Montolivo: “Thank you from a wounded captain, I didn’t say anything and I’ll continue to keep my head held high”

Riccardo Montolivo during Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on December 10, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Riccardo Montolivo has made his farewell via an Instagram post, calling himself a ‘wounded captain and man’.

Montolivo joined Milan in 2012 and after one season was appointed as club captain, replacing Massimo Ambrosini.

The midfielder, however, was stripped of his captaincy in 2017, when Leonardo Bonucci joined the club from Juventus to kick start the short-lived Chinese era. Bonucci left the following season, but Montolivo was not given the armband back, and instead watched Alessio Romagnoli leading Milan on the pitch.

Moreover, Riccardo was not involved in any of the matches in the 2018/19 season, and in a few weeks his contract with the club will officially expire. Montolivo will not be a part of the Milan of 2019/20, on which you can bet at; today, he said his goodbye on Instagram:

“Seven seasons with this glorious shirt… four years with the captain’s armband. Then… they took the armband off me and I didn’t say anything… I couldn’t play one minute on the field and I didn’t say anything… I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye in my stadium and I didn’t say anything.

“All this withheld breath now I use to shout GRAZIE TIFOSI ROSSONERI, thank you from a wounded captain and man, but who will continue to keep his head held high, aware that he’s always done his duty as a professional in every pitch. The wounds here, the love for the shirt remains forever.

“FORZA MILAN.” Montolivo’s next move remains to be seen as at 34 years of age, he will need to find a new home. If you could predict his next move, you might want to use App William Hill.

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Your stadium? Oh come on! You, mds and poli betrayed Seedorf and he was unceremoniously dismissed. See how the cookies crumble? Poli, mds left and u were stripped off the captain band. What goes around comes around.
Ciao undeserved capt.

Emmy Apache

Were you there or did u see them
Don’t say what u don’t know
Moreover all the fake midfielders u preferred where did they take us to on the table?
We beat Atlanta at home but they are in champions league
What was Kassie contribution? Rubbish and selfishness


Montolivo, mds and poli granted an interview to the press. Even Abiatti came to rebuke them. Thats why i respect Abiatti to the core. So my friend is either you dnt follow the affairs of milan well or you are just a fake fan. So shut up and stop asking st****d questions


What are you talking about? Seedorf was sacked by Berlusconi, everything was OK until he said 3/4 of the squad is unworthy of the shirt. Guess you don’t remember how badly we lost when Montolivo was injured. De Jong couldn’t do anything right, even when Poli was shinning under seedorf.


Yeah yeah yeah. Sure, it’s strange that the club treated him this way especially if he wasn’t guilty of something.

According to rumors he created a lot problems in the dressing room and he was one of players Seedorf wanted to get rid of because of his poor attitude and lack of respect.

I’m with Seedorf on this one. Montella and Gattuso wasn’t fond of him either so something about montolivo isn’t right and glad to see the back of him and Bertolacci. Two flops signed by Galliani.


An Italian international good enough to play 2 world cups as a starter between pirlo and De Rossi and you call him flop classic Nick


One word parasite…..bye good riddance


He deserve to go but no disrespect


He lost all the respect when he conspired against the legend who won it all wearing milan shirt and most importantly conspired against and spoiled milan dressing room atmosphere…..

Big Dog

Yes but not when he disrespects Milan like this.


One word ignorant and I don’t meant to disrespect.


His tackles and ball possession was amazing…. unfortunately, it worked well for the opposite team…..ALWAYS!!!!


Such a disrespectful fans Milan has. Rino fans would do anything to justify his actions.

Montolivo; good or bad, was our captain & a Milan fan for life. Rino kicked him out of his home & guess what? The same thing happened to Rino himself. Just look at the comments on social medias. Half the fans hate him.

On the other side we have Coaches in our history who treated everyone fairly & we still love them even though they are coaching (or coached) our rivals (Carleto, Zac, Leo &…)

Rikimaru Tenchu

Lmao. Nobody hates Rino. May hate his tactics but that’s it.

Secondly even Carlo had his bad players… remember Gourcuff?


Did he treated Gourcuff badly?!!!


& about hating him. They have hate groups & pages for him!! You are simply generalising your opinion.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Same as you! Lol use the same scale man.

I like Montolivo but it’s majorly his fault. Montolivo could have left. The club wanted to sell him but he refused to go and they made it clear, you have no room in this squad.

He made his choice.

There is honour and there is thrash. Now he is leaving ONLY because his contract expired or he’d still be sitting and receiving salaries, no complaint.




You have some extreme mental problems. I hope you get better soon.


You must be lost in the clouds.


Since the beginning, i did believe that it’s a mistake to sign you. I suggest you to go to EPL and teach them on how to slower the tempo with back passes and inaccurate long balls.

Milan Boy

I was really angry with him for the way he organized the conspiracy to get rid of Seedorf in favor of Inzaghi. is just being unnecesarilIy sympathetic and trying to sound like a good man. Though I love him for the way he came to Milan but his disrespect for Seedorf who was doing well at the time, erased that love.Anyway, all the best Montolivo.


You talk about rumors like you saw it with your own eyes.

Seedorf had one of the lowest average points in last decade. He wasn’t even a coach. he accepted the job because of his extremely large ego. Same as Rino, Brocchi & Pippo.

Big Dog

You are what you like. You are just like Monty SOHEIL.

Emmy Apache

Honestly we should give respect to whom deserves it. Montolivo was a great player and even the captain of florentina before he made the switch to milan He came to milan when all we had were junkies and he did his best. I believe if he was given an opportunity to prove himself amongst all the so called midfielders who have no experience ( after all they didn’t qualify us for champions league so they are junkies too) Gattuso went to far and that was inhuman to Montolivo but as it’s today they ( Gattuso and Montolivo) left at the… Read more »


Faith in RB restored, Monty was my fav player after the legends,he was so classy he never was the same after his injuries. Abate Monty Rino I really want to cry.


The definition of unlucky, I wish him the best I will follow his career until he retires. We can talk rumors, we will never know the truth, what do I know is that he is a mezzala forced to be a regista, became one of the best in the world in his position for a couple of years and his career was destroyed by injuries and bad team management. Forza Monti Grazie per tutti.


You sat on the bench and earned a fat salary. Bye!


That’s right. Monty did’t have to do anything but keep quiet and collect your paycheck while Milan was crumbling. Taking advantage of Milan like those bunch of No-worthies. My Stadium? The only thing he ever owned in AC Milan was his incompetence while some might say injustice, and cowardliness. I didn’t want to say anything but publicly criticizing Milan who have been way too kind to undeserving players made me furious about this comment. Guess what? You and Balotelli, were a mistake that probably won’t happen again in Milan. That Monty were the captain of Milan shows the depth that… Read more »

Emmy Apache

Shut and remember what he did when he came to milan


What did he do for this great club that we have not seen before. He played all his best at fiorentina and nothing for milan. He should leave us


he dont know when to quit..that his only sin…