkeepers shouldn’t be less than 190 cm !


Kit looks fresh

Baresis Dream

Reports saying Donna is willing to significantly lower his salary in order to stay in Milan … kindda hard to believe, but I sure hope it’s true and he will stay,


Well, that’s the only way he can stay at Milan. So that will work out best for all parties involved.


@nick don’t talk as if he is obligated to do it. All you guys that keep on hating him are delusional, the guy bleeds red and black, he always showed where his loyalty lies with milan, when everyone was boing him and Riola was doing the d*** moves as per usual, he took and signed a contract extansion. So all you d***heads out there just s*** the f*** up!!!


At 18 you can’t have 6 million salary ! He is talented, he’s good, but 6 million is a salary for a player of 25-26 years old. Remember that the next salary in our team is Romagnoli’s with 3,5 mil, almost half of Donna’s wage, so let’s be serious


What I’ve read is he informed Milan management and his agent that he wants to stay in Milan.

It’s tricky because he only has contrat until 2021 I believe and if he changes his mind again Milan would receive significantly lower sum for him. Next step is to offer him extention under same or lower conditions.

Baresis Dream

I guess you’re right Nick, although a regular CL team (which is what we intend to be) can afford a few players earning 6 mil plus. But mgmt has decided to cut our wage bill significantly, and he’s our highest earner … so yeah, maybe that is the only way he can stay.

Ted, as inexperienced as Maldini (and to a lesser extend Boban) is, I can’t see a scenario where Donna is left on his last contractual year without an extension. That would be the mother of all botches.

Nathan Graegin

He def needs to stay. He’s easily in the top 5 keepers right now and has been well known since he was 16. We won’t get a better keeper and plizzari might be good but he’s not the one that stood out and are only like a yr apart. In 2 yrs Gigi will be considered the best in the world and can def relocate or do better than Buffon himself as long as he plays hard. Just think our own gigi being named the best keeper. Has a nice ring to it


Totaly agree: Calabria, Roma, Donnarumma, Paqueta, Piatek will be the players that will change the our current embarassing form and will make us one of the best teams in Europe.


Well I quite like Rodriguez and at the same time I don’t really know Hernandez but his profile looks good and at 20 mil for such, I think it’s a very good deal


Welcome! Real scouted him and it’s almost impossible to take away a position from Marcelo, but they saw the potential in him and hopefully he can flourish in milan. But I think we need to get rid of laxalt. They have similar characteristics and also what does this mean for ricrod? Anyways having competition is always good for the team! If the reports of donnarumma saying he wants to stay are true and will take a pay cut in the process, I think we should keep him. As long as he stays committed and shows his loyalty I’m happy to… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

Donna decided he wants to stay and will renew with lower wages! This is great news for Milan and Italy in general. Our best players need to stay and with the news the Qatari ppl might buy Milan. We are looking good. Now all we need is champions league and Milan will be back baby!