Milan considering to sign Sassuolo midfielder Sensi, Maldini had a meeting with the agent of the player today

Stefano Sensi during a training session at Centro Tecnico Federale di Coverciano on June 4, 2019. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Stefano Sensi is a target of Milan and Paolo Maldini spoke with agent Giuseppe Riso earlier today.

Milan have said goodbye to Riccardo Montolivo, Jose Mauri, Andrea Bertolacci and Tiémoué Bakayoko, and so it is clear that they will have to buy some midfielders in the summer transfer market.

One of Leonardo’s ideas for midfield was Stefano Sensi and it seems that even after the departure of the Brazilian, the Rossoneri are still thinking about the Sassuolo man, who turns 24 in August.

Agent Giuseppe Riso was at Casa Milan earlier on Tuesday to speak with Paolo Maldini, who together with Zvonimir Boban and the chosen director of sport will conduct the Diavolo mercato. According to, Gianluca Di Marzio and others, the two mainly talked about two of Riso’s clients: Sensi and Atalanta’s center back Gianluca Mancini. At the moment, Stefano is the more interesting profile.

“We spoke about Sensi and Mancini? No, no… if they like them? I hope so. The meeting with Maldini? It went very well,” Riso told reporters as he left the headquarters of Milan. Antonio Vitiello claims that after today’s meeting, the intention is to move forward with talks to possibly get Sensi.

Sassuolo have still not paid for Manuel Locatelli, and so Milan can use this to get Sensi in a deal that is similar to how Diego Laxalt arrived from Genoa last summer. More updates are expected. As for Mancini, Maldini asked for information and Marco Giampaolo will give his opinion on him.

The meeting to define everything with Giampaolo will be on Friday, according to Di Marzio. The Sampdoria man will sign a two-year contract worth 2m per season, with an option for a third year.

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Good news but let’s ensure that most players we are going to buy are Milan type. This is very important..


Glad we’re finally taking about players and not directors

Baresis Dream



We have limited space in midfield and idk whether going for a one season tested player is good for us. I think if we can swap Kessie for Torriera. We could then pay the 50 euros that Elliot have given us on Praet and Anderson. With the sale of Musacchio, Chalha, Castillejo, Borini, Laxalt, Strinic and Suso we’ll get hopefully 110-120 euros. and pay 50 for Barella and 20 for Tonali. for the final 40 use for LB, striker and CAM.



I blame fifa on play station for this…. or maybe Pokemon I’m not sure


Suso : 30 – 35 mil Musacchio : 5 – 8 mil Calhanoglu : 10 -.18 mil Castillejo : 15 – 20 mil Borini and Strinic : wouldn’t get any offer Laxalt : 6 – 8 mil, maybe leave on loan thats between 66 – 89 mil, is far far away from 110 – 120 mil your hope we could get. Besides, Praet and Anderson is STAR players, they would cost us 35 mil each. And would Barella accept to play in UEL if he has opportunity to play in UCL with shinter? No, he would NOT. So, instead of… Read more »


Already doing it kiddo how about you?


Sensi will cost around 20 mil more or less, Tonali around 30mil. Tonali is 4years younger and literatly better in every thing, plus he play in 4-3-1-2 in his current team, not to mention the most talented italian youngster at the momment. I hope we wont make the same mistake as last time with the Chinese and just go for cheaper players and quantity instead of quality, we should pay a bit more and bring the better player.


Rossi i prefer sensi over tonali tonali still young it will be bit gamble for 30 million young player like him


Its good that he is young, that means a lot more room for improvement and he is already as good as and even better than many mature players in his position. His price doubled in the second half of the season and it will continue to go up, if we dont get him now we wont be able to afford him next time. I think Sensi is a bigger gamble, he played good in 4-3-3 not in 4-3-1-2, he is far more limited with his abilitys (especialy the deffencive once), and he will be 24 next season if he flop… Read more »


We can’t afford to pay 30 million someone who didn’t play single game of seria a i believe sensi is far better


Sensi is costing like 20m after 2 years of series A experience. Tonali could cost around 70m with PSG and Chelsea pouring forward for him after a year experience and therefore out of our reach for good. So we are somehow lucky that he’s still not got top flight experience. If we think he’s a gamble not worth trying then we might as well never pay for a youngster because with what Tonali has already shown, we won’t be playing a better gamble on another youngster. 20m + a couple of unwanted players could be useful to Brescia


Yourboss the kid was playing serie b there is different between serie b and serie a let the boy prove himself I wish after 2 years everything will be OK for us


why not both




I feel the same. Tonali is a better choice over Sensi. But what we need at this moment is a first team starter midfielder and 30 mil for an untested youngstar is something we can’t afford at this point. Tonali isn’t a first team material yet. But Yes he is damn good for his age. The only thing I am worried about is his price may go out of our reach if we let him go this summer.


