Pellegatti: “Bonera could join the coaching staff of Giampaolo, he can help transmit the DNA of the greats”

Daniele Bonera during Milan-Atlético Madrid at Stadio San Siro on February 19, 2014. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Daniele Bonera could retire from football and make a return to Milan, assisting Marco Giampaolo.

Bonera left Milan in 2015 after 9 years of playing in red and black, and with his Villarreal contract expiring in 8 days, Carlo Pellegatti suggests that the center back could return to Milanello and be a part of Marco Giampaolo’s coaching staff.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, the Italian journalist, who has been covering Milan for many, many years, said:

In the staff of Giampaolo could enter an old Rossonero heart, a Milanista, a man of gratitude, a man who experienced the charisma of the great, a fundamental player who was always faithful in difficult moments, and who was always important when  the team required it.

“The player who will probably come to help Giampaolo is Bonera, he could enter the staff of the Rossoneri coach. He’s an important figure, one that the Rossoneri fans are fond of. He can help Giampaolo an dhelp transmit the DNA of the greats.”

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OMG! He is back and I knew this guy will never leave the shadow of Milan.


Lord Bonera! Lol…


Lord Boneror!


All hail king bonera, the Lord is coming back to change Milan defense stability to some what back to error prone..


Where is angry Italian…your man ‘bonera’ is coming back

Hythum Morales-Rahman

Who comes up with these ideas at Milan?


Never been a fan of bonera. I think he is joining as staff member not a player and if not, i would have hoped for a contract extension from zapata or abate or both. That defender Kabak i hope we will get him, has lot of potential and like i said before 15 mil is not much for a 19 y old and probable starter with roma.