The only thing you are worried about is the biggest worry. That’s why we should pay for him now!

Baresis Dream

I share the general sentiment of Ashraf – for me, a team like Juve can afford to gamble on youngsters. We don’t have the spare money, nor the time to wait for youngsters to develop. I’m not so sure this applies to Tonali because he’s already playing at a high level, but I’m also not confident he’s ready to be the main cog in a CL-level midfield. On the other hand, I’m also not sure about Sensi, so this a difficult debate you guys are having here.

zahid hossain

Maldini’s new plan (according to the news portals)———
1.Want Berella=20million+Crutone(30million)
2.Want Sensi =15million
3.Want 1 in b/w Anderson or Manchini as CB
4. Want Liverpool defender Loveron in discount price
5.Want Cagliari goalkeeper as Donna’s replacement
6.No Prayet coz Mr.Giampaolo says that he will use Hakan Calha/Paqueta in Prayet role.
What r u think abt this plan dear mets???????


Sacrificing Donnarumma and Cutrone is a bit moronic when Kessie and Suso and Castillejo should be sold.


As I see now Milan will reportedly have 80 millions available for transfers and some operations are rumoured: – Sensi would cost 12/15 millions – Milan reportedly offering 35 millions + bonuses for Barella or 20 millions + Cutrone. Even Laxalt and Plizzari could be a part of the deal – If Plizzari parts for Barella and Donnarumma is sold, Maldini kept the doors open for Cragno – Sampdoria pair (Anderson+Praet) would cost Milan app. 55 millions – Milan would be willing to sacrifie Suso, Donnarumma and Kessie if proper offers come and some of the money earned would be… Read more »

El pharaoh

Some people play to much fifa manager relax let the real professionals work


Ive read some transfer rumors in Newsnow24h and Rossoneri blog. I myself think we can easily match the FFP rules if we make a good and smart Mercato this summer. Here is my spuads prediction for 4-3-1-2 tactic: 1. GK(2-3): sell all Donnarumma brothers (80M), swap Reina+10M for Perin or buy Cragno from Cagliari (10-15M), give Plizzari some chances 2. RB(2): ok with Calabria and Conti 3. LB(2): keep RicRod. sell Laxalt (15M); buy Castagne (Atalanta- 15-20M), give Strinic some chances. 4. CB(4-5): keep Romag. Caldara and Mussachio; sell Gomez (4-5M); buy Mancini(Atalanta-10-15M) or Bonifazi(Torino- 10-15M); give Gabbia/Bellodi some chances.… Read more »


30 millions for Tonali would be a steal considering prices on kids these days. But where did you came up with 30 millions? No one even confirmed the price tag on the kid, Cellino said he is not for sale.

Anyway he is a self proclaimed milanista and that’s what we need.

Baresis Dream

People here are forgetting about Silva who is coming back next year, and could also be used for extra cash.

Honestly, if it were me I would have gone for a very limited transfer strategy- use Silva + extra transfer cash (50 mil or so) to buy Bakayoko and Duelofeu (or someone similar). This gives us a quite decent starting 4-3-3 which should be able to snatch 4th.


Giampaolo doesn’t use a 433 formation. Therefore Deulofeu is no longer needed. Bakayoko is not needed either since Giampaolo prefers players who are more a deep-lying playmaker like Sensi, Lucas Torreira and Tonali in his 4312 formation. Bakayoko is not good at playing the ball out from the back to kick start Milan offensive game play. Therefore, he is also not needed under Giampaolo system which requires more skilled midfield players. Milan should definitely sell Andre Silva to raise money for our transfer budget. We definitely agree on that. We should also get rid of Biglia who is old, passed… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Coaches, team management, and even fans need to learn to work with what they have – currently we are 1 good player away from a decent 4-3-3, and about 2-3 players awat from a decent 4-2-2. It’s a question of doing good business, i.e. what is the most cost effective investment to be made.

But once we decided on Giampaolo I agree we have to let him build the squad he wants.